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A forum dedicated to reviews and discussion of media and the arts. Just read a book? Why not share it by writing a review (max 250 words). Love music? Want to critique the latest releases? The Culture Bunker is the place. Seen a play or a film? Let's hear about it. This is the place to come if you are looking for a book, album or film recommendation.

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The Eiger SanctionDenni-23812-Oct-13
Ig Nobel prize winners - brilliant!Jimmy1976236712-Oct-13
Avalanche SharksFather Noel Furlong447411-Oct-13
Remembering what first inspired me into climbingKris627010-Oct-13
anyone seen "moon" directed by Duncan Jones..? (poss spoiler)no_more_scotch_eggs1940310-Oct-13
Next climbing / mountaineering bookFlinticus1452809-Oct-13
Master of the flying guillotine.davidbeynon112608-Oct-13
Gavin Maxwell - Harpoon at a VentureDouglas Griffin3178107-Oct-13
Best recent documentaries?Frank4short516607-Oct-13
Brand New MachineRobin76-8507-Oct-13
Memory extension for iPad?Murko Fuzz-11807-Oct-13
Music geek question about Punk Rockaln1856705-Oct-13
Great gear made in britain article, Climbthe ant hill mob126905-Oct-13
A total load of crap, Distant Voices.Al Evans968505-Oct-13
Budget DAB radio recommendationsFraser1739805-Oct-13
loving this - belleruche 56%Daithi O Murchu319004-Oct-13
Hobbit Trailerdeepstar2693204-Oct-13
Winter is coming, what TV series should I watch?The Lemming611,29404-Oct-13
The Satanic VersesMilesy1158603-Oct-13
Mark Beaumont - Highland Line Challenge STV 20:00 2nd OctDouglas Griffin216702-Oct-13
Vertical Llimitmockerkin261,20001-Oct-13
gta v- whats the point?RockAngel311,52401-Oct-13
Blade Runner! on now!ripper429927-Sep-13
ambient chillout music?The Lemming731,17026-Sep-13
Amazon MP3s in loudness war?captain paranoia1030626-Sep-13
Go Placidly Amid The Noise And The HasteTimmd1964225-Sep-13
Four WeddingsRichard Carter117325-Sep-13
Americas Cup - anyone been watching it?Fraser1760425-Sep-13
Mull Theatre, The Drawer Boyestivoautumnal-6224-Sep-13
Tokyo to host the 2020 Olympics!dek2951324-Sep-13
The Sweeneypuppythedog622023-Sep-13
Citizen Kanelowersharpnose117722-Sep-13
Hugh Laurie comes to Radio 2The Lemming121120-Sep-13
The Matrixrubbercrumb649219-Sep-13
Outdoor Climb - The GritsRosannaCatterall-15919-Sep-13
BBC Alba - 5 years old todayDouglas Griffin322719-Sep-13
Best ever short climbing video?kabutsu331419-Sep-13
Baking mishapdale1968443018-Sep-13
I heard you were bitten by a king cobraestivoautumnal329918-Sep-13
The Story of the Jews, by Simon ScharmaAl Evans401,27218-Sep-13
Desktop, wallpaper, live backgroundsThe Lemming214417-Sep-13
Artist exhnibiting at the EdgeMountain Lass214516-Sep-13
From Harris with Love - BBC Alba 20:30 Mon 16th SepDouglas Griffin-12216-Sep-13
Who wrote Robin Hood?Al Evans2259815-Sep-13
music recommendationnotaclue2848914-Sep-13
Welsh/Esperanto armus331913-Sep-13
cliffhanger tonite at 9pmcolina438512-Sep-13
Paper LaceMinneconjou Sioux1443410-Sep-13
AdventureFest not coming to Manchester or SheffieldStuart Wildman-11809-Sep-13
Andy Kirkpatrick - candid interview and musicjamiev-28009-Sep-13
What film should I watch tonight?The Lemming2164009-Sep-13
Meet the monkeysGudrun527608-Sep-13
Last night of the Promskevin stephens527808-Sep-13
Interview with Terry Abraham, mountain film-makerOnly a hill217008-Sep-13
Last Hours on EverestCo1in H-31408-Sep-13
Mattias "IA" EklundhDominion210406-Sep-13
War of the WorldsThe Lemming319206-Sep-13
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