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Mammut RescYou - RecallStephen Reid354721-Jan-14
PRODUCT NEWS: Continuum JacketUKC Gear116521-Jan-14
Gear Rant!Choss91,11921-Jan-14
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Cold gear Finlandmountainpenguin1053820-Jan-14
Why are belay loops often rated at only 12kN?crayefish332,02920-Jan-14
Rock Climbing Harness For Pregnant Womendctarrant20003090120-Jan-14
PRODUCT NEWS: Catalyst Micro Jacket - The North FaceUKC Gear-12120-Jan-14
Down Jacketstango_kid451619-Jan-14
Climbing rope screenwash spillEm66211,07219-Jan-14
Waterproof Jacket in SaleTrangia334918-Jan-14
petzl ecrin compatible hoodsdavy_boy1032918-Jan-14
trigger restscaptainfire576327118-Jan-14
NEW REVIEW: Tears of the Dawn by Jules LinesUKC Gear81,91318-Jan-14
Mending hem of jacketAntigua517218-Jan-14
north face kichatna jacketdavy_boy115118-Jan-14
Approach ShoesSCrossley126818-Jan-14
DMM clipper leash bodge?DH3631428018-Jan-14
Retainer or no retainer on slingdrawsjack_442560918-Jan-14
Nice new stove and cookware setswilkie14c528517-Jan-14
PRODUCT NEWS: Friday Vid: How to Wash Your Gore-TexUKH Gear-13817-Jan-14
Schoeller 3XDRYtony936917-Jan-14
PRODUCT NEWS: DMM Fly Ice AxeUKC Gear-20317-Jan-14
Cleaning Down jacketsThe Patriot1041117-Jan-14
Scarpa Phantom GuidesAdCo82331717-Jan-14
Tips for climbing down 15 m apartment brick wallClimbWestwood362,04216-Jan-14
DMM Rhino karabiner - anyone tried one yet?Landy_Dom131116-Jan-14
LED Lenser head torches - any users here?forcan1883316-Jan-14
MH Ghost Whisperer Down Hoody & Alpine WinterMr-Cowdrey958416-Jan-14
Help buying online in Italyhenwardian620716-Jan-14
Recommend me a tent andy.smythe639816-Jan-14
Petzl Scorpio - Via Ferratawilf1234425816-Jan-14
Wild Country 'Duolite' tentPete Ford726916-Jan-14
Scarp 1 or Moment DWFlinticus-5816-Jan-14
Cold Mountain Kit Deal of the Month: Free Grivel 360 ice screw wUKC Gear-20416-Jan-14
La Sportiva Evo v Extremetimoxo1042716-Jan-14
Recommend me a bothy bagBnB645916-Jan-14
What did you pay for what your wear outdoors?r0x0r.wolfo572,76415-Jan-14
Crampon choice G12 or g14mattc1349915-Jan-14
Falling on an Alien cam..jezb171,03515-Jan-14
Wildcountry Recall replacementsJDG2428549015-Jan-14
Clanking Fekking Hexes!crayefish502,47415-Jan-14
B3 Boot Hire in Londonbudchawla115615-Jan-14
Garmin Oregon GPSNigel R Lewis28615-Jan-14
Replace anasazi pinks with blancos ?Dave Reeve327015-Jan-14
PRODUCT NEWS: Great line-up for the Fort William Mountain FestivalUKC Gear-11515-Jan-14
Jottnar Vanir salopettes reviewMr Fuller2286215-Jan-14
Helmet Advice - Climbing & Skiing?Jordangask1138615-Jan-14
PRODUCT NEWS: Project StrataUKC Gear-11515-Jan-14
Too many pocketsbpmclimb141,04014-Jan-14
PRODUCT NEWS: Behind the Scenes at the Gore-Tex Factory, ScotlandUKC Gear441214-Jan-14
outdoor shops using PaypalAdCo821374614-Jan-14
I am looking for a new light winter harness. Anyone used these?crayefish241,15414-Jan-14
rucksack recomendationsAdCo822082514-Jan-14
Mammut Smart Belay Deviceade sheffield411,20214-Jan-14
Sleeping bag recommendations for Scotland (Spring / Autumn)Flinticus417114-Jan-14
Converting GSB G14 crampons to either newmatic or crampomaticAndy Mountains318814-Jan-14
Nut sizes for Cairngorms?crayefish1462514-Jan-14
Buying locally manufactured Flys, or looking at Quarks & VipersAndy Mountains222814-Jan-14
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