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A forum dedicated to reviews and discussion of media and the arts. Just read a book? Why not share it by writing a review (max 250 words). Love music? Want to critique the latest releases? The Culture Bunker is the place. Seen a play or a film? Let's hear about it. This is the place to come if you are looking for a book, album or film recommendation.

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Dam Busters1251502-Jan-14
I've just watched the oddest film I've ever seen.332,01401-Jan-14
Distilled- 40 mins??!!!151,63501-Jan-14
The Abominable Snowman424731-Dec-13
Heads Up!!!! Everest Triology1177131-Dec-13
All Is Lost - film217431-Dec-13
The Mahdi-10430-Dec-13
No Utube on google128127-Dec-13
Piano. Find me a better one than this421,02626-Dec-13
I Love Panto!1530826-Dec-13
K2 North ridge650826-Dec-13
Films where nothing happens911,89525-Dec-13
Social life261,20525-Dec-13
Capercaillie at 30 - BBC Alba, Christmas Eve, 21:00220625-Dec-13
What music have you enjoyed in 2013?926425-Dec-13
What's worth watching over the Festive period?629925-Dec-13
The Lone Ranger426224-Dec-13
Funniest scene/ episode of Father Ted.631,31422-Dec-13
UK Climbing Literature Festival1126822-Dec-13
Sydney Scroggie826721-Dec-13
David Icke: The Vibrational Change 4268121-Dec-13
know any psychopaths. Channel 4 right now361,03721-Dec-13
Honest trailers, YouTube220821-Dec-13
Which Peep Show Episode Has The 'Liberal Capitalism Rant'?426921-Dec-13
well done U540320-Dec-13
remix of Rhiana we found love-11320-Dec-13
Find me a better guitar tune than this....I doubt it though3695919-Dec-13
A Year in the Mountains - New Film626019-Dec-13
Best live performance by a lead singer1739719-Dec-13
worst performance ever committed to record742519-Dec-13
Film dialogue/Get a Life.4579419-Dec-13
What's your favourite bottled cask ale?1151,69119-Dec-13
What classic films need regrading?-17019-Dec-13
Best intro to a song ever?861,26819-Dec-13
How to write a news story...219717-Dec-13
Recommendation of a good kayaking film?629717-Dec-13
Joan Fontaine has died218017-Dec-13
Christmas songs......bring em on1439217-Dec-13
If you've never dug John Cooper Clark try watching this1836616-Dec-13
Film Remakes are rubbish!691,02616-Dec-13
Alpha Papa or The Worlds End?738216-Dec-13
A classical music Christmas playlist!2032815-Dec-13
Change a single letter in a film title9297,13715-Dec-13
Youtube movie maker410815-Dec-13
Yes there is a Father Christmas-14314-Dec-13
Alternative winter / Christmas folk/country tracks!19814-Dec-13
What are the twenty-somethings listening to at the moment?1642014-Dec-13
Christmas concert tonight - St John's Smith Square (London)-6814-Dec-13
Buffy - how good are Later Series?1650113-Dec-13
One Wild Winter…….Nice work.867913-Dec-13
For sale - a $1m guitar739012-Dec-13
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