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A forum dedicated to reviews and discussion of media and the arts. Just read a book? Why not share it by writing a review (max 250 words). Love music? Want to critique the latest releases? The Culture Bunker is the place. Seen a play or a film? Let's hear about it. This is the place to come if you are looking for a book, album or film recommendation.

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Identify a song for me535005-Nov-13
Sites to sell/exchange books?19505-Nov-13
Bigfoot files, C4 just started1758605-Nov-13
Don Whillans' last climb with Joe Brown91,32105-Nov-13
180 degrees south321704-Nov-13
Fremen :- do they actually do anything644604-Nov-13
acoustic or electric in Stalybridge?-11803-Nov-13
Real culture: your top 5 from this list of kids programmes2962003-Nov-13
The worst book ever written1513,61502-Nov-13
Captain Phillips *** possible spoilers ***642202-Nov-13
Identify a font please219702-Nov-13
Hamish Henderson1842702-Nov-13
Halloween horror movie feast5787502-Nov-13
E4 in a mo, Aliens1236601-Nov-13
ITV1 now - TT Closer to the Edge-14101-Nov-13
"Is there any reason to own paper books besides showing off?"1061,93701-Nov-13
eBellking must be stopped1061701-Nov-13
darkwave Suggestions please?212431-Oct-13
Ambassadors on BBC 2-14531-Oct-13
Lesser known Romantic-era composers3341030-Oct-13
Autumn Watch115229-Oct-13
The best book ever written?1031,86528-Oct-13
Scary Faces climbing film-15127-Oct-13
Just finished reading - 3996627-Oct-13
What are you reading?1161,94526-Oct-13
Should I sell some of my Book Collection? Is that wrong?954726-Oct-13
Steve House - Training for the New Alpinism166026-Oct-13
Blue Jasmine film1141725-Oct-13
"The love of Mountains is best"-12825-Oct-13
Reel rock 8326124-Oct-13
Is anybody watching Masters of Sex?331523-Oct-13
It's not often the hiking look is de ri-gueur .1480823-Oct-13
Ambassadors BBC2-9723-Oct-13
panic! kobo has frozen :-(222022-Oct-13
Watch Peaky Blinders1047621-Oct-13
orb + lee scratch636020-Oct-13
Sloe Gin2163220-Oct-13
Walking Dead season 41133619-Oct-13
Eighties music video525118-Oct-13
The Wrong Mans332218-Oct-13
room 101634117-Oct-13
RVW/ RLS, Bryn Terfel: Songs of Travel319317-Oct-13
Good place to get audiobooks?210816-Oct-13
The Daily Mail eBook moral panic of 20131254916-Oct-13
All time greatest Youtube clip..............271,74315-Oct-13
Bake off1824815-Oct-13
Greatest Movie Scene Ever?2003,21715-Oct-13
Wipers Times1052115-Oct-13
The Eiger Sanction-26212-Oct-13
Ig Nobel prize winners - brilliant!238712-Oct-13
Avalanche Sharks449511-Oct-13
Remembering what first inspired me into climbing628410-Oct-13
anyone seen "moon" directed by Duncan Jones..? (poss spoiler)1941910-Oct-13
Next climbing / mountaineering book1455409-Oct-13
Master of the flying guillotine.114708-Oct-13
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