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NEW ARTICLE: Farewell to the RAF Sea KingsUKC Articles8
NEWS: VauxComp #6 Report: Marmot EditionUKC News2
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear-
NEWS: Schweinebaumeln, 9a FA for Megos in AustraliaUKC News-
COMPETITION: Win one of 3 pairs of the NEW Scarpa Vapour VUKC Articles-
NEWS: Elephunk, ~8B, flash by Sean McCollUKC News1
NEWS: The Globalist, ~8B+, by Griffin Whiteside in FinlandUKC News-
NEW ARTICLE: Essential Winter Skills: Ice Axe Self ArrestUKC Articles28
NEWS: Tom Ballard Completes 6 North Faces MissionUKC News17
NEWS: Major New Article Format for UKC for 2015UKC News59
VIDEO: Brian 8c+ - Second Ascent by Ellis Butler-BarkerUKC Videos1
NEWS: Bügeleisen sds, ~8C, by SchubertUKC News-
NEWS: First 9a for Alex Barrows: Era VellaUKC News11
NEWS: Megalopa 8c+ for James MchaffieUKC News2
NEWS: Brian 8c+ for Ellis Butler-BarkerUKC News10
NEWS: New Corsica Multipitch for Hansjörg Auer and Much MayrUKC News1
NEWS: New Longest UK Sport Route: What's in a Name?UKC News2
NEWS: Four 9's in a week by RamonetUKC News-
NEW ARTICLE: Desert Island Climbs #2: Pete Whittaker & Tom RandallUKC Articles1
NEW ARTICLE: Dolomites - Ski Mountaineering and Snowshoeing UKC Articles7
FRI NIGHT VID: Mikey Schaefer and ForceUKC News2
NEWS: La grosse Tarlouze, ~8C, first ascent by PiccolruazUKC News-
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear-
NEWS: The In Pinn Loses its Top Block - And Munro StatusUKC News43
NEWS: Half Weight-Half Price Products: Alpkit's Ultralight GearUKC News11
NEWS: New Arbroath E8: Bolts or No Bolts?UKC News10
NEW ARTICLE: Enigmatic Affection: The Dark Art of ChimneyingUKC Articles29
FRI NIGHT VID: Andy Parkin Avalanched in KarakoramUKC News5
VIDEO: Reinhold Messner talks AdventureUKC News35
NEWS: Multiple ascents by Megos in AustraliaUKC News-
NEWS: 8a Redpoint for 10 year-old Josh IbbotsonUKC News7
NEWS: Ciudad de Dios, 9a/+, by AshimaUKC News9
NEW ARTICLE: Let's Talk E Numbers: Climbing NutritionUKC Articles69
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Emily Harrington - Training for Your GoalsUKC News3
NEW ARTICLE: Escaping the City: Weekend WarriorsUKC Articles33
NEWS: Onsight spree by Iker PouUKC News-
NEWS: Raphael Slawinski to attempt Everest NE Face First AscentUKC News2
NEW ARTICLE: COMPETITION: Win a Mammut 10.0 Galaxy Dry RopeUKC Articles-
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear-
NEW ARTICLE: What's in Your Gear Store? #3UKC Articles4
NEW ARTICLE: Are you ready for a sea cliff adventure?UKC Articles1
NEWS: Alex Megos repeats Flat mountain, 9a+UKC News-
UKC Logbooks - Banned RoutesAlan James -...21
COMPETITION: Win 1 of 2 sets of Wild Country ClothingUKC Articles16
NEW ARTICLE: Beyond Moves and Technique: The Importance of Core TrainingUKC Articles21
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Griffin Whiteside, an American boulderer in EuropeUKC News-
NEWS: New Technical Developer at UKClimbing - Martin MckennaUKC News14
OI NEWS: Kendal Wall - All New FacilitiesUKC Gear-
NEWS: Bracey and Helliker: New Route on East Face of Mt MauditUKC News-
NEW ARTICLE: Interview: Glen Coe Skyline, UK's 1st Scrambling Hill RaceUKC Articles11
OI NEWS: Nick Brown and Greenpeace share a platform at ISPOUKC Gear3
NEWS: Orochi, ~8C, by Alex MegosUKC News-
NEWS: Papichulo, 9a+, by Magnus MidtbøUKC News-
NEWS: Jonathan Siegrist repeats La Rambla, 9a+UKC News-
NEW ARTICLE: Navigation in WinterUKC Articles4
NEWS: New Statesman E9 and Charm E8 for Phillips and DunningUKC News1
NEWS: Tourniquet 8A for Leah CraneUKC News4
NEWS: VIDEO: Fabi Buhl, from bouldering to multi pitchUKC News-
NEWS: Open your mind direct, 9a+, by Ashima ShiraishiUKC News32
NEWS: Rockfall at PenyghentUKC News16