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This forum is for discussion of issues relating to local areas. It can be for discussing ongoing access situations, for flagging up crag restoration and clean-up initiatives, and discussion relating to BMC Area Meetings. Please report any new Access problems direct to the BMC.

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Harrison’s Rocks - BMC position & update1305,31712-Dec-13
The BMC and Hillwalking - Q&A now live here361,31210-Dec-13
How much does the summit magazine generate from advertising?-31510-Dec-13
Harrison's Rocks Woodland Management Plan - phase 2964203-Dec-13
BMC Lake District Area Meeting & AGM – 26 November 2013127326-Nov-13
moderate 1 day winter hikes226925-Nov-13
BMC Yorkshire Area Meeting & AGM – 25 November 2013231425-Nov-13
NW Area Meeting1363723-Nov-13
Hill walking discussion at BMC South Wales Area meeting-18820-Nov-13
BMC Cymru Mid Wales Area Meeting - 20 November 2013238918-Nov-13
BMC Cymru South Wales Area Meeting – 21 November 2013237915-Nov-13
BMC Peak Area Meeting & AGM – 20 November 2013242414-Nov-13
BMC Cymru Wales AGM & Fun Day – 23 November 2013132512-Nov-13
BMC Midlands Area Meeting – 27 November 2013-17411-Nov-13
BMC South West Area Meeting – 14 November 2013555708-Nov-13
BMC North East Area Meeting – 28 November 2013-17624-Oct-13
BMC South West Area Meeting – Saturday 14 September 2013201,20910-Oct-13
John Muir Trust aiming to buy chunk of Snowdonia676910-Oct-13
How to organise the perfect freshers meet995005-Oct-13
Southern Sandstone Open Meeting123526-Sep-13
Vallis Vale, Somerset closed-29018-Sep-13
Keep Standing Up For Stanage!229818-Sep-13
BMC WiltonFest, getting nearer!!311,73216-Sep-13
Edale Moor closed for Grouse shooting521,35516-Sep-13
East Scotland Climbing.-22711-Sep-13
Crag Lough Restoration (Round 2)1488011-Sep-13
BMC Midlands Area Meeting – Tuesday 10 September 2013325610-Sep-13
BMC Peak Area Meeting – Wednesday 11 September 2013134409-Sep-13
BMC Yorkshire Area Meeting – Monday 9 September 2013230209-Sep-13
Cornish Climbing Festival (6-8 Sep)450908-Sep-13
Beeston Tor access363607-Sep-13
Horseshoe Quarry - Broken Anchor662305-Sep-13
BMC Cymru Mid Wales Meeting – Thursday 5 September 2013634904-Sep-13
Den Lane - New Ownership201,36104-Sep-13
BMC Cymru South Wales Meeting – Tuesday 3 September 2013850704-Sep-13
BMC Cymru North Wales Meeting – Wednesday 4 September 2013431403-Sep-13
Gower Climbing Festival (6-8 Sep)239603-Sep-13
Lakes Winter Climbing Issues: Open Meeting Next Week221,64828-Aug-13
huntsmans leap abseil stake149313-Aug-13
Late nesting birds on major sea-cliffs1485213-Aug-13
moorland closures Yorkshire 2013 where can I find the dates 531010-Aug-13
BMC North West Area Meeting – Saturday 14 September 2013-28905-Aug-13
BMC London & SE Area Meeting – Wednesday 11 September 20-17205-Aug-13
BMC Lakes Area Meeting – Tuesday 3 September-16905-Aug-13
BBQ : why wasnt I invited?-56004-Aug-13
BMC North East Area Meeting – Thursday 29 August 2013-15402-Aug-13
Dodgy peg at Trowbarrow141,25802-Aug-13
Last Chance for Range West Access123325-Jul-13
Damage to stepping stones at Cadshaw Castle Rocks664221-Jul-13
Wintour's Leap - nesting restriction lifted-17317-Jul-13
Clearing Climbing Venues along the A55 61,06316-Jul-13
Maroc - Taghia Avertissement ! -20916-Jul-13
Nest at Horseshoe Quarry236409-Jul-13
No climbing at Ty Newydd (A55 Crags)111,27305-Jul-13
Langdale Bird Restriction Request250403-Jul-13
The Works: what's happened since?1387,26302-Jul-13
Goblin Combe car park quarry additional routes-24601-Jul-13
STANAGE: Ring Ouzels 2013371625-Jun-13
Adopt a Crag161,18125-Jun-13
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