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The place to discuss your latest boulder problem, your next trip to Font, or which grading system should we use anyway. As long as it doesn't involve a rope, then this is the place to talk about it.

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must do-boulders in the peak??759128-Jun-13
Please help with guidance for gym routine131328-Jun-13
North east Climbing & Walking festival-13127-Jun-13
Rent a pad in Font241727-Jun-13
Rock climbing hand injury specialists637026-Jun-13
Bouldering - Mastery or One-offism?784125-Jun-13
Roaches Spring Boulders: How swampy?323425-Jun-13
Broken hold: Ian's Roof/Traverse at Woodhouse Scar232421-Jun-13
Bouldering Topos for Llanberis Wanted226121-Jun-13
Bass line venom - Kentmere553914-Jun-13
Neddyfields bouldering topo325113-Jun-13
Cheshire Bouldering?1260912-Jun-13
This is Yorkshire - Bouldering Video341610-Jun-13
cadshaw quarry boulders323709-Jun-13
Peak District bouldering 225709-Jun-13
Bouldering in new towns-18307-Jun-13
Portland Boulder field, strengh in the hands.-24807-Jun-13
Any bouldering competitions upcoming in London ?122406-Jun-13
Bouldering pad a must for Font151,05906-Jun-13
Recommend me some easy bouldering in North Wales.630306-Jun-13
Bouldering in the Lakes this weekend-13505-Jun-13
Fontainebleau- For half a day435201-Jun-13
pleasley vale climbing - anyone a regular??121030-May-13
Sicily Bouldering spots115329-May-13
Where to go bouldering end of June ?129829-May-13
Name and grade of this boulder problem?570329-May-13
Widdop Yorkshire. Rock Fall246829-May-13
Curbar Bouldering 441929-May-13
Milnsbridge boulder project-11429-May-13
Climbing after rain?643429-May-13
Northumberland bouldering438828-May-13
New bouldering wall ideas (Video)234927-May-13
Bouldering guide book - North wales527027-May-13
Road side boulders or short walks in the lakes630925-May-13
Peak District bouldering - where's best for beginners 741124-May-13
Bouldering World Cups - None in UK?231522-May-13
Anyone out in font next week?-14221-May-13
Bouldering near Glenmore Lodge - need some advice332420-May-13
Staffordshire Bouldering742120-May-13
IFSC - Which grade ?136620-May-13
Conditions at Pantymwyn (Devil's Gorge)-13818-May-13
Houdini at Woodhouse Scar534613-May-13
Tintagel north bouldering?533013-May-13
Where to go in and around Barcelona635913-May-13
Exeter City Bouldering541711-May-13
south wales bouldering new problem 230011-May-13
Nesscliffe topo help!!754611-May-13
widdop seventh wave boulder326810-May-13
Jack's Roof Woodhouse Scar336409-May-13
North Wales Camping opposite Vaynol Arms Pub - HELP478708-May-13
I done a film!111,33308-May-13
What is happening to the bouldering world?61,24808-May-13
Advice Needed111,10908-May-13
Camping and Guide book for Font433406-May-13
Red Rocks video: "Two Girls, One Pup."236006-May-13
Jack Shot the Sheriff 8a - Woodhouse Scar339305-May-13
Adam Watson201,72305-May-13
Is Rubicon likely to be muddy and wet?535504-May-13
The Priory? bouldering south france-14804-May-13
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