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This is the place for all discussions relating to cameras and outdoor photography. Discuss the latest digital camera or have long discussions over the merits of one of the many thousands of photographs in the UKC Photo Galleries. Please use the For Sale Forum for selling your camera gear.

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Zoom issues, Nikon 18-75mm518912-Jul-14
35mm Film and processing, Where from and what's best 1652312-Jul-14
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Ascender / Descender setup for Photography729709-Jul-14
2014 - Pictures you've taken this week...1244,65908-Jul-14
Panorama canvas print521007-Jul-14
limited picture sharing428207-Jul-14
memory card crash - some questions1843907-Jul-14
CSC cameras with "legacy" (i.e. old, manual focus) lenses691,10904-Jul-14
Climbers on cloggy on 2nd of july at about 1pm-17003-Jul-14
The Strand, Gogarth - Photos from Sat-21701-Jul-14
Carrying your camera1698528-Jun-14
Ball head or 3-way for landscape?1746127-Jun-14
Lens cleaning631127-Jun-14
Used lens website1142723-Jun-14
Unknown climber on 'November' at Cloggy on Sat 21st-32923-Jun-14
Panoramic time lapse-17220-Jun-14
Sacre Coeur at Blackchurch Rock! 511,61418-Jun-14
Viewing actual "climbing" photos569217-Jun-14
Olympus M1 or M5 - Noise complaints?223017-Jun-14
Ever had a Cateract fixed?417812-Jun-14
Lads from Holyhead climbing on Rainbow Walls/Slab Sunday 8 June-21510-Jun-14
Black Cockatoo, masters of concealment-15410-Jun-14
Lightroom for Landscape450808-Jun-14
Polar bears with gopros-23908-Jun-14
Corey Rich Video1046307-Jun-14
Micro 4/3 Olympus Pen - lens advice please!1127505-Jun-14
Albahida, photos-prints?210904-Jun-14
Photo Voting845604-Jun-14
GO PRO - advice853703-Jun-14
Kodak Tri X Film419403-Jun-14
Street photography 1672002-Jun-14
Are there problems with uninstalling Lightroom?1946901-Jun-14
Are you still using film?1044931-May-14
Camera for birthday840031-May-14
A must see climbing web-site696028-May-14
Is there a way to remove wind noises from video?946828-May-14
Can't download photos from cameras824227-May-14
Csc camera439123-May-14
Happy Birthday Leica-15623-May-14
Guys climbing Little Cham on Tuesday morning-23622-May-14
Compact Zoom Camera (HX50, SX700 or...)931122-May-14
GoPro alternative for about 422287821-May-14
lens error correction224021-May-14
You wait ages for a Roo to turn up748118-May-14
Quality printing services for blowing up some pics361,23617-May-14
Tweet of me854217-May-14
Basic video editing software517116-May-14
Android Photo Apps-10816-May-14
CSC query1033515-May-14
Solar Battery Charger2055915-May-14
Is there a way to download photos from your profile317413-May-14
Colin Prior BBC2 Sunday451412-May-14
Reflections on a lake643712-May-14
Photo of he week - I'm puzzled.246511-May-14
Favourite UK landscape photographers.2995010-May-14
Good compact camera281,40909-May-14
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