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This is the place for all discussions relating to cameras and outdoor photography. Discuss the latest digital camera or have long discussions over the merits of one of the many thousands of photographs in the UKC Photo Galleries. Please use the For Sale Forum for selling your camera gear.

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D70s V D7100119228-May-13
Head Cam - which is best1750726-May-13
Camera Repairs Shop Cardiff/S Wales324323-May-13
TLR Love328122-May-13
Crib Goch this morning :)201,71122-May-13
Forget Ice_nine! Who the heck is RuthieB? ;-)791220-May-13
SD cards for helmet cams524218-May-13
Free Remote Control Software for Nikon Cameras -18118-May-13
For those wanting to learn aperture vs shutter speed479518-May-13
Good quality camera that is small enough for rock climbing?2187618-May-13
Some photos from Sardinia864718-May-13
Mac Mini for photoshop editing?1135717-May-13
Any drone owners on here?1273716-May-13
Manfrotto low angle adapter query-12316-May-13
profile pic question-25015-May-13
How protective over your images should you be?191,00214-May-13
Best Lake District viewpoints for photography ?241,40214-May-13
Which ND filter to get?541613-May-13
Avon Gorge, Gronk - our ascent by headcam ! 181,03111-May-13
Adobe Creative Cloud422609-May-13
Unauthorised use in a book213,17609-May-13
Old School Climbing Pic.251509-May-13
Laptop or tablet for viewing photos and movies 'in the field'1362606-May-13
Smallish Tough Video Camera-With Stills428806-May-13
Bat photography update1072604-May-13
G12-G15 Nikon p7100 s95?1666204-May-13
Climbing Photo Orientation2078703-May-13
How come these camera are so cheap?782902-May-13
Filters - some basic questions2374202-May-13
Wide angle lens help and retailer advice1765302-May-13
Pictures you have taken this week II1449901-May-13
I need a project737701-May-13
Earning extra wages through Photography and VAT852830-Apr-13
How much should I expect for a second hand camera?236929-Apr-13
Best way to back-up photos when using Lightroom1034328-Apr-13
Upgrading from Lightroom 3 to 4 on Mac217828-Apr-13
Phone/ camera recommendations1959726-Apr-13
Drift HD Ghost Reviews337826-Apr-13
Action shots of rock climbing on Rum (Inner Hebrides)241,21826-Apr-13
First go with at capturing light trails1670725-Apr-13
Snowdonia Winter Climbing Video!281,29925-Apr-13
Space pics.129224-Apr-13
Bat photography1046123-Apr-13
GF-1 & 20mm Lens for sale via Premier Post123923-Apr-13
Ice-cream Ripple anyone?235722-Apr-13
'Act of Terror' -32422-Apr-13
Tim Kemple-19722-Apr-13
Clan Gunn Photography Facebook like page 225821-Apr-13
LR5 Beta - Totally Underwhelmed!340021-Apr-13
Copyright in photos?630621-Apr-13
Dropped Canon 550D - Autofocus broken432918-Apr-13
Managing files storage using LR and external drives636218-Apr-13
best free online photo album1045218-Apr-13
Connecting DSLR to Phone328018-Apr-13
David Bailey open letter to Osbourne on copyright367518-Apr-13
Most robust DSLR (<400 body)565517-Apr-13
Aperture issue743816-Apr-13
X100s - is anyone buying141,49816-Apr-13
Replacing a samsung camera screen526015-Apr-13
Panoramas in Lightroom/Elements324115-Apr-13
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