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The place to discuss your latest boulder problem, your next trip to Font, or which grading system should we use anyway. As long as it doesn't involve a rope, then this is the place to talk about it.

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Tombstone at Wallflower Shelter, Cheddar?427718-Feb-14
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tips for training to improve873117-Feb-14
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Run like hell!41,14215-Feb-14
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what does chuffing mean?71,11909-Feb-14
highball boulders and solo routes,difference?958908-Feb-14
Solo bouldering venues/problems334907-Feb-14
Bouldering near Bracknell428106-Feb-14
New bouldering venue in Italy325001-Feb-14
New Northern Italy bouldering venue-17831-Jan-14
Bouldering in your front/back yard!!!242631-Jan-14
New Bouldering Venue in Italy-16531-Jan-14
Huntsham climbing-13730-Jan-14
Wet weather options for Font-20227-Jan-14
Accomodation near Ticino, Cresciano etc??214427-Jan-14
Topo help for Cromlech/Llanberis639827-Jan-14
Notts / Sheffield indoor bouldering331116-Jan-14
Beyond Esoteric.201,57915-Jan-14
Boulder chalk bag advice1761814-Jan-14
Bouldering in North Wales334014-Jan-14
3d view of Shoreditch boulder1156313-Jan-14
Bovey Woods Website and Directions-15112-Jan-14
Where to go for Peak bouldering this weekend?442010-Jan-14
Climbing works.. Lunch153710-Jan-14
Do you need an S.P.A to take people out bouldering?282,15909-Jan-14
This weekend120308-Jan-14
Yorkshire Grit.Com - Is it still there?468408-Jan-14
Wet winter bouldering755205-Jan-14
Bouldering on Java225605-Jan-14
Steep problems at stanage1195304-Jan-14
compare bouldering to parkours1082202-Jan-14
Cadshaw Quarry 1488631-Dec-13
Bridestones West Yorkshire239731-Dec-13
Font camping974024-Dec-13
Guide for Swizzy427621-Dec-13
Complaint. Cheaters in boulder contests.61,62221-Dec-13
Houdini Direct at Woodhouse Scar326820-Dec-13
New shoes-23915-Dec-13
Longwood Tower Quarry418515-Dec-13
New Boulder Problem137513-Dec-13
Ubley Warren Bouldering936511-Dec-13
The Project Climbing Centre, Poole.-16910-Dec-13
evolv wingman crash pad220208-Dec-13
Bouldering - Progressing through the grades332,02205-Dec-13
T crack364202-Dec-13
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