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Donating kit for underprivileged folk?226109-Jun-14
Rope prices889909-Jun-14
Call for some UKC feedback on climbing/outdoor trousers2088908-Jun-14
<>UNRGENT...Tent Shop Near Ulswater...Help A Friend!<>559408-Jun-14
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Underwear/clothing storage when backpacking1782607-Jun-14
Tents Using Trekking Poles (instead of normal poles)531106-Jun-14
Is my rope knackered?1754806-Jun-14
Rope conundrum440006-Jun-14
Advice on intermediate rock shoes1470706-Jun-14
Viewranger iPhone GPS without network317606-Jun-14
Backpacking Rucksack1229206-Jun-14
Factor Two Falls - Have you ever had or held one?382,12006-Jun-14
Thoughts on North Ridge gear?1161305-Jun-14
Synthetic -5C/0C sleeping bag wanted-10505-Jun-14
Blue Ice Yeti Rucksack - Any comments?-13205-Jun-14
Belay gloves: a bad idea?271,74905-Jun-14
Why are pitching inner first tents so common?1190605-Jun-14
internal rucsac frame wanted215704-Jun-14
Scarpa Rebel LIte and G12's328104-Jun-14
Does this tent exist572,56104-Jun-14
Repairing leather rockshoes.215503-Jun-14
Petzl Playing cards-30803-Jun-14
Recommend an 80m single rope118803-Jun-14
new shoes-14603-Jun-14
The Climbers Shop Deal of the Month - Wild Country Classic Rock -21703-Jun-14
Camalot reslinging730102-Jun-14
GEAR: New Products this week-15902-Jun-14
Larks Foot question.........1194602-Jun-14
PRODUCT NEWS: FREE DMM Phantom screwgate with any 4 DMM locking Karabiners-12702-Jun-14
DMM 4cu cam reviews/opinions?1445902-Jun-14
PHD Minimus bags637102-Jun-14
3 years old stored, unused dyneema slings lifespan327302-Jun-14
lightweight half ropes for alpine use1145801-Jun-14
Cheap cams231001-Jun-14
Oil and Hard Shells628701-Jun-14
Technical Friends sizing317501-Jun-14
Trango Cinch or Petzl GriGri 22561801-Jun-14
Screwless locking carabiner271,27001-Jun-14
Bouldering shoes-12601-Jun-14
gortex over trousers short leg.729231-May-14
Which daisy chain to choose?3195331-May-14
CAMP hardware on Sportspursuit-20531-May-14
Indoors bouldering shoes?1272931-May-14
Lightweight waterproof trousers recommendation941631-May-14
A tent with a mesh porch535630-May-14
coolest tent (not heat related)349030-May-14
Alpine headtorch1563130-May-14
UK stockist TC Pros?1133130-May-14
NEW REVIEW: Climbing Technology's Alpine Up301,92930-May-14
Lightweight day sack753630-May-14
Balms 219629-May-14
Mobile for the outdoors944029-May-14
Frivolous birthday present dilemma311,10229-May-14
mammut eiswand jacket owners-11629-May-14
4/5 season 2P lightweight tent HELP?517329-May-14
DEAL OF THE MONTH: The Depot Clearance - up to 70% off selected brands-29829-May-14
Will inflatable mats totally replace CCF mats? 765329-May-14
JOE BROWN Deal of the Month: Petzl Tikkina 2 now £15!!-16529-May-14
Ropes left in attic129228-May-14
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