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This is the place for all discussions relating to cameras and outdoor photography. Discuss the latest digital camera or have long discussions over the merits of one of the many thousands of photographs in the UKC Photo Galleries. Please use the For Sale Forum for selling your camera gear.

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Any Canon (5D mk3) experts here?640203-Sep-13
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slr for under 500241,46525-Aug-13
Ghost Train - Aug Bank Hol Sat?-23524-Aug-13
Waterproof case for Macbook Pro?-15324-Aug-13
Photoshop app question629323-Aug-13
Photo critique please1065123-Aug-13
Online photo hoasting/sharing218322-Aug-13
Switching from DSLR to compact system, experience, opinion?1076321-Aug-13
A bit about on me at On Landscape.1173821-Aug-13
Magic Lantern on 5dmkii - Any one use it? And headphones?225020-Aug-13
Does anyone use a Nikon D3100?1249119-Aug-13
Stanage trad avec Gopro1655119-Aug-13
Alpine photos by L. Fauraz, anyone heard of him?755119-Aug-13
Long Live Film233116-Aug-13
Mountain Heroes: Portraits of Adventure-20316-Aug-13
you won't have seen raven crag like this before578415-Aug-13
best free video editing software1132414-Aug-13
Interesting study casts light on so called 'fan boys'. -27412-Aug-13
First Ever Video1038211-Aug-13
Lightroom (5), advice, please591,16409-Aug-13
Read it and weep241,08708-Aug-13
Stanage Under Snow758707-Aug-13
keep coming back to these644404-Aug-13
Canon 24-105 F4 L on groupon! 550-20904-Aug-13
Help me choose 2 Canon lenses3782902-Aug-13
Black Magic448231-Jul-13
Selling used camera gear227431-Jul-13
'Go-Pro Spiny' mount-14030-Jul-13
Cassini Solstice Mission ( lates images ) . . . -15228-Jul-13
Frosty morning at LBG.834428-Jul-13
Budget tablet with best quality screen for viewing photos?1042827-Jul-13
WAE+ recommend?218826-Jul-13
'With Trees' by Dav Thomas - Book Review325726-Jul-13
Image of Earth650124-Jul-13
Cloggy Pictures Last Weekend (20th&21stJuly)132623-Jul-13
Climbers on Torre Grande - friday 19th-16222-Jul-13
Pictures on Dream of White Horses (Goggarth) on July 8th238622-Jul-13
White Ghyll photos 19 July-18821-Jul-13
Great Wall Pics (Sunday 14.7.13)241518-Jul-13
use of my picture without my permission723,59718-Jul-13
exposure blending vs grad ND filters1860718-Jul-13
The self talk retorts of an ex-gear addict664418-Jul-13
Hubble Telescope Offially Deemed Obselete237918-Jul-13
Big Decision: Fuji X-E1 or Sony NEX 6501,19118-Jul-13
Anyone out on Carreg Wastad last Saturday (16th July?)220517-Jul-13
Good accountant in/near Edinburgh for photographers?224616-Jul-13
Lens with interchangeable mounts-12716-Jul-13
Panasonic GX1 - thoughts938916-Jul-13
Used Lenses1158815-Jul-13
Polarised views2787415-Jul-13
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