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The forum used by UKC Staff for News Items, Articles and to make general announcements. Only UKC Staff can start a thread in this forum although all registered users can reply. This forum is heavily moderated and, although we welcome discussion, please make it positive and on the topic of the threads. These forum messages are embedded in to our News and Articles pages, integrating the forum comments in to the actual editorial parts of the site. Consequently this isn't the place for the "This isn't news", or "I bet it's not really E9", comments. Please keep those to ROCKTALK or one of the other forums.

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OI NEWS: SALEWA Triple ISPO TriumphUKC Gear130217-Feb-14
NEW ARTICLE: COMPETITION: Up to £1000 of Lowe Alpine GearUKC Articles-19417-Feb-14
NEWS: Fish eye, 8c, onsight by RamonetUKC News-13417-Feb-14
UKC JOB ALERT: Kendal Mountain Festival recruiting Film OfficerUKC Gear-15517-Feb-14
FULL VIDEO: Alex Honnold - His Hardest Big Wall Solo - ElUKC News192,25816-Feb-14
NEWS: Andy Kirkpatrick Climbs FA of South Ridge of UlvetannaUKC News161,97914-Feb-14
NEWS: INTERVIEW: 3rd ascent of Prinzip Hoffnung by Jacopo LarcherUKC News41,02614-Feb-14
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Wild Country Crack School; Episode 7UKC News131714-Feb-14
VIDEO: Wild Country Crack School - Episode 7 - Advanced FingersUKC Videos-11514-Feb-14
NEW ARTICLE: Scotland: 10 Best Beginner's Ski ToursUKC Articles988214-Feb-14
NEWS: Bullock and Neill Climb FA of Creme de Violette IX,9UKC News271814-Feb-14
NEWS: A bad day for Schubert, flashes Nagual, ~8BUKC News-13314-Feb-14
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear-16414-Feb-14
NEWS: Midtbø repeats Neanderthal, 9bUKC News81,54113-Feb-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Honnold's Hardest Big Wall Solo - Gripping!UKC News353,26113-Feb-14
OI NEWS: SHAFF 2014 TrailerUKC Gear-4913-Feb-14
NEWS: 8A+, 8A and 8A in a day by Jule WurmUKC News-12013-Feb-14
VIDEO: Don't Blink: 1 Hour Bouldering Video with Chris Webb ParsonsUKC Videos239512-Feb-14
OI NEWS: Podsacs LivesUKC Gear126612-Feb-14
OI NEWS: ISPO 2014: Mountain Clothing ReportUKC Gear462212-Feb-14
NEWS: Highball Lleyn 8A for Robins & Ilkley 8A/+ RepeatUKC News785611-Feb-14
NEW ARTICLE: INTERVIEW: Steve McClure's 2013UKC Articles255611-Feb-14
OI NEWS: Banff Mountain Film Festival ReturnsUKC Gear-7411-Feb-14
VIDEO: Ricky Bell Climbing The Lost Forgotten at Eagle Mountain E7 6cUKC Videos1076211-Feb-14
NEWS: Borrowdale Road Closed For Six WeeksUKC News974510-Feb-14
COMPETITION: Win a 4 Week Coaching CourseUKC Articles-14510-Feb-14
OI NEWS: A Brief History of CWIF, Britain's UKC Gear-12110-Feb-14
NEWS: Scottish Tooling Series & Ice Festival Report 2013UKC News112210-Feb-14
NEWS: The story of 2 worlds, ~8C, by Cameroni (16)UKC News-9110-Feb-14
NEWS: Vanitas, new 8C by KoyamadaUKC News-10809-Feb-14
NEW ARTICLE: Ten Tips For Bouldering OutdoorsUKC Articles797908-Feb-14
NEWS: UKC/UKH-er Commended in Global Photo Comp UKC News1062607-Feb-14
NEWS: FRI NI VID: Ueli Steck; Everest to Annapurna and... SCOTLAND!UKC News-36507-Feb-14
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Adam Ondra about First round, first minuteUKC News-25207-Feb-14
OI NEWS: Wild Country 'Wideboyz' Crack School Masterclass seriesUKC Gear-23707-Feb-14
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear-18407-Feb-14
NEWS: Macpherson and Robertson take One Step Beyond, IX,9UKC News468407-Feb-14
NEWS: Barefoot on sacred ground, 8A+, by MIna Leslie-WujastykUKC News231206-Feb-14
NEWS: Super Domo repeat for McHaffie and NeillUKC News147006-Feb-14
OI NEWS: Arc'teryx Alpine Academy 2014 UKC Gear-9206-Feb-14
NEWS: First round, first minute, 9b, by Adam OndraUKC News152,86905-Feb-14
NEWS: Mina Leslie-Wujastyk - 8A in Hueco Tanks and MoreUKC News270605-Feb-14
NEWS: Ski Special on UKClimbing and UKHillwalkingUKC News-15404-Feb-14
NEW ARTICLE: 2nd Descent of Mont Blanc's Sentinelle Rouge CouloirUKC Articles-30004-Feb-14
NEWS: Katharina Saurwein climbs Lethal design, ~8A+UKC News-6704-Feb-14
OI NEWS: Wild Country sponsor the GB Para Climbing teamUKC Gear110603-Feb-14
NEWS: Niccolò Ceria climbs Meadowlark Lemon and moreUKC News-7702-Feb-14
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear-20031-Jan-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Jasper Climbs FA of Black Death WI7/M8, E5UKC News91,27130-Jan-14
VIDEO: Neil Gresham climbing "Welcome to Tijuana" Rodellar, Spain DeceUKC Videos128330-Jan-14
OI NEWS: VOLUNTARY RECALL - Wild Country Classic & Anodised RocksUKC Gear25415,73729-Jan-14
NEWS: Woods repeats Lucid dreaming, ~8CUKC News180929-Jan-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Sick of Sunshine, ~8B+ by Martin StráníkUKC News-11927-Jan-14
NEWS: Adam Watson climbs into Purgatory, E8 7b, Back BowdenUKC News283,64827-Jan-14
NEW ARTICLE: The Evolution of BoulderingUKC Articles302,18027-Jan-14
NEWS: El Diablo, ~8C by Woods at Peñoles, MexicoUKC News-11026-Jan-14
NEWS: FRIDAY NIGHT VID: Stone Kingdom Ep. 3UKC News697626-Jan-14
NEWS: Honnold free solos El Sendero LuminosoUKC News525,80625-Jan-14
VIDEO: Stone Kingdom Episode 3; ScotlandUKC Videos-15024-Jan-14
NEWS: Amateras, new 8B+ by KoyamadaUKC News-7924-Jan-14
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