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This is the place for all discussions relating to cameras and outdoor photography. Discuss the latest digital camera or have long discussions over the merits of one of the many thousands of photographs in the UKC Photo Galleries. Please use the For Sale Forum for selling your camera gear.

TopicsPosted byReplies
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Tracking Stolen ImagesDamo1
Getting back into 35mm photographyOnly a hill34
Cannon 350D replacement?Mark Kemball6
Why upgrade?keith-ratcliffe8
What is the best photo that you have taken, like ever?The Lemming70
Commando Ridge this morning? An apology.maisie-
Recommend me a camera for winter alpine climbingwout4
Dark skys NortumberlandRussell Lovett18
Night Sky PhotographyAlan M8
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Cheap tablet as external monitor?Fraser14
How to take pictures of very reflective object ?mike12312
Best camera under 300SomeClimbingGuy17
Fotobounce anybody use it?The Lemming-
Video editing softwaregjh2
Why a Mechanical Film Camera in a Digital Age?Henry Iddon4
Panasonic LX-7davidbeynon9
Amazing PhotosMalcolm...3
How do you get pin-sharp results with fast moving subjects?The Lemming41
Where to buy clip frames?Chalk4
SD memory card recommendations pleaseFraser9
Photo enlargements to A3-ish sizekend3
Do people rate their own photos?The Lemming10
ISS photosBlue Straggler2
Art vs 'documentary' photographyteh_mark268
Do Megapixels Matter?Henry Iddon24
who ever took Photos of us on Pinnacale Ridge on satgeorge sewell6
A new contender for "best climbing camera"Kai31
Star photos and focussingMr Fuller14
Sony RX100 M3 advicepeakpaul2
Insanely trippy time lapseGrendeI15
photos of Dominic Jeff, Back Bowden, SundayRussell Lovett2
Luminosity masksstroppygob4
Olympus Tough 830 _ anything better?Mark Kemball5
photos of boulders at Bowden on Saturday.Russell Lovett1
trouble uploading photos ???Russell Lovett7
Replacement for Canon S95 compact cameraXharlie6
How do I delete a photo from my UKC gallery?BusyLizzie2
More gratuioutus shots of BaileyThe Lemming18
Does anyone still shoot film?teh_mark28
Fuji velvia freepaulh.07764
Flickr users...Glyno34
Three cliffs bayleeboy1985-
Think Tank productsmcrtchly-
Top Climbing Photo QueryFactorXXX7
Storing and backing up digital Photosjames wardle1
Bird Requiring IdentificationMark Collins6
Blatant request for flickr critiqueThe Lemming17
camera case for climbing fuji xe-2 recommendationsfranksnb6
Sony RX100 iiMatt2504
Photos of Curving Crack on Cloggy and Comes the DervishKatex-
Canberra Landscapestroppygob-
Lake District Photo Location Guide Dan Arkle20
Canon speed lightsMax Harms4
Canon G16 or equivalent?Tall Clare15
Can someone explain pleasestroppygob13

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