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VIDEO: Chicken Ying Yang Director's Cut975121-Jan-14
NEWS: Son of Tiso Founder Killed in Fall21,69320-Jan-14
NEWS: Scottish Winter Round-Up; A Giant Falls 151120-Jan-14
NEW ARTICLE: content in December 2013-12520-Jan-14
VIDEO: Neil Gresham talks about Sherpa Adventure Gear Clothing120020-Jan-14
VIDEO: Dynamic Ropes from Petzl-13920-Jan-14
NEWS: Alex Megos' talks about his Spanish vacation51,62219-Jan-14
Award for Andy Nisbet - Excellence in Mountain Culture121,15119-Jan-14
UKC Forums - Major Upgrades3379,72419-Jan-14
NEW ARTICLE: TRIP REPORT: Djangart 2013 - Climbing in Kyrgyzstan796418-Jan-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Paige Claassen climbs 8c in China221,56818-Jan-14
NEWS: Fri Night Vid: David Mason Bouldering: Southern USA Sandstone451718-Jan-14
OI NEWS: Matilda Söderlund joins Tierra-11417-Jan-14
JOBS: New Jobs this week-17117-Jan-14
NEWS: Brits in Patagonia: Bad Weather and New Routes369015-Jan-14
NEWS: BMC Launches Open Wales Campaign120715-Jan-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Albarracin according to Arroitajauregi-14515-Jan-14
NEWS: Winter Storms Cause Damage to South Coast Crags664914-Jan-14
NEWS: Bernd Zangerl talks about Shantaram359514-Jan-14
NEW ARTICLE: INTERVIEW: Dougal Tavener793413-Jan-14
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Ron Fawcett, Jerry Moffatt, John Allen and Pete Whittaker292,98913-Jan-14
NEWS: VIDEO: New E8 and E6 for Pearson & Ciavaldini in Turkey71,33912-Jan-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Dawn wall project, a status update171,89912-Jan-14
VIDEO: Project Mina Mini-Teaser125810-Jan-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Bernd Zangerl vs Shantaram, 8?-12710-Jan-14
JOBS: New Jobs this week-24910-Jan-14
NEWS: Niagara Falls Freezes - Enough Ice to Climb?21,03409-Jan-14
NEWS: Ed Hamer Flashes 8b+145809-Jan-14
NEW ARTICLE: Interview: Colin Donnelly, a Fell Running Great311,65208-Jan-14
NEWS: South-East 2013 Round-Up657308-Jan-14
COMPETITION: Win a Winter Climbing Package with Abacus139608-Jan-14
VIDEO: Ouray Ice Park: Behind the Ice115108-Jan-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Sasha & Edu on Bellavista, 8c MP582507-Jan-14
NEW ARTICLE: Ten Tips For Bouldering Indoors131,39807-Jan-14
NEWS: Blokfest Nottingham 2014-11106-Jan-14
Top 100 Posters for 2013761605-Jan-14
NEWS: Blood of a young wolf, ~8B+, by Jimmy Webb-15605-Jan-14
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID DBL BILL: Yosemite & North Devon-30003-Jan-14
VIDEO: Lucky Monkey -17003-Jan-14
VIDEO: Lynmouth Bouldering-10803-Jan-14
NEWS: Hard New Boulder Ascents For Wilson & Newman91,43203-Jan-14
NEWS: Helliker & Bracey Climb FA of Supercouloir de Peuterey152,84503-Jan-14
NEW ARTICLE: Scottish Winter: Ten Must-do Routes at II and III152,19702-Jan-14
NEWS: The North Face Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition134001-Jan-14
NEWS: Crowds Gather for Christmas Ascent of Christmas Crack 82,60131-Dec-13
NEWS: 9a by teenagers in Spain-30829-Dec-13
Top 40 Posters393,89029-Dec-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Ty Landman on Smiling Buttress, Curbar61,51928-Dec-13
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID DBL BILL: Petzl Instructional Videos-24127-Dec-13
JOBS: New Jobs this week-32227-Dec-13
NEWS: VIDEO: The Warm Heart of Africa1281926-Dec-13
NEWS: 3rd ascent of The Nest, ~8C, by Paul Robinson-10325-Dec-13
NEWS: Merry Christmas from UKC, UKH and Rockfax772825-Dec-13
NEWS: VIDEO: 8B flash by Rubén Dìaz Torres-14724-Dec-13
NEW ARTICLE: Rock Climbing Basics 12: Abseil Knots674,26624-Dec-13
NEWS: VIDEO SERIES: Stone Kingdom Ep. 2381023-Dec-13
NEWS: UPDATE: Ty Landman On Smiling Buttress FA254,07223-Dec-13
VIDEO: First Light Trailer-16223-Dec-13
NEW ARTICLE: Ten Top Tips for Climbing Grade V This Winter111,36523-Dec-13
NEWS: CHRISTMAS VID: A year in the Mountains 20131490423-Dec-13
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