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A forum for asking questions, whether you are deciding to get into climbing or have just started and need something explained. is visited by many experienced climbers, including climbing and mountaineering guides, who will gladly help out. Please check the UKClimbing FAQs before posting.

What is so special about guide pants?91,489
quickdraw to quickdraw682,598
ice axe length561,624
placing hex's363,234
looking for climbers in Belfast-93
learn to trad climbing111,588
Boots fit?9529
Bad belaying444,924
Best Indoor Climbing Wall for Kids2289
winter skills 8729
First multi pitch reccomendations221,055
Starting out - looking for climbers in stockport3275
first harness 4308
5yr olds climbing 4595
getting off sport routes231,257
Are you looking to become a Mountaineer?101,143
Designing an outdoor facilities for people with disabilities.6417
B2's for Ice climbing??????????????8570
Looking to get into climbing (London)5541
Thors cave, pushing my limit? 131,511
sea cliff abseils452,195
Where to start?7761
Grip - practise makes perfect?6839
Best UK Climbing Spots111,014
We Need You-419
First rope341,224
Email where art thou2336
Time to start climbing outdoors71,061
Belays, anchors, vectors, maths!291,272
Looking climbing buddy - new to climbing - Northern Ireland5319
have I missed the post explaining the new thread icons?2425
Partner wanted, Reading climbing centre.1188
Best Mont Blanc Book with room to improve7425
New climber looking for partner in North London area4366
belayers needed tomorrow MCC-288
70 metre rope, 30 metre climb9922
How do you tie into a doubled up rope?573,604
Alpine and mountaineering boots. General usage advice.7580
Winter skills courses11669
haul loop use...10671
Back To The Rock (after 16 years! :S)181,199
I really want to get into winter walking / basic routes4431
Forced sporadic training!3475
Scrambling guiding offered3684
rappel / abseil rings?7518
prusik rope diameter advice please12491
Recommend first trad rack - 351,082
where's them climbs 3369
ice ice ice 4410
Ice Tools12576
New to Nottingham - Where to top rope3313
New Climber looking for a regular climbing partner in Liverpool2174
Is it ever to late to start trad climbing301,798
Pull ups?844,778
Great footwork exercises?21895
Knot in end of abseil rope, not joining281,770
How/where to find cheap climbing shoes13615
Noob question - is chalk necessary for all?321,829
Questions about 'silent feet'221,594

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