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The forum used by UKC Staff for News Items, Articles and to make general announcements. Only UKC Staff can start a thread in this forum although all registered users can reply. This forum is heavily moderated and, although we welcome discussion, please make it positive and on the topic of the threads. These forum messages are embedded in to our News and Articles pages, integrating the forum comments in to the actual editorial parts of the site. Consequently this isn't the place for the "This isn't news", or "I bet it's not really E9", comments. Please keep those to ROCKTALK or one of the other forums.

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JOBS: New Jobs this week-20620-Dec-13
NEWS: The Nest, new 8C by Woods and Webb2194720-Dec-13
NEWS: Insanity of Grandeur, 8C, by Chris Webb Parsons139019-Dec-13
OI NEWS: Survey - Perceived Relationship Between Activities and Danger 291,28919-Dec-13
VIDEO: Ice Climbing Basics: Ice screw placement, anchors and V-threads -19219-Dec-13
NEW ARTICLE: Tricks for the Time-Starved Climber363,58819-Dec-13
UKC Logbook and Rockfax Grades881,95619-Dec-13
NEWS: Lebanon Hold First Rock Climbing Festival441818-Dec-13
NEW ARTICLE: Snow & Ice Climbing Photography361517-Dec-13
NEWS: Triple send of The Shining Path, 8B highball-19117-Dec-13
Climbing Permits on Mallorca? - Information Needed161,70516-Dec-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Kilian Fischhuber in Hueco Tanks123214-Dec-13
NEWS: Jacob Cook Ticks His Way Through Ilkley Testpieces253,07813-Dec-13
JOBS: New Jobs this week-29113-Dec-13
NEWS: Benjamin Linné Ryn crushes in Font254412-Dec-13
NEW ARTICLE: COMPETITION: Win a MONTANE® Alpine Endurance eVent® Jack-27312-Dec-13
NEWS: Jim Mann breaks Bob Graham Round Winter Record151,76011-Dec-13
NEWS: Andi Turner Climbs Ramshaw Last Great Problem173,85011-Dec-13
NEWS: FRI NI VID: Bransby on Parthian Shot and Cook on New Statesman262,57111-Dec-13
NEWS: Avalanche Forecasts Start This Week-14011-Dec-13
NEWS: Happy International Mountain Day-8311-Dec-13
NEW ARTICLE: COMPETITION: Win a Pair of Ueli Steck Tickets325709-Dec-13
NEWS: Your de chasse, new 8C by Hojer-17408-Dec-13
NEWS: Vasil Vasil, new 9b+ by Ondra!174,14208-Dec-13
NEWS: UKC World service - bouldering-16608-Dec-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Gabriele Moroni climbs Insanity of Grandeur, ~8C257207-Dec-13
NEWSFLASH: Ben Bransby Climbs Parthian Shot283,96006-Dec-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Soyuz, ~8C, first ascent by Alberto Rocasolano235706-Dec-13
NEWS: Pat Littlejohn and Tim Neill Strip Bolts out of Gibson Routes526,54006-Dec-13
NEWS: White Goods Drytool Meet 201391,07605-Dec-13
NEW ARTICLE: content in November 2013-20405-Dec-13
NEWS: BMC Announce Official Climbing Ambassadors111,29905-Dec-13
NEW ARTICLE: COMPETITION: Win a pair of Tenaya Oasi Rockshoes-17605-Dec-13
NEWS: David Mason Turns His Hand to Grit Trad31,11604-Dec-13
VIDEO: The Flying Scotsman! - Cool bit of Winter Climbing101,57103-Dec-13
COMP: Win 445 (rrp) worth of Sherpa Adventure Gear-18302-Dec-13
NEWS: Unfamiliar Ground-Up for Mina282,66002-Dec-13
NEWS: La Sportiva Legends Only 2013191,92902-Dec-13
NEW ARTICLE: VIDEO: Steve McClure's 'Hand Picked' Malham101,70902-Dec-13
NEWS: Jimmy Webb wins La Sportiva Legends 2013170501-Dec-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Tom Williams Bouldering in Switzerland - 8B641701-Dec-13
NEWS: Randall & Whittaker Break Staffs 'Nose' Record232,78529-Nov-13
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Spanish Sport and Winter Climbing!-15629-Nov-13
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Ben Bransby Climbs Parthian Shot162,82829-Nov-13
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Katy Whittaker Climbs Knockin' On Heaven's Door61,89628-Nov-13
NEWS: Routes Affected at Porth-Clais, Pembrokeshire181,72527-Nov-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Paul Robinson vs Jaws II, 9a+-15926-Nov-13
NEWS: Tom Williams Ticks Big Numbers In Switzerland253925-Nov-13
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: John Gill Exercising at 76 Years Old121,98025-Nov-13
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Mick Fowler on Kishtwar Kailish First Ascent and More-20125-Nov-13
NEWS: Andy Turner Gets 2nd Ascent Of Powerdab, M13-27925-Nov-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Funky moves - Sisu Masters 2013226324-Nov-13
NEWS: REPORT: Kendal Mountain Festival 2013238423-Nov-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Forward and forever onward150623-Nov-13
NEWS: PuntX, 9a, by Muriel Sarkany341122-Nov-13
NEW ARTICLE: Win a Rab Jacket with SteepEdge127322-Nov-13
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Andy Cave - Scottish Winter - Distilled Trailer132422-Nov-13
OI NEWS: Welsh Climbing Championships 2013-12522-Nov-13
NEWS: William Bosi Is Awarded Miquel Trophy223821-Nov-13
Beta testing updates to Forums501,70221-Nov-13
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