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This is the place for all discussions relating to cameras and outdoor photography. Discuss the latest digital camera or have long discussions over the merits of one of the many thousands of photographs in the UKC Photo Galleries. Please use the For Sale Forum for selling your camera gear.

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This week's current number 1?669721-Apr-14
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Bantham Hand - Sea Stack Esoterica and Simu-Abseil Video341,05919-Apr-14
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SD Card/Camera problems - able to advise?514317-Apr-14
Moon photography1585916-Apr-14
Recommend a wide angle lens 3273414-Apr-14
What is your point and shoot 5 star percentage?1765413-Apr-14
Ray Wood Raped by Affection photo496513-Apr-14
Scanning B+W negatives?319212-Apr-14
Raptor fans?1258710-Apr-14
Questions about copyright733507-Apr-14
Climbing Film possible project?-19707-Apr-14
The power of Polaroid 'snaps'120405-Apr-14
The life of a professional mountain photographer...-27404-Apr-14
Star Trail software?623704-Apr-14
Winter climbing photo voting2784504-Apr-14
New tripod head for my tripod?1522103-Apr-14
Canon 1100D vs 450D319703-Apr-14
found camera 218402-Apr-14
Sigma 8-16 vs 10-20mm1637002-Apr-14
Nikon lenses advice please1147601-Apr-14
Canon 1100D for Sale on Premier Post-15701-Apr-14
Lightroom 5 - tutorial book recommendation please517531-Mar-14
Recommend me a tough compact camera, reasonably priced.524030-Mar-14
Wanted - Picture of stanage popular423330-Mar-14
The new, non-optional Flickr format2077429-Mar-14
Any video editing experts in the room?-10729-Mar-14
Got a Canon compact and want to breath new life into it?1131828-Mar-14
Have you replaced your stock camera app?2277028-Mar-14
Recommendations for a Digital compact camera220927-Mar-14
Scarab Darkroom Lite software - any good?212627-Mar-14
Sensor Cleaning401,10526-Mar-14
Moving up from Lightroom 2 to 5?1835426-Mar-14
Time lapse photography321,20126-Mar-14
Any thoughts on the Sony NEX 6?1253325-Mar-14
Video editing/creating. What's worth using?822025-Mar-14
Lawrencefield pics 24/3/14 - AndyPeak1532625-Mar-14
Tripod heads?739324-Mar-14
Software for sorting photos651,43822-Mar-14
Wisdom from Mr Adams225420-Mar-14
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