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NEWS: VIDEO: Hoy Boys - Tom Randall, Calum Muskett - E7sUKC News-24418-Sep-13
OI NEWS: Awesome Walls Sheffield - National Performance CentreUKC Gear191,42218-Sep-13
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Exclusive: Dave MacLeod climbs The Indian FaceUKC News394,33517-Sep-13
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Caroline CiavaldiniUKC News278117-Sep-13
NEWS: Indian Face Special Comes to an EndUKC News121,68216-Sep-13
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Tommy Caldwell ProfileUKC News377716-Sep-13
JOB ALERT: UKClimbing Ltd Advertising ManagerUKC Gear-49316-Sep-13
NEWS: VIDEO INTERVIEW: Muskett and MacLeod - Indian FaceUKC News372414-Sep-13
NEWS: Denali 'Shrinks'UKC News453214-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: Audio Podcast: George Ullrich talks about Indian FaceUKC Articles368913-Sep-13
NEWS: UKC SPECIAL: Indian Face Top Trumps!UKC News314,06813-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: Facing The Indian by Johnny DawesUKC Articles314,31913-Sep-13
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear-26613-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: James McHaffie's Summer Ticklist and InterviewUKC Articles41,29613-Sep-13
OI NEWS: UKC/Rockfax Bouldering Try-out Day and Prize DrawUKC Gear232912-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: Rock Climbing Basics 4: Clove HitchUKC Articles101,10412-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: Rock Climbing Basics 6: Placing WiresUKC Articles1398712-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: Rock Climbing Basics 5: Clipping UKC Articles111,14911-Sep-13
OI NEWS: OutDoor 2013 - Footwear ReportUKC Gear-15911-Sep-13
VIDEO: Venga Animal! Sport Climbing in SiuranaUKC Videos551710-Sep-13
NEWS: Birkett Repeats Cookson's Route and Rescues SheepUKC News25415,14410-Sep-13
NEWS: Delirium, 8C once again by Jimmy WebbUKC News-10710-Sep-13
NEWS: Tsukuru Hori does SilvrettaUKC News760210-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: Rock Climbing Basics 3: Lead BelayingUKC Articles211,39610-Sep-13
NEWS: VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dawes and Dixon talk Indian FaceUKC News247709-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: House of Cards by Neil GreshamUKC Articles364,04808-Sep-13
VIDEO: Johnny Dawes and Dave MacLeod - Interview on The Indian FaceUKC Videos380907-Sep-13
COMPETITION: Two 60m Beal Gully 7.3mm Unicore Ropes To WinUKC Articles-27506-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: INTERVIEW: Nick Dixon - Indian Face, The First RepeatUKC Articles222,00906-Sep-13
NEWS: 30 New Sport Routes Under 7a to be Bolted on GowerUKC News945,73906-Sep-13
NEWS: New 8b+ At Dumbarton for Alan CassidyUKC News101,87806-Sep-13
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear133706-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: Audio Podcast: Neil Gresham talks about Indian FaceUKC Articles896805-Sep-13
NEWS: The Wheel of Wolvo, first 8C for Jimmy WebbUKC News-18605-Sep-13
NEWS: 2013 Boardman Tasker Shortlist AnnouncedUKC News-17704-Sep-13
NEWS: Google Street View - Coming to a Footpath Near You?UKC News151,15003-Sep-13
NEWS: Multiple Rocklands 8As for Mina Leslie-WujastykUKC News129703-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: Rock Climbing Basics 2: Top-rope BelayingUKC Articles301,62403-Sep-13
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Kilian Jornet Speed Ascent MatterhornUKC News149603-Sep-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Jimmy Webb's flashes in RocklandsUKC News-11502-Sep-13
NEW ARTICLE: Deep Water Soloing Guide to MallorcaUKC Articles81,04602-Sep-13
NEWS: Ben Bransby is 'The Beast' - 8c on The DiamondUKC News145801-Sep-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Niccolò Ceria - South Africa experience 2013UKC News-11729-Aug-13
NEW ARTICLE: Beyond Hope Facebook Competition: Many Great PrizesUKC Articles-25229-Aug-13
NEWS: Major Eiger Free Ascent for Jasper and SchaliUKC News-28329-Aug-13
OI NEWS: OutDoor 2013 - Camping Gear ReportUKC Gear1057029-Aug-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Adam Ondra, first ascent of Move, 9b/+UKC News61,76128-Aug-13
HELP NEEDED: Trad Climber Top Trumps for MAJOR FEATUREJack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor823,12628-Aug-13
NEWS: Tito Traversa Accident - Quickdraw InformationUKC News978,30728-Aug-13
NEW ARTICLE: Rock Climbing Basics 1: Tying InUKC Articles261,73628-Aug-13
NEWS: VIDEO: Romain Desgranges - Digital TimeUKC News440327-Aug-13
OI NEWS: Big film news from KendalUKC Gear123827-Aug-13
NEWS: FRI NIGHT VID: Courtney Sanders - Training Despite InjuryUKC News131,98227-Aug-13
NEWS: The Automator, 8B, by Ashima ShiraishiUKC News-13727-Aug-13
NEWS: Megos adds Australia's hardest boulder routeUKC News158526-Aug-13
NEWS: New Mountain Training Coaching Award Scheme UKC News111,34026-Aug-13
NEW ARTICLE: Farrletter: Too Farr for the Bolt?UKC Articles1988,14324-Aug-13
NEWS: E8 and E9 for Caroline CiavaldiniUKC News282,78324-Aug-13
NEWS: INTERVIEW: MacLeod and Muskett Attempt BellavistaUKC News21,14823-Aug-13
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear-23723-Aug-13
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