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Interested in visiting a new climbing area? Having difficulties finding information? You are almost guaranteed that someone here will have been and can give you some pointers. It might be sun rock in Sardinia or sport routes in Switzerland. Where to stay, when to go, what routes to do.

Norway in late Oct, beginning in Nov1127
Climbing in Juba, South Sudan10372
Alicante Mountaineering3254
the Ruck Sack Route2228
Have you climbed in IA East Central Iowa, USA?-38
Christmas climb in spain?5386
Kalymnos for Mortals342,153
Dorset Coasteering Locations-87
Gear for penon in Calpe (costa blanca)?4299
San Vito Lo Capo in NW Sicily15771
Dry crags tomorrow Avon / Wye2103
Have you climbed in NM Albuquerque Area, USA?-41
Yorkshire grit guide vol 2 date confirmed!!4525
Baby seats and taxis?14401
Kalymnos Guidebook Availability (In Kalymnos)5219
Dali's Hole7547
Diablo theft warning (Mallorca)51,080
El Chorro11474
Have you climbed in IA North East Iowa, USA?-42
Recommend routes to climb in morroco1158
Greece Climbing Destination Recommendations20635
Winter sun - climbing suggestions18803
Any climbing to be done in Tunisia?-64
Olympos dws-74
Have you climbed in Canmore, Canada?-72
Info and partners wanted on Montgrony, in northern Spain-48
Destination recommendations please......-94
Lake District cottage recommendations 4256
biggest and best climbing in New Zealand?3233
Arco Rock climbing4204
Yangshuo and Renting3128
Ryanair question281,024
Lost World, San Vito Lo Capo7349
Have you climbed in AK Anchorage Area, USA?-30
Campervan hire - Australia8274
Weather at Trfyan6301
Cheap accommodation in the Alps in Winter, is it possible?!4372
Have you climbed in CA Tahoe, USA?-48
Antalya Turkey hotel recommendations?3178
tarragona family friendly crag recommendations3100
Euro destination for autumn/winter/spring Yosemite training?8378
Bunk house accommodation, North Wales6407
Morocco and the Taghia2181
Have you climbed in CA Sierra Eastside, USA?-39
Kalymnos Accommodation - Last two weeks of October?3390
October camping in Picos/Asturias-58
Buoux in December6365
Places to stay with good wifi near Rodellar?7186
Aid practice venue South Lakes.7283
accommodation ambleside5188
Climbing & Surfing in Sunshine in November...12489
Thailand trip NY4201
Alps for Families15522
Climbing Insurance United States3160
Driving Dover to Pyrenees, where to stop, 1hr-2 days ?10314

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