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A forum dedicated to reviews and discussion of media and the arts. Just read a book? Why not share it by writing a review (max 250 words). Love music? Want to critique the latest releases? The Culture Bunker is the place. Seen a play or a film? Let's hear about it. This is the place to come if you are looking for a book, album or film recommendation.

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Poetry Slams110804-Apr-14
Anyone else got a painting by Gordon Chell?322303-Apr-14
Top Gun 2 - Oh YES!311,05503-Apr-14
Yosemite legend lecture on Saturday 5th.-13003-Apr-14
Natures Wierdest Events- BBC2-11403-Apr-14
If i could change your mind - Haim3793303-Apr-14
Bernard Cornwell619402-Apr-14
Tom Waits - Kommienezuspadt and all that jazz-9902-Apr-14
Rest in Peace Frankie Knuckles432701-Apr-14
All I need is a Go-Pro and one of these550201-Apr-14
Looking for a speaker on climbing Kilimanjaro for a charity-12430-Mar-14
Kate Bush tickets734629-Mar-14
Kate Bush to play London3789929-Mar-14
Best by far, no contest.423328-Mar-14
FAO Nordic Noir fans - 'Mammon' (Norway), More4 28/03/14 21:00-8328-Mar-14
What youtube sums up your town?416928-Mar-14
Reel Rock-9827-Mar-14
John Porter Book - release date??532527-Mar-14
Captain America Abseil (spoiler?)523527-Mar-14
Ive got my Kate Bush tickets-15326-Mar-14
Here Comes the Rain Again, Eurythmics and the Old Man of Hoy-16525-Mar-14
Do not even think of playing this track143325-Mar-14
Barcelona trip215724-Mar-14
Music to climb Everest by119322-Mar-14
Natalie Merchant on 6music318622-Mar-14
Doug Scott annual lecture; 7 climbers, 7 continents-11622-Mar-14
Tubular bells127822-Mar-14
Good Authors118821-Mar-14
Rock Climbing & Geology Kids TV Programme115321-Mar-14
line of duty3197821-Mar-14
behind the lines-9420-Mar-14
The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil630020-Mar-14
Night Vale Radio-6319-Mar-14
Bryn Terfel sings Vaughan Williams416619-Mar-14
Stewart Lee211,37119-Mar-14
The Ascent of Man529117-Mar-14
Bob Burnquist , Dreamland . -9617-Mar-14
Astronauts - Channel 4844916-Mar-14
Beautiful desolation223016-Mar-14
Witness: "Before the Calm"-9415-Mar-14
Good news for fans of Gruff Rhys-14014-Mar-14
Sherlock Holmes Railway Mysteries111314-Mar-14
The Moomins1637413-Mar-14
Budget hifi amp? Your tips please...1648213-Mar-14
Quality Culture319813-Mar-14
New version of iplayer-13013-Mar-14
John Noakes on Nelson's Column2585111-Mar-14
Twin peaks... yes or no?2265910-Mar-14
The Summits of Modern Man by Peter Hansen210509-Mar-14
As The Crow Flies (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series)116509-Mar-14
'Allo Allo!3579809-Mar-14
Film : The Impossible. Happy ending? 314709-Mar-14
Hills all around-8708-Mar-14
Problem with Vimeo uploads?17208-Mar-14
Tears of the Dawn638607-Mar-14
Half man half biscuit appreciation thread...521,13407-Mar-14
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