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A forum dedicated to reviews and discussion of media and the arts. Just read a book? Why not share it by writing a review (max 250 words). Love music? Want to critique the latest releases? The Culture Bunker is the place. Seen a play or a film? Let's hear about it. This is the place to come if you are looking for a book, album or film recommendation.

A look at what the silicon chip will do for us - 197817513
Mallory Fringe play marketing opportunity-102
Under Milk Wood25525
Mahavishnu Orchestra 11246
Name that glen..2182
Interesting cultural photos2205
Thought provoking read... a gift; Sacred Economics-114
Black Bears rock climbing!1135
It's so hard being an actress3388
Braco (Man vs Weird)2154
70's music is awesome 481,131
The Flaming Lips live5281
Craig Armstrong Piano Works194
New series of 'I Shouldn't be Alive' - airing when?-87
Favourite Hawkwind Track50887
Recommend me some Sci Fi661,144
What TV shows are hot right now?511,013
RIP H.R.Giger13512
Summer songs16377
Album review - :-)6324
Authors: more money for hardbacks?9395
say it aint so?-192
Dylan Thomas3203
Songs that are brilliant because they're terrible38792
Bothy folk session3293
Master Chef8610
Vaughan Williams12308
Friday film club35529
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee421,282
Edinburgh Weekend13363
"Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" 7484
5th best of driving CD?9423
Definition of "B-movie"34609
The War On Drugs1157
Star Wars?581,430
knoydart on BBC Iplayer-168
Films that are great but DO NOT have happy endings?1462,456
Piano Learning Software6246
comicon cosplay3289
Colin Prior in the Karakoram BBC2 Sco 11/05/14 20:003273
radio music shows of quality3174
Loch Maree wildlife BBC4 7pm tonight3224
Andy Scott - the man who created The Kelpies-105
youre just a...12424
anyone seen the Resident evil films16559
bestest buddy film ever31702
Miller's Mountain BBC1 tonight411,803
Kindle users 1326
Fear of heights2231
Leslie Thomas2216
Best book opening lines.871,979
Breaking Bad Cornish Edition4464
Wilding Ice Climbing Techniques3289
Mallory - One man play in rehearsal-102
Guilty tunage4252
Summer is icumen in!3233

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