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A single forum for everything involving bikes be it mountain or road variety. Talk about the latest gear, the best routes, compare trips and meet others whose preference is for two wheel action.

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road bike set up/ groin strain?623710-Jun-14
saddle comfort223310-Jun-14
Cycle routes online?521510-Jun-14
Triple chainring - to bash ring or not?842010-Jun-14
Driver aims at cyclist, misses & crashes into hairdressers692,76310-Jun-14
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Indoor bike wall storage421109-Jun-14
Who Will Win the Tour?201,44409-Jun-14
Crimes against lycra251,03907-Jun-14
Time Trialling, why?1467607-Jun-14
Company Rant - Pro Bike kit41,07506-Jun-14
TdF comes to Yorkshire!!!-18006-Jun-14
Mallorca in early sept416906-Jun-14
Advice needed1354205-Jun-14
Puncture Resistant vs Self Sealing326205-Jun-14
Cheshire charity ride425305-Jun-14
nice video218604-Jun-14
Froomes book461,63904-Jun-14
Idiots Guide to Road Shoes & Clip In Pedals311,07203-Jun-14
Biking questions from a newb.........501,19703-Jun-14
Chain rubbing against the mech on down tube - advise sought1444703-Jun-14
Hair-free legs?641,65103-Jun-14
10 mile TT Record Smashed91,19203-Jun-14
Mountain bike casset on a road bike1338303-Jun-14
The Giro Thread (spoilers, presumably)1123,21303-Jun-14
Winter tights ecomendations422303-Jun-14
Peter Sagan MTB Video-20602-Jun-14
3piste sportive1443702-Jun-14
Dual Tube MTB Wheels316402-Jun-14
How much to sell my old MTB for?631102-Jun-14
Beryl Burton121202-Jun-14
Cycling helmets are useless, says leading neurosurgeon592,07802-Jun-14
Bike cleaning recommendations?732002-Jun-14
bike pump825701-Jun-14
Tommy Godwin Challenge2181101-Jun-14
Comfort breaks239201-Jun-14
Cycling fans228901-Jun-14
Tour de France Stage 1 on Boris bikes - Sponsorship needed!1054731-May-14
Advice please322631-May-14
Road bike help1128231-May-14
Mtb -tour of pen y ghent527330-May-14
10 speed setup troubles2259630-May-14
Another roadie question - specific sessions?626830-May-14
Road Bike Build - What look?441,82330-May-14
Will a trainer break my carbon frame?1248329-May-14
Cycle helmets vs skate helmets1028429-May-14
Pre-riding parts of Le Tour in Yorkshire and spectating ?743229-May-14
Charge bikes124129-May-14
Online bike configurator?516629-May-14
commuting bike advice please3361729-May-14
Very small glasses to take prescription inserts317529-May-14
Highland trail 550318028-May-14
Trek Remedy or Orange 5113228-May-14
Should sportives have signage up to warn people ?411,29527-May-14
old 700c Front wheel -Bristol826327-May-14
Touring with road bikes-23226-May-14
How much is this wheel worth?128526-May-14
MTB Routes from Keswick421826-May-14
Cyclists should be able to roll through stop signs.......531,45125-May-14
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