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A forum for general non-climbing discussions and debate. Discuss politics, society, sport, whatever you feel like on this very popular forum. Please keep the trivial and extra light-hearted stuff in The Pub. Please note - Unsuitable posts in Off Belay will be either moved to The Pub and closed, or just deleted. 'Unsuitable' means chatty posts between mates, trivial jokes and banter, mimic posts or posts with mild bad language in the starter post or title.

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Parking Wardens - Are they all tossers?1267326-May-14
Infuriating Mouse/Cursor625125-May-14
Glasgow School of Art on fire...751,29224-May-14
The Edge Sheffield has closed137224-May-14
DWG viewer free?516324-May-14
What's the last exam that you took?681,27223-May-14
Leila Hatami525723-May-14
rope access537223-May-14
Favourite bit of clothing...1959623-May-14
Theresa May's speech-16223-May-14
Equity transfer contract help!317223-May-14
How to embed / record video clips into presentations39023-May-14
Short legs? Carrying too much weight? No excuse....651323-May-14
Scottish Land Reform Review Group - Final Report722423-May-14
Free speech -- yet again1259323-May-14
Bin the old laptop?440023-May-14
Recommend me a wheelset £100-£150731123-May-14
100 balls230622-May-14
car trouble1247222-May-14
advice on jewellery protector215122-May-14
Making an offer on a house.441,35122-May-14
500 a month for an internship382,43022-May-14
Best grass trimmer1448322-May-14
Arrested in Iran for being ...........'Happy'1059522-May-14
Small Claims Court - Anyone used it?325022-May-14
A very British education2273,33921-May-14
How Lucky I Am.1481121-May-14
Open Water Swimming in Wales?1127521-May-14
laptop locking up help721221-May-14
Van conversion London-11221-May-14
National School of Forestry221820-May-14
Recommend me a travel cot?818320-May-14
Vehicle Control Services Ltd. (Parking fine)1490620-May-14
Football bloke acts like football bloke501,06120-May-14
OU degrees191,02120-May-14
Swifts or swallows2044920-May-14
Ilkley highline447820-May-14
Gotta have this App!-22820-May-14
Google Rubik's cube662619-May-14
They must be doing this deliberately161,05119-May-14
A naive twitter and the law question325819-May-14
Authors who had one good book in them but insisted on writing 21472218-May-14
FA Cup Final847118-May-14
Dog crates - camping432318-May-14
Getting rid of a stray cat481,44918-May-14
climb-on balm for dogs226018-May-14
Song Lyrics that really get you emotionally. 451,07518-May-14
Portable Speakers2151518-May-14
Faulty Dining Experience346918-May-14
getting into journalism1035118-May-14
Any UKC's in the Guinness book of records( past or present)?!PL2986418-May-14
Excel to Word Help723217-May-14
Any one know anything about WiDi/wireless monitor connections?211817-May-14
Do you have a ceiling 534717-May-14
new iplayer via proxy problems1231417-May-14
Mountaineering Club Hut Eviction - Legal help required.81,39616-May-14
The World's Gone Mad...191,34216-May-14
Coal, oil and gas gone in 5 years2878116-May-14
first aid kit tickets...get them now435416-May-14
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