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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.

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Lake District Mountain Trial 527720-Jun-13
Be careful with the painkillers on the Ultra612,79019-Jun-13
Shin splints?729918-Jun-13
Cuillin Ridge Traverse - Record Broken262,35218-Jun-13
Women & bumbags271,65717-Jun-13
Trail Race Mandatory Equipment: Personal Drinking Cup964013-Jun-13
Accuracy of Calories burned on portable devices2454012-Jun-13
Efficient Foods291,25208-Jun-13
Welsh Castles Relay-17207-Jun-13
Road Ultras - Dartmoor Discovery hurt....544203-Jun-13
Heart Rate Zones & Percentages1846702-Jun-13
Clare Burren Marathon Challenge129430-May-13
Does runkeeper carry on working when it loses 3g signal?648928-May-13
Plantar Fasciitis and hill running1061127-May-13
Great South Run-16026-May-13
Paris Marathon859226-May-13
Running up hills361,90925-May-13
peroneus longus638625-May-13
Anyone use Zinc Oxide tape which actually sticks?1362023-May-13
Jura Fell Race and Islay Whisky Festival440723-May-13
Carb of choice1086922-May-13
have inov8 mudroc 290s been discontinued?334222-May-13
Heart Rate and training738922-May-13
Mountain Running n Munich323722-May-13
Myofascial self massage, how much is too much?673322-May-13
New 10k PB1592021-May-13
share some stretching advice with a punter?445420-May-13
Track Claire Maxted On Her Bob Graham Attempt212,19420-May-13
Fat Stripping91,51816-May-13
Pulled hamstring532815-May-13
Any decent running shops in SWales Gloucester area1936315-May-13
Will orthotics help me too run faster or not?840215-May-13
Fell shoes recommendation411,14115-May-13
Outdoor legislation (sorry)763714-May-13
Cardio-vascular improvement via hi-intensity training intervals551,98513-May-13
Edinburgh Parkrun628413-May-13
Flats or cushioned?534412-May-13
sportshoes direct756810-May-13
Workouts for getting better at the mile1241310-May-13
Good for Age.. London191,10010-May-13
Newcastle Centre - any locals? I need a route.523709-May-13
Forest of Dean half marathon430308-May-13
If I can run a half marathon in 90 minutes ...1063,71508-May-13
Blister prevention advice?634506-May-13
Most enjoyable marathon - autumn?2157703-May-13
What level of running before it impacts climbing?101,07002-May-13
Adidas Cross trainers139230-Apr-13
two 10ks in 2 days - wise or not?447529-Apr-13
London Marathon Ballot3770729-Apr-13
Highland Fling - Any Advice?401,69329-Apr-13
new balance minimus series664825-Apr-13
Who has entered Fellsman this year?119623-Apr-13
Marathon des Dales....342823-Apr-13
Off road running pace....1276323-Apr-13
Running with tired legs1668819-Apr-13
Achilles tendonitis291,05419-Apr-13
Quick way to get rid of blisters1690418-Apr-13
If you put a runner on a treadmill that is travelling at...492,63617-Apr-13
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