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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.

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Bob Graham Round632,77009-Aug-13
Paddy Buckley Queries744709-Aug-13
Hand held GPS636608-Aug-13
Improving times on and off the treadmill1455707-Aug-13
Different patterns of sweating130402-Aug-13
Inov-8 Oroc 340s841102-Aug-13
Run a Cham mountain970528-Jul-13
hay fever and heavy legs 2394628-Jul-13
Distance from High Neb car park to popular car park323928-Jul-13
Oggie 8 - can I join a team.-22527-Jul-13
How am I doing?557726-Jul-13
Help me into running!1667125-Jul-13
Arm and shoulder ache when running551222-Jul-13
Tough Mudder/Tough Guy Insurance1268419-Jul-13
Running Knee Problem231,05117-Jul-13
Newbie runner advice1261111-Jul-13
Lancashire sports Repairs529109-Jul-13
Rambling First Run Post328208-Jul-13
Bizarre foot pain134507-Jul-13
Stitch... but not a stitch?228802-Jul-13
Walking pole just in case?1272301-Jul-13
Trail running in a glorious place.348630-Jun-13
Frustrating, but probably good advice470530-Jun-13
Which is more important good running insoles or technique 2162430-Jun-13
Running clubs1355328-Jun-13
jogging beginner what shoes?3596127-Jun-13
Adjusting Strava routes438926-Jun-13
Redbull Steeplechase Race350826-Jun-13
Achiles tendon advice1555325-Jun-13
West Highland Way Race... New Record!451924-Jun-13
Broken bone in foot - recovery time529624-Jun-13
running partner129622-Jun-13
Waterproof Running Jacket1578721-Jun-13
Round of Glen Coe201,19621-Jun-13
Transvulcania Ultra Race222321-Jun-13
GPS/heart rate/altimeter/watch type device1045421-Jun-13
Ultra running with Clare Balding152720-Jun-13
Lake District Mountain Trial 528020-Jun-13
Be careful with the painkillers on the Ultra612,79419-Jun-13
Shin splints?730518-Jun-13
Cuillin Ridge Traverse - Record Broken262,36118-Jun-13
Women & bumbags271,66517-Jun-13
Trail Race Mandatory Equipment: Personal Drinking Cup964413-Jun-13
Accuracy of Calories burned on portable devices2454312-Jun-13
Efficient Foods291,25708-Jun-13
Welsh Castles Relay-17507-Jun-13
Road Ultras - Dartmoor Discovery hurt....544703-Jun-13
Heart Rate Zones & Percentages1847002-Jun-13
Clare Burren Marathon Challenge130230-May-13
Does runkeeper carry on working when it loses 3g signal?651128-May-13
Plantar Fasciitis and hill running1061427-May-13
Great South Run-16326-May-13
Paris Marathon859826-May-13
Running up hills361,91625-May-13
peroneus longus639025-May-13
Anyone use Zinc Oxide tape which actually sticks?1363023-May-13
Jura Fell Race and Islay Whisky Festival441423-May-13
Carb of choice1087322-May-13
have inov8 mudroc 290s been discontinued?335422-May-13
Heart Rate and training739622-May-13
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