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A forum for asking questions, whether you are deciding to get into climbing or have just started and need something explained. is visited by many experienced climbers, including climbing and mountaineering guides, who will gladly help out. Please check the UKClimbing FAQs before posting.

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Weekly climbing partner in London wantedSPhil224102-Feb-14
First timer in proper snow...Mike505774531-Jan-14
Toubkal in March adviceBib_Bob_Euroslap521331-Jan-14
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alternative uses of gear loopBan1592,34529-Jan-14
Meeting Alpine Club Membersdutybooty223829-Jan-14
Looking for new climbing bud: EdinburghLHumble114526-Jan-14
Beginner winter routes in Scotland tennantbell139425-Jan-14
Crampons choice help!adamholden743424-Jan-14
Guides for the Peak districtorigamib844423-Jan-14
boots, crampons or axes for a beginnerKurtisbromilow122920-Jan-14
Looking to get into climbing (Stafford)Robo19921154519-Jan-14
What is so special about guide pants?nutme91,42718-Jan-14
quickdraw to quickdrawBan1682,53417-Jan-14
ice axe lengthmaxsmith561,55416-Jan-14
placing hex'sshumidrives363,16116-Jan-14
looking for climbers in BelfastUrko-5816-Jan-14
learn to trad climbingjim111,53113-Jan-14
Boots fit?JonLongshanks948012-Jan-14
Bad belayingbalmybaldwin444,84010-Jan-14
Best Indoor Climbing Wall for Kidsrichie4088223909-Jan-14
winter skills martinlevya82867707-Jan-14
First multi pitch reccomendationsJack Whiteley2299727-Dec-13
Starting out - looking for climbers in stockportVapour325326-Dec-13
first harness rustyford427524-Dec-13
5yr olds climbing flopsicle456019-Dec-13
getting off sport routesrosssss224231,22019-Dec-13
Are you looking to become a Mountaineer?threepeaks101,09318-Dec-13
Designing an outdoor facilities for people with disabilities.DavidMR638316-Dec-13
B2's for Ice climbing??????????????Benbrady11853316-Dec-13
Looking to get into climbing (London)Sebj93550011-Dec-13
Thors cave, pushing my limit? spud_23131,46511-Dec-13
sea cliff abseilspff452,14610-Dec-13
Where to start?Cal03771806-Dec-13
Grip - practise makes perfect?sjbland678605-Dec-13
Best UK Climbing SpotsLizBail1198203-Dec-13
We Need YouDooZeePete-39403-Dec-13
First ropeclimbwhenready341,17401-Dec-13
Email where art thouSempafi231227-Nov-13
Time to start climbing outdoorseddhewett71,01427-Nov-13
Belays, anchors, vectors, maths!Tarquell291,22026-Nov-13
Looking climbing buddy - new to climbing - Northern IrelandTony500528425-Nov-13
have I missed the post explaining the new thread icons?aln239923-Nov-13
Partner wanted, Reading climbing centre.Lee 76113122-Nov-13
Best Mont Blanc Book with room to improverusstyg739119-Nov-13
New climber looking for partner in North London areaelsag433119-Nov-13
belayers needed tomorrow MCCwoodsy-23719-Nov-13
70 metre rope, 30 metre climbFirestarter988718-Nov-13
How do you tie into a doubled up rope?Otis573,55917-Nov-13
Alpine and mountaineering boots. General usage advice.Delta Wolf754017-Nov-13
Winter skills coursesdurkules1163014-Nov-13
haul loop use...ow arm1062912-Nov-13
Back To The Rock (after 16 years! :S)Mi7181,14911-Nov-13
I really want to get into winter walking / basic routesOliiver439710-Nov-13
Forced sporadic training!BellX1342810-Nov-13
Scrambling guiding offeredpocosjoe362905-Nov-13
rappel / abseil rings?ow arm747704-Nov-13
prusik rope diameter advice pleaseow arm1244403-Nov-13
Recommend first trad rack - Tony500351,02402-Nov-13
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