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A single forum for everything involving bikes be it mountain or road variety. Talk about the latest gear, the best routes, compare trips and meet others whose preference is for two wheel action.

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Aluminium welding, London-13431-Jan-14
The ASA 'know' cycling977330-Jan-14
Dimensions of a cardboard bike box (will the skis fit too...)-10030-Jan-14
Crimes against my MTB121,09730-Jan-14
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Making a go-kart752829-Jan-14
folding vs wired bead431928-Jan-14
Turbo Trainer Options937427-Jan-14
Road biking in California638627-Jan-14
New hardtail1469726-Jan-14
Whats it likely worth.438926-Jan-14
Martyn Ashton on the BBC244025-Jan-14
Bike bags and air travel1137025-Jan-14
Milk Race 1982-19325-Jan-14
New Touring Bike527924-Jan-14
Those Aussie Girls....254624-Jan-14
Anyone planning on doing the Fred Whitton challenge 2014301,52223-Jan-14
Some advice please...227823-Jan-14
MTB routes in the Bethesda region.942823-Jan-14
Achillies Pain1249922-Jan-14
Shimano Spares1650522-Jan-14
Yorkshire Grand Départ - campsites en-route731421-Jan-14
Any way to watch TDU that's not Sky? 754421-Jan-14
Specialized Sizing217021-Jan-14
Realistic Used Bike price?1174720-Jan-14
preparing for a 120km (flat) road race832320-Jan-14
Trek X-Caliber 29er Frame size211220-Jan-14
Bike fit training plan129917-Jan-14
cheapish turbo trainer from chain reaction ?324117-Jan-14
Short Female Cyclists1080416-Jan-14
Bodging off-road tyres onto my hybrid1532516-Jan-14
Lights, winter, responsibility: an unscientific survey762,20016-Jan-14
Cable lubing question - Barrel adjusters?322116-Jan-14
Coast 2 Coast1759316-Jan-14
Bike help: Cassette slipping - what to do?1665216-Jan-14
bridleways map525815-Jan-14
Northwave shoe fit?715815-Jan-14
Careless biker rant231,20014-Jan-14
Nearly car doored, again - grrrr422,17914-Jan-14
Tubular wheels120914-Jan-14
Trail changes in N Wales: Drum and Wayfarers730214-Jan-14
Gene doping127413-Jan-14
EasyJet reduce Bike Bag Weigh Limit to 23kg1689011-Jan-14
Flying a bike - Malaysia Airlines317311-Jan-14
Dangers of low sun151,05410-Jan-14
You know you want it446908-Jan-14
Aldi cycling softshell131,27308-Jan-14
Staving off Turbo Trainer Boredom191,16008-Jan-14
Dolomites v Italian Alps 435106-Jan-14
Wiggo's beard391,74806-Jan-14
Chain disaster!1397906-Jan-14
chain tools524806-Jan-14
Cycling at 112 mph on a beach???51,28505-Jan-14
The Brakeless Youths241,62105-Jan-14
sat-nav for cycling-16704-Jan-14
What will happen if I use crud race guards off road?533104-Jan-14
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