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The place to discuss your running be it road running, trail running or fell running.

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How fast is fastmitchell1982372,10320-Dec-12
Snow/Ice Runningyorkshireman2083920-Dec-12
NEW ROUTE CARD: Dig Deep - Intro Ultra 30 mile raceIan Loombe-37519-Dec-12
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Winter Paddya lakeland climber723,12717-Dec-12
Recommended Physios. podiatrists in Stockport/Manchester areasamsimpson629916-Dec-12
Silva wrist compass - anyone got any experience?haydn132615-Dec-12
100k a week darrenmcgowan111,08412-Dec-12
Extra places in the Highland Fling next yeartony129210-Dec-12
Heart Rate MonitorsLauren_S959806-Dec-12
Recommend a 10 mile run the Peak to me pleaseFredt754406-Dec-12
Long Distance Runners beware!Bjartur i Sumarhus151,41105-Dec-12
Anglesey ultra for Mountain Rescuecripper231005-Dec-12
Upping the distancepepperpot436504-Dec-12
4 weeks to train for a Marathon?Run_Ross_Run582,95703-Dec-12
Get up and go..Ridge391,61930-Nov-12
recommend me a wimmins running jacketfxceltic438829-Nov-12
Alberto Salazar -Mo farah's coachidiotproof (Buxton MC)651329-Nov-12
Highlander Mountain Marathonalancash100247428-Nov-12
Music to run to?Wainers441792027-Nov-12
GU Canal Race 2013Nick Harvey1675826-Nov-12
Running/Climbing compatabilityadcat138226-Nov-12
Best gym exercices to improve runningBjartur i Sumarhus251,30125-Nov-12
Hoka bondi b running shoe wanted size 8Gregoryl225123-Nov-12
Mountain Running Recommendation accessible from Edinburgh Steff2186523-Nov-12
Running (training) booksedsned1385422-Nov-12
80km Mont blanc MarathonChesher cat343522-Nov-12
Changing a battery on a Garmin 405tony-25222-Nov-12
Which marathonIrk the Purist331,36521-Nov-12
Training for Beep Testas646211,05219-Nov-12
trainers found: road below millstone jfw-22316-Nov-12
Suggestions for fell running shoes-particularly of a large sizeScarab9250315-Nov-12
Waterproof running kitJamming Dodger1696214-Nov-12
Fell Runningjoedowell171,56613-Nov-12
Fell running - does it get any easier?JamButty192,33113-Nov-12
Tankys Trog 2012robw007334513-Nov-12
Shin Splints? Do I have them? How to recover?puppythedog1567213-Nov-12
Heel pain goldmember330612-Nov-12
How painful are eccentric loading exercises?mikedelderfield752211-Nov-12
Inov8 Running Socks for menRobyn Vacher135211-Nov-12
Trail vs Road shoesWee Davie1571111-Nov-12
Running shoe advice / helpFatboyteesside1247208-Nov-12
Improving running speedJamming Dodger1573007-Nov-12
Two half marathons in a weekEric9Points542207-Nov-12
trail shoessebastian741382805-Nov-12
Dawdle or Dash 2012Grinshill129305-Nov-12
Running in compression socks/tightsBjartur i Sumarhus261,51303-Nov-12
Cateye HR20 Sensor stopped working ?paul walters-18331-Oct-12
Born To Run and other bookssome_fulla_ant481,21029-Oct-12
Inov-8s or Walshes?Tom Last1778828-Oct-12
Balls chaffing on thighsRoberttaylor312,22527-Oct-12
Hey does my gps watch work out tunnel lengths?Bjartur i Sumarhus845126-Oct-12
CaloriesPaul Robertson446026-Oct-12
OMM C-Class this weekendPaterson_jamie346422-Oct-12
Back to running after a spinal injurypamph1149121-Oct-12
strained ligament or diseaseruttingstag-27019-Oct-12
Whats happened to Tanky's Trog?Fredt667919-Oct-12
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