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Interested in visiting a new climbing area? Having difficulties finding information? You are almost guaranteed that someone here will have been and can give you some pointers. It might be sun rock in Sardinia or sport routes in Switzerland. Where to stay, when to go, what routes to do.

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Bohuslšn:- camping gas/outdoor shops?310313-Aug-14
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Tartareu, Llieda, Catalunya, climb/crag details....-6611-Aug-14
Deep water soloing, near alcudia, mallorca111211-Aug-14
Costa Blanca332911-Aug-14
What to do in Galicia?1334711-Aug-14
Exeter to Dartmoor granite by public transport?27411-Aug-14
Where to climb in Norway?1761711-Aug-14
Hanzova pot, Prisojnik.518511-Aug-14
arrampicare ad alghero, Sardinia-4311-Aug-14
After a guidebook for Llanberis/Ogwen..111310-Aug-14
Harrison's Rocks Camping111610-Aug-14
North Wales Climbing when it's raining?!842010-Aug-14
Sport climbing near Suffolk or in Sheffield area835410-Aug-14
Shorter Cuillin alternatives on Skye211,06909-Aug-14
Short visit to Yosemite and environs - climbing opportunities528309-Aug-14
Crag advice Keswick 337909-Aug-14
Screda Point stakes518708-Aug-14
Crete - Holiday Climbing Partner Wanted-6808-Aug-14
Moab Bouldering guidebook and/or partner (October)-5408-Aug-14
DWS at Berry Head after / during rain429507-Aug-14
Verdon and back by car for 5 days?1047107-Aug-14
Somewhere dry 7th-11th august uk/Europe523707-Aug-14
Insurance - Part of a Trip422706-Aug-14
marine drive road closure 7/8/14212106-Aug-14
Definitive Outer Hebrides guide?627706-Aug-14
Julian Alps2239406-Aug-14
Best Kalymnos 7cs.....for the wife191,08606-Aug-14
Albbruck - S. Germany27705-Aug-14
Gas cannisters in Iceland621905-Aug-14
Cascades National Park, WA, USA29505-Aug-14
Verdon guidebooks1026905-Aug-14
Cable Car Threatens Iconic Tasmanian Crag431204-Aug-14
Malta & Gozo727503-Aug-14
if you had one week in the BC alpine...838502-Aug-14
Italy first week in August where to climb?317201-Aug-14
Lundy Luggage1041201-Aug-14
Going climbing in Spain or France? Watch your speed446001-Aug-14
Fuel on Kalymnos1357101-Aug-14
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