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Those weird little castration/tail rubber rings for extenders?JayPee6301228228-Feb-14
Recommend me a packJonLongshanks1980628-Feb-14
Ice axe tapesmolly2202442828-Feb-14
Petzl Nomic Spare Pickswheelsucker-10428-Feb-14
New BootsMike7226828-Feb-14
question about 'hybrid' midlayersalimckay2084627-Feb-14
NEW REVIEW: WITH VIDEO: Jottnar Bergelmir Jacket and Vanir SalopettesUKC Gear1675627-Feb-14
Elastic how long should it last?Ron Walker1035427-Feb-14
PRODUCT NEWS: Mammut Superflash 10.5mmUKC Gear-11527-Feb-14
Pod alpine 30ray1454226-Feb-14
Jetboil Flashfire_munki623726-Feb-14
Hardshell Salopettes/Bibs Recommendations Rob Rocket1130026-Feb-14
Long-term eVent users Martin1978703,53826-Feb-14
crampon help what to get windjammer625526-Feb-14
Montane Extreme Gloves two winter seasons reasonable use?sheelba533626-Feb-14
bent wires on nuts safe?sam.carr21161,20025-Feb-14
Hardshell trouser kingjam1348225-Feb-14
Patagonia R1 HoodyDarkskys341925-Feb-14
Advice on 5.10s for Wide FeetGabe Oliver1739624-Feb-14
Abseil rope - advice pleasekp64zl1049124-Feb-14
Sleeping Bag Dilemarackandruin746524-Feb-14
Rubber quickdraw retainersAndrewW121,01924-Feb-14
GEAR: New Products this weekUKC Gear-17924-Feb-14
Bright coloured hard shells. Examples?avinash1981958423-Feb-14
Tough TagsJordangask847723-Feb-14
big feet and mountain bootswindjammer1538323-Feb-14
Boots for Mont Blanc Summitorbust760722-Feb-14
Mouldy old-fashioned ropehumptydumpty435322-Feb-14
Anyone used this shovel?Trevers1474522-Feb-14
DMM renegade 2 problemDanbow731684721-Feb-14
Trekmates Baffin gaiters help!!jack_44210421-Feb-14
Neoshell v GTX Procoldwill131,00221-Feb-14
NEW REVIEW: Peak Rock - Reviewed by John CoxUKC Gear312,02521-Feb-14
rubber rand in new bootsdirtyfly1042221-Feb-14
Recommend "shred-proof " gaiters please.joe gallacher2297821-Feb-14
How much *after* care do you take of your clothing?BStar181,05720-Feb-14
ISPO - New climbing gearThe_flying_climber548220-Feb-14
CT RollNLockDavid Coley-9320-Feb-14
Website for GPX routesTommylandy215119-Feb-14
IMPORTING Avi Tanscever from US to FRANCENick.V116719-Feb-14
Buying gear onlinejayellison662219-Feb-14
Snow Shoes - advice needed!The Ghost Rider2045019-Feb-14
Searching for rope, helmetsElvisMax1-17119-Feb-14
Simond rock junior shoesLittle B19419-Feb-14
V12 Deal of the Month - Outdoor Research Incandescent Down HoodyUKC Gear-21919-Feb-14
lightwave fastrack vs podsac alpineCharlieMack831519-Feb-14
Boots pinching around top of tongueiamaclimber311418-Feb-14
Whats warmer - R1 hoody, or ME Shroud?iamaclimber222818-Feb-14
How long do climbing ropes last when not in use?Dick, Still a Fat B241,18218-Feb-14
Any new shoes coming out?becauseitsthere119418-Feb-14
Question about 2nd hand gear valueRich128217-Feb-14
NEW REVIEW: The Circuit - World Cup and Performance MagazineUKC Gear117217-Feb-14
Advice on buying Camspeaterpan1041817-Feb-14
GEAR: New Products this weekUKC Gear-17617-Feb-14
Baby carrier recommendation ollieollie924417-Feb-14
which winter sack?dominic5567291,30417-Feb-14
Practical DIY snow sawsimondgee326916-Feb-14
Question re the old type Vipers.Ian Black218716-Feb-14
Recommend me some bootstiffanykate12922016-Feb-14
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