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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.

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1st marathon next sunday...411,28315-Apr-14
that London marathon251,12314-Apr-14
Light weight high calorie meals857913-Apr-14
10% lighter = 10% faster?980812-Apr-14
Sheffield Half Marathon Cancelled531,98808-Apr-14
Fluid efficiency training?1554507-Apr-14
newbie runner833705-Apr-14
Air Pollution - Running852404-Apr-14
Half-marathon advice532204-Apr-14
Hailstorms and the like2483703-Apr-14
Autumn Marathon Suggestions!1847303-Apr-14
Running 4000km across Africa.-19301-Apr-14
Please take ICE details when out running...211,95831-Mar-14
Map my Fitness Android app326026-Mar-14
Abductor muscle strain222725-Mar-14
Running Snaefell432924-Mar-14
9 edges challenge, training434624-Mar-14
Run for Charity-16323-Mar-14
What do you do to improve your running, when not running?461,21723-Mar-14
Hastings Half Marathon-11323-Mar-14
Short distance running advice181,14320-Mar-14
supportive shorts/leggings for men1047420-Mar-14
lift to the fellsman-12218-Mar-14
Recommended physio in Lancaster516417-Mar-14
Greenway design - a survey115517-Mar-14
Recommend me a Trail Running Shoe431,19717-Mar-14
South Lakes fell running1037317-Mar-14
Runner's Block1458916-Mar-14
Lost 5K Pace 151,03315-Mar-14
Returning to running after an injury113315-Mar-14
Ironman in three months1180914-Mar-14
Highland Fling1266114-Mar-14
Grizzly 20141051612-Mar-14
Coping with 'paula'161,82511-Mar-14
whats your favourite bit of running kit?2498610-Mar-14
The zone?532609-Mar-14
Treadmill Recommendation216008-Mar-14
Winter mountain running221,01408-Mar-14
I finally did it!161,38608-Mar-14
upper body strength and ultras1295805-Mar-14
Grindleford Gallop-18605-Mar-14
Reading half marathon2081104-Mar-14
Garmin FR620525403-Mar-14
Running in the rain?321,92328-Feb-14
Which Shop in Manchester area?1542227-Feb-14
Stairs running Newcastle947826-Feb-14
Interval session recovery522425-Feb-14
Odd Blister Problem541525-Feb-14
interval training1663624-Feb-14
Anyone else do the National XC yesterday?225524-Feb-14
Baikal Ice Marathon ; donations for Llanberis mountain rescue?633224-Feb-14
Knee pain: advice until I see the physio?1377323-Feb-14
mont blanc marathon1348219-Feb-14
Grindelwald to Kleine Scheidegg1040719-Feb-14
coughs/colds & running646719-Feb-14
Running Shoes632718-Feb-14
Pace Calculator330714-Feb-14
Training and weight loss191,15609-Feb-14
Did my first km241,41908-Feb-14
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