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A forum for asking questions, whether you are deciding to get into climbing or have just started and need something explained. is visited by many experienced climbers, including climbing and mountaineering guides, who will gladly help out. Please check the UKClimbing FAQs before posting.

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Alps Advicednyc351708-Jan-13
To Club or not to Club??Littleslip51,25606-Jan-13
New Zealand Mountaineering courses - opinions?russtyg239606-Jan-13
Starting outcuilcagh249902-Jan-13
Sweden unclimbed peaksAnonymous482202-Jan-13
How to climb this?BarrySW19141,44331-Dec-12
Intensive/accelerated/fast track instructor courseswill moy81,17729-Dec-12
via ferrata gradesTom V131,01825-Dec-12
Emergency survival bagajsaddacs666820-Dec-12
First noticeable thump onto the bouldering matAnnoying Twit81,26819-Dec-12
sport climbinglegendchris23411,34813-Dec-12
Should I be logging my climbsPete Fish152,29812-Dec-12
Newbie snow belay questionsmmmhumous469112-Dec-12
How is climbing outdoor in winter?Carmengr21352,05412-Dec-12
Winter Skills Courses for beginnersrich pyne462,06010-Dec-12
Tying inpff1591807-Dec-12
crampon choiceholmesy346007-Dec-12
Half Ropeschrisholl241492106-Dec-12
going on climbing trips alone and meeting climbing partners?Kristoffer Poulsen162505-Dec-12
Choices at the multi-pitch sport belayrusstyg331,21803-Dec-12
FallingŽiga Janež111,37402-Dec-12
Help NeededBassMad-34902-Dec-12
What are the best mountains to climb in the UK?carybarry201,13701-Dec-12
Great forum, Thought its time to introduce myself!Irishpotatos1065201-Dec-12
Climbing my yacht mastSam longley161,25530-Nov-12
Climbing Workouts using only Pull-up bar?Alex Newton159028-Nov-12
Learning to lead climbtnewmark341,27628-Nov-12
First Winter Overnigfhtpaulpitcher363125-Nov-12
winter fitness Sliabh1982777824-Nov-12
Top tips for the mountainsLukem6221,51924-Nov-12
climbing coaching session lancs this satwoodsy136022-Nov-12
Is this where a newb says hi?flopsicle81,08621-Nov-12
Can you teach climbing? Returning after 15yr break.flopsicle101,10419-Nov-12
Beginner booksshumidrives451817-Nov-12
Rock climbing holidaysseniorlodwick355317-Nov-12
In Good HandsAndy Cloquet-41113-Nov-12
Heading outdoors. What do I need to start sports climbing?Pete Fish221,05813-Nov-12
Climbing with disability - what's my upper limit?OneLifeOneHeart191,28713-Nov-12
Need a book to teach me stuff (terminology, how to etc)fraidycat1164212-Nov-12
breathable wind proofjohn morgan-31009-Nov-12
Scary creaking noise in Harness/Rope...should I be afraid?fraidycat282,28609-Nov-12
How many quickdraws needed for easy Mallorcan routes??russtyg457808-Nov-12
starting out outdoors sport climbing0128marc759208-Nov-12
Hi All...dazt2801141,15802-Nov-12
Coaching advice for a confident VS leaderdr_botnik211,21101-Nov-12
Setting gear without climbingstretch1486121,46101-Nov-12
HELP! Anyone in Leeds?RossKirtley148030-Oct-12
Multi-pitch TechniqueWillC492,28829-Oct-12
why should you equip each sling with a screwgateralphio463,10829-Oct-12
Next piece / set of trad rack protection to get?neuromancer341,17726-Oct-12
Abseil KnotMike7372,61826-Oct-12
Scottish mountaineering coursestevetaylor20147822-Oct-12
Novice climber looking for partner to learn in/near BIRMINGHAMblairbear550822-Oct-12
rock climbing feed backstebastian581722-Oct-12
Next stepsBIG BAD JOHN111,20319-Oct-12
Positive feedback wanted for Unconvinced Mrsyorkshiresherpa212,07518-Oct-12
Yet another help shumidrives-36718-Oct-12
Glacier / snow walking - rope choicepaul walters-35318-Oct-12
spa trainees-mid week help in the peakwoodsy368318-Oct-12
High NebLloyd Clark351217-Oct-12
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