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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.

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KT tape117928-Jan-14
Winter BGR, interview 123628-Jan-14
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fuel for running311,54526-Jan-14
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Your Organised run experiences2272623-Jan-14
multi day run food advice?631822-Jan-14
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Head torch for running?231,15920-Jan-14
Training plan for a run up a hill...141,09420-Jan-14
Soleus 1.0 GPS watch420119-Jan-14
Clothing & Sweating-vs- Heart Rate939718-Jan-14
Running app for Android Phone422318-Jan-14
The Spine Race231,16616-Jan-14
Offas dyke path - anyone done it?1436714-Jan-14
Kerry Way Ultra215414-Jan-14
Experience of Suunto M5216512-Jan-14
New Forest Runners745312-Jan-14
First triathlon1345010-Jan-14
Adventure racing229609-Jan-14
Mapping software336308-Jan-14
Alpine Marathon Recommendations1451706-Jan-14
Tapering before a marathon - minimum time736906-Jan-14
This guys needs all the publicity - read and be humbled148606-Jan-14
Running in the Cold666604-Jan-14
My first ultra?1493130-Dec-13
Fell / Trial shoe resoling-16330-Dec-13
Decent Running Blogs230229-Dec-13
Bob Graham round in Logbooks133328-Dec-13
FRA Best Practice Kit1179827-Dec-13
Warm, Thin, Waterproof Running Socks - Recommendations763123-Dec-13
New Winter Bob Graham Record433,05222-Dec-13
Brecon Ultra Route Card634920-Dec-13
anyone here ran across dartmoor??447820-Dec-13
Running and glasses835018-Dec-13
Gait analysis and running shop in Taipei118017-Dec-13
Suunto Movescount Users - exporting files-8915-Dec-13
Garmin 620 users1131415-Dec-13
Looking for HPM place 2014216912-Dec-13
bob graham roun winter record121411-Dec-13
sports bras - recommendations (preferably from women)201,40609-Dec-13
Abdominal Pain649209-Dec-13
Running with an Ankle Brace/Support1029305-Dec-13
Calf Strain1055305-Dec-13
UKC in 'surprising motivator' shock121,11903-Dec-13
Recommend a 50km race1259602-Dec-13
Marathon training for the older woman1080802-Dec-13
Hitler and fell running212,17630-Nov-13
Hamstring pull931229-Nov-13
GPS watches1772828-Nov-13
Half Marathon PB!1391726-Nov-13
windproof running pants?1162026-Nov-13
Running from Perth to Dundee?963325-Nov-13
The Blerch440023-Nov-13
Suggested run around Lincoln615322-Nov-13
Twang behind my knee!220222-Nov-13
If you want inspiration, look no further.469922-Nov-13
Which road shoe?743718-Nov-13
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