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A forum for asking questions, whether you are deciding to get into climbing or have just started and need something explained. is visited by many experienced climbers, including climbing and mountaineering guides, who will gladly help out. Please check the UKClimbing FAQs before posting.

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Climbing vacation in northern England/Wales123822-Jun-14
Older guy looking to recapture a previous foothold!590822-Jun-14
Sport climbing kit251,09621-Jun-14
Quiet Crags in Derbyshire181,16120-Jun-14
Climbing in London and further away743818-Jun-14
Looking for suggestions for beginner sports routes1449917-Jun-14
Pregnant rock climbers?148717-Jun-14
Taking children on via ferrata - Briancon, Ailefroide.736215-Jun-14
Right equipment for the job342212-Jun-14
Tendon question529511-Jun-14
Utter utter noob at 45.111,74907-Jun-14
Lowering off302,01707-Jun-14
help with group 10 June Langdale-21003-Jun-14
Multi pitch sport questions1067501-Jun-14
Sheffield Outdoor beginners course anyone?943128-May-14
Beginners training schedule251,18727-May-14
Racking krabs261,08126-May-14
Malham. Is it worth taking our gear.? 478626-May-14
Ideal camalot sizes?1564424-May-14
Crags in reach of Reading841822-May-14
Single parents getting outside.231,41719-May-14
First trip outdoors, any advice?1057118-May-14
New starter-keen and ready235217-May-14
Back on the wall after 5 years off...any tips!141,05416-May-14
sleeping bags442314-May-14
Help with identifying a route, not in my guidebook, Barmouth217709-May-14
Kilimanjaro climb thread take two!431009-May-14
Gym -> Grit - started gear?1296507-May-14
Get outside in Northumberland tomorrow-15906-May-14
Pulley Injury...Recuperation Advice?217305-May-14
good crags to take a newbie to in Lake District354204-May-14
Messy harnesses391,95204-May-14
Children's crag in Lake district1140430-Apr-14
Newbie just did my first lead needed! 141,24230-Apr-14
help with groups in NW England wanted-14929-Apr-14
Soloing Corvus (or not)564,16525-Apr-14
bolted routes in the lower grades151,56924-Apr-14
New climber-thoughts on completing my first outdoor climb111,50024-Apr-14
Newbie(ish) looking for local clubs - Yorkshire732722-Apr-14
Split Tips1252822-Apr-14
Starting out :)1047422-Apr-14
much work for MIAs/ MICs?890321-Apr-14
Climbing buddy wanted, London470720-Apr-14
Indoors / outdoors grades987817-Apr-14
Anyone running a leading/gear placement course?561415-Apr-14
Good beginner scrambling routes/books?329913-Apr-14
First alpine mountaineer trip this summer?231,48312-Apr-14
Easter Weekend Climbing Advice2680212-Apr-14
Multipitch UK grades331,45311-Apr-14
Learning to lead on an indoor wall471,88009-Apr-14
5 'hindsight is a wonderful thing' tips for beginners894,76009-Apr-14
Grade limits?885707-Apr-14
Newbie looking for info & locations331807-Apr-14
Pushing my grades548606-Apr-14
Where in the peak to practice prussiking up from dead space271,33705-Apr-14
Portland instruction648604-Apr-14
PyB Alpine course July 2014 - car share?-17803-Apr-14
Kilimanjaro climb- organisational help needed please!528430-Mar-14
Easiest climbing in the Peak District?751629-Mar-14
t shirts and baby vests326327-Mar-14
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