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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.

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Running up hillsFerret361,87425-May-13
peroneus longusKlaasW637825-May-13
Anyone use Zinc Oxide tape which actually sticks?Uluru1359923-May-13
Jura Fell Race and Islay Whisky Festivalablackett438423-May-13
Carb of choiceAntigua1085322-May-13
have inov8 mudroc 290s been discontinued?smithaldo331222-May-13
Heart Rate and trainingMikeTS736922-May-13
Mountain Running n MunichDays on Rock322122-May-13
Myofascial self massage, how much is too much?Bjartur i Sumarhus671822-May-13
New 10k PBTheDrunkenBakers1590221-May-13
share some stretching advice with a punter?Dom Whillans443220-May-13
Track Claire Maxted On Her Bob Graham AttemptMichael Ryan212,13020-May-13
Fat StrippingGiles Davis91,50216-May-13
Pulled hamstringJamButty531115-May-13
Any decent running shops in SWales Gloucester areaRun_Ross_Run1934915-May-13
Will orthotics help me too run faster or not?Sercovich838315-May-13
Fell shoes recommendationdavegs411,11415-May-13
Outdoor legislation (sorry)Philo22761814-May-13
Cardio-vascular improvement via hi-intensity training intervalsDouglas Griffin551,96013-May-13
Edinburgh ParkrunJMGLondon627213-May-13
Flats or cushioned?MonkeyPuzzle532912-May-13
sportshoes directquirky754510-May-13
Workouts for getting better at the milealicia1239810-May-13
Good for Age.. LondonIainRUK191,08310-May-13
Newcastle Centre - any locals? I need a route.TheDrunkenBakers521709-May-13
Forest of Dean half marathonBusyLizzie429108-May-13
If I can run a half marathon in 90 minutes ...tony1063,69008-May-13
Blister prevention advice?jennym32632406-May-13
Most enjoyable marathon - autumn?Robyn Vacher2155503-May-13
What level of running before it impacts climbing?philhilo101,05002-May-13
Adidas Cross trainersandymac137130-Apr-13
two 10ks in 2 days - wise or not?TheDrunkenBakers445929-Apr-13
London Marathon BallotCú Chullain3768329-Apr-13
Highland Fling - Any Advice?Steff401,67429-Apr-13
new balance minimus seriesice.solo662725-Apr-13
Who has entered Fellsman this year?samsimpson118423-Apr-13
Marathon des Dales....amandaleeds341723-Apr-13
Off road running pace....pepperpot1275023-Apr-13
Running with tired legsBjartur i Sumarhus1667019-Apr-13
Achilles tendonitisDan Bailey - UKHillwalking.com291,00519-Apr-13
Quick way to get rid of blistersJamButty1688418-Apr-13
If you put a runner on a treadmill that is travelling at...Mark Torrance492,59817-Apr-13
The Fellsman 2013mjatyeo144817-Apr-13
kinder downfall raceAlex@home1474717-Apr-13
Running in serious snowKlaasW251,32316-Apr-13
Heart rate spikesThe Patriot747815-Apr-13
running in the cold.....AdCo82301,30415-Apr-13
Recommend a trail running shoe?J Brown281,46913-Apr-13
running with wet feetBjartur i Sumarhus1055413-Apr-13
Tomorrow's run - tell me what to doMark Torrance546112-Apr-13
10k, half, full & ultra marathon entry Endurancelife Exmoor CTSBert1969212-Apr-13
Cooper Memorial Hill Race - Loch Muickpeter.herd-19912-Apr-13
help finding a shop selling running shoes in south walesmitchell1982227611-Apr-13
Height gain query (run mapping on UKC)ksjs1148410-Apr-13
40 minute 10kWillBroad191,82408-Apr-13
How to toughen my feetDreadyCraig1666108-Apr-13
1st 10k under my beltTheDrunkenBakers334707-Apr-13
Pen y Fan running conditions. Run_Ross_Run123806-Apr-13
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