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A forum for general non-climbing discussions and debate. Discuss politics, society, sport, whatever you feel like on this very popular forum. Please keep the trivial and extra light-hearted stuff in The Pub. Please note - Unsuitable posts in Off Belay will be either moved to The Pub and closed, or just deleted. 'Unsuitable' means chatty posts between mates, trivial jokes and banter, mimic posts or posts with mild bad language in the starter post or title.

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Driving accidentAntigua411,80726-Feb-14
Apple Mac PowerPC G3 Beige SCSI: DB-25terragait-7026-Feb-14
Motorbikes and Climbing?jonnie3430491,09826-Feb-14
New forums icons on UKCRog Wilko1472826-Feb-14
bicycle commute Sheffield to Glossopandic1776725-Feb-14
Moazzam Begg arrestedjohncoxmysteriously2257225-Feb-14
Blue Straggler, decompression from diving-free divingAl Evans1970925-Feb-14
name of cable to join old speaker to laptopgoosebump414625-Feb-14
iphone 5 help...sweenyt327525-Feb-14
Learning to dive with the familyblurty422025-Feb-14
Grumpy Old Luddite needs help with Windows 8.1 DISASTERnwclimber2043125-Feb-14
looking for word (type of thinking associated w/depression)FrankBooth223224-Feb-14
Ferries to CherbourgNic M722124-Feb-14
Quitting my job - will it make a difference?Trevers421,90224-Feb-14
Recovery heart rate - questions.peebles boy2784424-Feb-14
How to resign?mwr721045924-Feb-14
For cricket fans onlyAl Evans517224-Feb-14
The smartest person you know...jkarran301,55224-Feb-14
chimney removalKingStapo2164424-Feb-14
MWISMike Lates-16824-Feb-14
DIY wooden bath tubKingStapo1843524-Feb-14
Sochi Winter Olympics Opening CeremonySubmit to Gravity1352,50823-Feb-14
Prehistoric forest in Cardigan Bay...anyone seen it yet?Frank the Husky351923-Feb-14
san francisco california usa goldmember3966923-Feb-14
car brakes question -?ow arm1036623-Feb-14
6 Nations this weekendAl Evans501,36423-Feb-14
Winter OlympicsBlizzard934123-Feb-14
CAATbroken spectre821122-Feb-14
Junction 36, Northbound M6- lakes exit.Ann S-17822-Feb-14
Learning Salsa….any youtube adviceKimono-4322-Feb-14
Vehicle Conundrumgingerwolf1055622-Feb-14
Time limit on collecting money for credit card purchases?Foxache859522-Feb-14
Maths :/Markgoesclimbing1691622-Feb-14
Sport and Scottish indepance?Al Evans4399821-Feb-14
What's all this about?brokenbanjo318921-Feb-14
too obvious tonynw120921-Feb-14
Anyone been through Upton-on-Severn tonight?Justin T315921-Feb-14
Anyone with a van or pickup/4x4 in London?crayefish1440921-Feb-14
Schools and Uni Easter break!Ron Walker1254421-Feb-14
The future of robots?The Lemming516021-Feb-14
Why has winter movedDominicandave1373121-Feb-14
Post-Edwardian history according to the Daily MailMorgan Woods3165321-Feb-14
Nice weathermh554-9221-Feb-14
Windows 8 MailFesteringSore417921-Feb-14
Floods give truth to the Lie.broken spectre862,83720-Feb-14
Which sports has the highest IQ?FrankBooth481,29020-Feb-14
The art of musicstroppygob312720-Feb-14
Reincarnation, spirits and ghosts..................Dominicandave-9020-Feb-14
Nasty David Bowie bullying Scotsneilh281,22220-Feb-14
Russian Visa Registration?purplemonkeyelephant1327820-Feb-14
Car trouble in wet weatherNick Russell4170620-Feb-14
Nasty Europeans bully the ScotsPostmanpat7099,02520-Feb-14
External DriveGreenbanks1745820-Feb-14
women characters in gamestlm1051820-Feb-14
What is the difference between life and death in prison?ByEek631,29820-Feb-14
Problem with uploading route photoRob-4120-Feb-14
Best van for the job?Crimpchimp534420-Feb-14
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