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This is the place for all discussions relating to cameras and outdoor photography. Discuss the latest digital camera or have long discussions over the merits of one of the many thousands of photographs in the UKC Photo Galleries. Please use the For Sale Forum for selling your camera gear.

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5x4 Film stockists?dek1342909-Feb-13
Pricing a Canon 5D Kitapd842007-Feb-13
Anyone know a Photographer named 'Dil'?Lukas V-L891107-Feb-13
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Best photos of 2012Ulrik Hasemann111,36204-Feb-13
"Dust" on digi picsNewbuild1001349904-Feb-13
Llanberis slate quarries highliners Sunday 3rd FebBethanWhite-33404-Feb-13
head cam which one ?drsdave1693504-Feb-13
Anyone bought a new camera on ebay from Hong Kong?Enty330703-Feb-13
canon eos 400d for sale gunbo-19402-Feb-13
PM's XIstroppygob-15802-Feb-13
Wadi Rum and camerasDan Arkle741202-Feb-13
This new "swipe" business on UKCmyth148501-Feb-13
Phantom camreabigpad864601-Feb-13
Selling a Photograph - Copyrightmypyrex1056231-Jan-13
Grey Import and repair questionChalk248531-Jan-13
Paris! In Colour!davidbeynon-23231-Jan-13
Strathpuffer MB photosCH-25829-Jan-13
Photos of injuriesMita322,17428-Jan-13
Ecrins Ice climbing images Nadir khan247228-Jan-13
LX7 vs G15Richard Carter1480228-Jan-13
Update to Photo BrowsingPaul Phillips - UKC and UKH355128-Jan-13
Photos needed for Inner Hebrides guidebookGrahame N354727-Jan-13
Compact cameraRobyn Vacher226425-Jan-13
Behind the ScenesHenry Iddon-21425-Jan-13
Buying from digital RevMax Harms331,13924-Jan-13
Copyright & Privacym0unt41n845622-Jan-13
Sony RX100fatcat531522-Jan-13
Newc5DIII or used 1DsIIIDispater1572121-Jan-13
Which Canon DSLR?Chalk1665121-Jan-13
cant open canon RAW photosgunbo1244921-Jan-13
Ansel Adams - Moon Over Half DomeEnty1872021-Jan-13
Wedding and Event Photographers: Do you have a risk assessment?AndrewHuddart127121-Jan-13
Good wee film, bikes, running and climbing..SeanB-23821-Jan-13
Phot Help Needed. Trouble-24620-Jan-13
Jessops in trouble?rallymania733,30820-Jan-13
Being paid for other people's photos(?)TOS141,47320-Jan-13
Important news for photographersAlex Ekins121,17719-Jan-13
strung out moles gunbo482,27119-Jan-13
Memory card error- helpwaterbaby1656018-Jan-13
GoPro 3 KnowledgeHenry Iddon131118-Jan-13
How do I upload a picture ?mike123330718-Jan-13
Ice axe camera attachmentAlex Ekins-33617-Jan-13
Stolen kitTryfAndy470816-Jan-13
Any astrophotography chaps here?The Lemming1563115-Jan-13
What makes a good bouldering shottscoobydoo1156114-Jan-13
What Lensmypyrex2155914-Jan-13
Sony NEX-3 / Jessops / Arrrgghh!Enty548614-Jan-13
Panasonic Camera Fault - Please HelpSteve Perry325414-Jan-13
Remote flashRBonney2166112-Jan-13
New lensCaspar529711-Jan-13
Photoshop Help PleaseSubmit to Gravity228011-Jan-13
Best Nikon fit 18-200mm lens dealweakdave230611-Jan-13
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