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A general forum for topics relating to hillwalking. This is the place to debate things like specific walks, peaks, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Dukes Path, Braeriach220029-Jun-14
Anyone walked near Munich?411128-Jun-14
Good group campsites in the lakes315728-Jun-14
Three peaks766328-Jun-14
Kit list171,05927-Jun-14
Beinn Heasgarnich hydro road744027-Jun-14
mountain top biving171,25326-Jun-14
What's Your Oldest Bit Of Kit Still In Use.301,08025-Jun-14
duke of edinburgh gold assessor north wales432625-Jun-14
Constructed tracks in the Scottish Hills- update454824-Jun-14
How much snow on Ben Nevis Pony Track?443524-Jun-14
Best single night walk/bivvi spots in the Lake District.....123624-Jun-14
European Peace Walk-8123-Jun-14
Long mountain days in wales, linked scrambles and climbs.848723-Jun-14
Boots are overrated61,00622-Jun-14
Sometimes "Local" is just as good.-34122-Jun-14
Silly underwear question?251,58220-Jun-14
How not to get to a bothy - blog post249919-Jun-14
Bob Graham Round658219-Jun-14
Ptarmigan Behaviour1354519-Jun-14
Bench left on Ben Nevis summit.26115,66119-Jun-14
My blog report of my trip on the GR101137318-Jun-14
Footpath Diversion2776418-Jun-14
Mountain Rescue and the RAC161,45418-Jun-14
Hill tracks in Scotland239018-Jun-14
Attitudes to visitors leaving stuff on mountains201,32718-Jun-14
Nevis range (ski area) walking paths223817-Jun-14
GPS device beginner questions, iPhone instead of GPS?401,14416-Jun-14
National 3 peaks - doable as self drive?642,35416-Jun-14
Worried About the Mrs. !71,02115-Jun-14
3 Peaks as a ride/run1557114-Jun-14
Another ben nevis question658413-Jun-14
Litter by the Shelter Stone144313-Jun-14
Food to cook on fire2363412-Jun-14
ben nevis conditions question958012-Jun-14
New Zealand Walking1932512-Jun-14
ML(S) ropework: irritated/possibly confused461,72712-Jun-14
Offa's Dyke836311-Jun-14
Walking poles - influence on power output?1679711-Jun-14
Lyke Wake Walk boggy section216410-Jun-14
Monaliadth Windfarm.691,20010-Jun-14
Strange gear for a long walk1224,36610-Jun-14
Mad Hatter's Tea Party and Walk112309-Jun-14
First Outing330309-Jun-14
Ban driven grouse shooting912,94309-Jun-14
The Devastation of the Eastern Highlands452,37308-Jun-14
Ben Macdui444807-Jun-14
Weather around an Teallach326906-Jun-14
Conditions on Ben Nevis mountain track 338206-Jun-14
Tent shelter862806-Jun-14
easy half day scramble near puerto pollenca723706-Jun-14
Scrambling grades2998505-Jun-14
White Mountains, Crete19805-Jun-14
NEW ROUTE CARD: Hallin Fell-8705-Jun-14
D of E supervision advice1275505-Jun-14
Julian Alps1248304-Jun-14
Torrent Pareis628804-Jun-14
Campfires, Scotland311,33104-Jun-14
Motorcycles and wild land191,81604-Jun-14
Santiago de Compestela.736604-Jun-14
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