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A forum for general non-climbing discussions and debate. Discuss politics, society, sport, whatever you feel like on this very popular forum. Please keep the trivial and extra light-hearted stuff in The Pub. Please note - Unsuitable posts in Off Belay will be either moved to The Pub and closed, or just deleted. 'Unsuitable' means chatty posts between mates, trivial jokes and banter, mimic posts or posts with mild bad language in the starter post or title.

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you HAVE to read this....-24628-Jul-14
Masters swimming216428-Jul-14
Has anyone ever won anything from a UKC competition?271,45028-Jul-14
car disc brakes 'warping'?1238728-Jul-14
Red Arrows940428-Jul-14
Women-only parking spaces in China1268328-Jul-14
I liked this so much I thought...427228-Jul-14
Best place to find rental properties - Sheffield1749127-Jul-14
Nursing as a career1569827-Jul-14
Problems with Mac/flash player HELP PLEASE!!17027-Jul-14
It doesn't seem to rain in Scotland2175827-Jul-14
Poor Southampton839527-Jul-14
Another techy question for UKC, email recovery!720227-Jul-14
Anybody know a free diary app1427427-Jul-14
Wedding Insurance739827-Jul-14
Truck Wheels1040626-Jul-14
Visiting Iceland - help please!918126-Jul-14
Commonwealth Games2014 (spoiler alert)1133426-Jul-14
Chamonix mechanic415626-Jul-14 email-7726-Jul-14
Burbage South Rubbish and Graffiti251,55926-Jul-14
Train Travel around Europe1431526-Jul-14
pride and prejudice stanage edge421826-Jul-14
Childrens book recommendation on "origins"3676725-Jul-14
Isis orders all women and girls in Mosul to undergo FGM1477825-Jul-14
effective / simplest insect repellents?1331525-Jul-14
Emails not Arriving in Windows 8 Mail28825-Jul-14
Sheffield to Edinburgh route (on Wednesday)28525-Jul-14
DIY question about plasterboard1140425-Jul-14
Which Sport Are You made For?3683724-Jul-14
Encouraging the Posh to vote Yes...420124-Jul-14
Removing fireplace... Advice1662324-Jul-14
Why racist?311,12924-Jul-14
anything worth seeing between Munich and Braunau am Inn?711424-Jul-14
MS Word 2007 - Page numbering511824-Jul-14
Lake District weather this weekend?315323-Jul-14
Wild Camping East Lothian Beaches216823-Jul-14
Dream of White Horses- The story of THAT picture161,77323-Jul-14
EU referendum and Scottish Indy referendum1671,88523-Jul-14
Israel - should the EU sacntion5999223-Jul-14
prescription swimming goggles!1226123-Jul-14
question for electricians229522-Jul-14
Expedition after graduating and getting a job in science1574022-Jul-14
Hostel between Mallaig and Fort William?517722-Jul-14
Applying for job you wouldn't intend to take if offered134822-Jul-14
Interest rates and mortgage1957622-Jul-14
Nice Work if you can get it....271,40421-Jul-14
Rosetta and the comet-12021-Jul-14
Miele washing machine thoughts 4496621-Jul-14
Wild camping along route 661257621-Jul-14
Scottish Independence2142,82821-Jul-14
How Sandstone erodes-12921-Jul-14
Museum of Genocide Victims, Vilnius633021-Jul-14
First time buyer371,02021-Jul-14
UKC on mobile devices1978521-Jul-14
Therapy that doesn't involve talking2194521-Jul-14
Greenhouse base1131121-Jul-14
Sudden windfall - seeking advice/opinions371,59921-Jul-14
Trying to find an old friend756420-Jul-14
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