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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.

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Badly sprained knee636930-Sep-13
Berlin marathon record broken758829-Sep-13
So near yet so far-26929-Sep-13
Ultra marathon tips291,46228-Sep-13
when are results of ballot for London marathon?2563327-Sep-13
compartment syndrome- non surgical treatment-14426-Sep-13
Shoe for road & trail - experiences/recommendations?842926-Sep-13
Patello-femoral syndrome841925-Sep-13
Cross Country2168623-Sep-13
Yoga, pilates, weights? What's better for running?1249621-Sep-13
Montane Trail 10/26232520-Sep-13
Walsh v Mudclaw 300s v Fellraisers974420-Sep-13
After the marathon, next steps?3193319-Sep-13
Triathlon article...2581719-Sep-13
Naylor, Bland, X?301,25318-Sep-13
Peris Horseshoe281,12517-Sep-13
Garmin 410 or 610520317-Sep-13
Callum Musket can not only climb-57517-Sep-13
Half marathon in a fortnight?782,69916-Sep-13
Wow! new Garmin watches246516-Sep-13
Mountain trial today.235516-Sep-13
GPX handling software113716-Sep-13
55 times over Shining Tor anyone?211,22016-Sep-13
Matterhorn Speed Record370616-Sep-13
The walk of shame..121,35915-Sep-13
Punter vs Pro speed Matterhorn 974013-Sep-13
Hako running shoes2789113-Sep-13
Running with music371,14311-Sep-13
Celibacy to improve focus341,88211-Sep-13
Autumn / Winter half marathons2182108-Sep-13
Ben Nevis Race.361,11907-Sep-13
Runs starting from Pembroke CC hut ot thereabouts?319807-Sep-13
Strength training and running1265207-Sep-13
How quickly do you lose fitness137005-Sep-13
Anyone else get a spot in the Lakeland 100??942705-Sep-13
Can you recommend me a replacement GPS Watch?745304-Sep-13
Ring O Fire Race Report-14904-Sep-13
hamstring injury 726403-Sep-13
Lakes Running1063403-Sep-13
Long run nutrition271,14802-Sep-13
New race in South Glos, Cotswold Challenge422601-Sep-13
Getting into fell running 1268830-Aug-13
Advice on good OCR shoe433030-Aug-13
Oh well . I failed . 91,14328-Aug-13
Running buggy for child and recommend routes in peak419428-Aug-13
Should I give up running?241,54427-Aug-13
So , how fit is fit ? 542,73422-Aug-13
Tapering for ultras437022-Aug-13
Suunto vs Garmin1356621-Aug-13
Fancy a fell run in N Wales?130021-Aug-13
Finlay Wild or Rob Beaumont phone number?238320-Aug-13
Sub 45min 10k in prep for the Great Yorkshire Run, Sheff531,24615-Aug-13
Northumberland coastal marathon-12714-Aug-13
Ultramarathon, Mountaineering and Ice Climbing Blog-31114-Aug-13
Fell running - UK's most dangerous routes201,29313-Aug-13
Foot injuries116913-Aug-13
Brecon Beacons fell race229209-Aug-13
Bob Graham Round632,76909-Aug-13
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