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This is the place for all discussions relating to cameras and outdoor photography. Discuss the latest digital camera or have long discussions over the merits of one of the many thousands of photographs in the UKC Photo Galleries. Please use the For Sale Forum for selling your camera gear.

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Slide and negative scanner739318-Oct-13
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Elements 10 book115416-Oct-13
RAW files disappearing from memory card1455716-Oct-13
Photographer/makeup artist contracts746114-Oct-13
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Pc for photo processing1855513-Oct-13
No Adobe Photoshop CS7 Creative Suite just the Cloud Petition2569011-Oct-13
White balance - colour balance?1641710-Oct-13
How big is your photo backlog?1764810-Oct-13
Photograph being credited for use on TV1765610-Oct-13
Which camera - 300ish budget.211,24310-Oct-13
Dublin Core or VRA Core ? Views and comments please ? -9210-Oct-13
Is this photo from UKC?889709-Oct-13
"Taking Climbing Photography to a New Level"?!1575,01109-Oct-13
Photoshop question432208-Oct-13
This weeks top 10-15506-Oct-13
Which rugged waterproof compact?1156106-Oct-13
Test: How well do you see colour?421,65804-Oct-13
Getting photos from CF card on to a tablet925702-Oct-13
EOS60d battery duration418402-Oct-13
What heli cam?-17102-Oct-13
Go Pro Alternatives311,18401-Oct-13
What have I done to my camera?445830-Sep-13
Help choosing a new camera229625-Sep-13
saddle head, blue sky 22/9/2013-19123-Sep-13
Skye trip and blog127123-Sep-13
One Tough Nikon!141421-Sep-13
Software for batch resizing1134620-Sep-13
Canon S110 or similar2889519-Sep-13
Garmin Virb-14318-Sep-13
changing to apple662,30018-Sep-13
Programme for adjusting RAW images630816-Sep-13
Anyone got a Sigma DP1/2/3M533715-Sep-13
New Canon DSLR - which?281,13114-Sep-13
Polarising Filters1562913-Sep-13
photographing climbers-etiquette?161,81113-Sep-13
In search of the optimum solution...647513-Sep-13
Helmet Camera Recommendation ?2958013-Sep-13
Reccommendations for Digital compact for alpine climbing1592713-Sep-13
camara and waterproof case for diving.1340413-Sep-13
Scanners for 35 mm slides and negatives-15709-Sep-13
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