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A forum for general non-climbing discussions and debate. Discuss politics, society, sport, whatever you feel like on this very popular forum. Please keep the trivial and extra light-hearted stuff in The Pub. Please note - Unsuitable posts in Off Belay will be either moved to The Pub and closed, or just deleted. 'Unsuitable' means chatty posts between mates, trivial jokes and banter, mimic posts or posts with mild bad language in the starter post or title.

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Red blobs next to replies on UKCAl Evans1035204-Apr-14
Womens T20 cricket semi finalAl Evans1012104-Apr-14
Whining comments about 'the good old days'geordiepie702,09504-Apr-14
MountainousSteve Perry-14504-Apr-14
Media centre PC advice....sweenyt1730904-Apr-14
Europe #nigelvsnick - The (unaddressed) questions I have!contrariousjim423003-Apr-14
Defra warning over high pollution levelsAl Evans711,24303-Apr-14
keeping mosquitos awaycha1n827703-Apr-14
Parking ticket advice "parking in a street"nickinscottishmountains431403-Apr-14
Gmail hijacking iPhoneNic626103-Apr-14
Car rental - additional driver MUST be presetJuneBob951803-Apr-14
IPod losing musicDuncan Bourne210103-Apr-14
Mac email questionPostmanpat523102-Apr-14
Google Chromcast...Its awsome....Get oneThe Lemming441,57402-Apr-14
Has there been a tread on this doomsday forecast yet?Al Evans191,01302-Apr-14
OK, so I'm a caravanner :(bluebealach271,01902-Apr-14
Plantar fasciitis - how did you recover?purplemonkeyelephant1131702-Apr-14
Whisky - the first steps...jockster1062,21502-Apr-14
which ipad/iphone external battery packkipper12518502-Apr-14
Tsunami alert issued for west cost of south america.balmybaldwin-10102-Apr-14
April Fool spottingjohncoxmysteriously271,24601-Apr-14
Computer Help RequiredSubmit to Gravity519601-Apr-14
Seasonal summer jobsDominicandave-11601-Apr-14
Global warmingandyathome722701-Apr-14
As it's the first of Apriltoad729101-Apr-14
If rats can experience empathy , can boulderers ? ;)Dgd303uk-13201-Apr-14
icloud Numbers / Pages syncGlenn Sutcliffe415801-Apr-14
OS locate appSkol2959801-Apr-14
Ford TDCi engines 2002 to 2008 ishpuppythedog920331-Mar-14
Army cuts in light of the Ukraine etcSkyfall1101,81931-Mar-14
Today at the T20Chris the Tall6460431-Mar-14
Opening a bookshop - how to plan for success?Only a hill571,74131-Mar-14
euro jet fighter .talyllyncolina111,07131-Mar-14
Computer monitor overscanningAl Evans59831-Mar-14
Womens T20 cricketAl Evans26431-Mar-14
Farage-Clegg debate.arch421,43731-Mar-14
Keeping my 9 month old warm!pepperpot1149331-Mar-14
US only streaming sites, how to watch in UK?mwr721022131-Mar-14
Birmingham, accommodation, things to do?aln1523431-Mar-14
Snares nr StanageDan Arkle531,89131-Mar-14
The Dutch are a curious bunch...crayefish992,69131-Mar-14
Personal LimitsFesteringSore1364731-Mar-14
Outdoor first aid course - Peak/Dales area preferablyon a far off mountain510830-Mar-14
The Arab Springandyathome2770930-Mar-14
Long shot .for any builders.andymac531130-Mar-14
maths help? finite difference methodsGeoboy936130-Mar-14
This party fears fourstroppygob844730-Mar-14
update from 03 Oct 2013BigHell325329-Mar-14
Journal Article - A bit of a long shotAlan M830629-Mar-14
Do you have high blood pressure?jack_441457129-Mar-14
Babysitting rates revisitedHeike-15128-Mar-14
How much is a decent pension ??arch841,91428-Mar-14
How much should you earn?David Barratt311,11328-Mar-14
Foreign Exchange VisitsBingers15228-Mar-14
Statistics: max likelihood for mixture of gaussiansOujmik-6428-Mar-14
Cleaning quarry tiles.nocker923828-Mar-14
Tailored suit - tips, please?FrankBooth2270128-Mar-14
Plane Crash, Gran CanariaFesteringSore756828-Mar-14
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