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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

Shoulder Distension Arthrogram5216
Folkstone Climbing-122
Anyone with a board Ulverston- Flookburgh- Grange over sands 2266
UKC Fit Club Week 374 - 501,174
cockermouth wall - male and female lingerie show tonight 51,033
UKC Fat Club Week 206227
Replacing T-nuts17544
Finger injury2203
Portland's new bouldering which needs your support.1425
Power training: bouldering with a weight vest?312,032
Tennis Elbow5485
Dislocated finger4233
Full crimp strength2497
Shauna again!1579
How much to build a climbing centre?91,671
Blackpool Towers Are open9623
UKC Fat Club Week 1914332
End of the Edge climbing wall384,287
DIY wooden hybrid moonboard.4694
Stamina training without getting bored1285
UKC Fit Club Week 373901,599
CWA Assessment-167
Asbestos roof9747
Traning/dietary supplements5344
Climbing walls in Southampton area?5346
westway tomorrow day-97
Clif Builders - Reasonably priced source or Alternative?-192
UKC Fit Club Week 372661,416
good range of crimp holds for a 45 board15565
Ulnar release: how soon to restart climbing?3284
UKC Fat Club Week 1812402
Making a Pull Up Bar Into a Finger Board.10607
sore throat and indoor bouldering593,329
injured shoulder5314
Injured Knee (crushed bone+meniscus/healing time)3322
Finger injuries and pain4449
Indoor caving3507
Anyone done PYB Discover Leading?7400
UKC Fit Club Week 371671,212
UKC Fat Club Week 179230
Idiot's guide to training371,456
UKC Fit Club Week 370711,225
Gimme Kraft - Training book4572
Fingerboard terminology- help!3262
taking young children climbing13720
Which fingerboard?10761
Running/cycling/swimming for boulder training?3295
Free intro lead climbing day at Leeds Wall. Climbers needed!-208
UKC Fat Club Week 1612292
Working towards 5.12 the big 7s!1228
finger board and flimsy metal studs...9536
Increasing confidence in the top ropes for a 7yr old12576
Climbing Games for Kids #5 -123
PSA:Free crash mat foam in Newcastle, today only 23/42190
The grades on that beastmaker are a bit stiff, eh?312,663
any experience of Pisiform Excision for a wrist injury?-99
SPA partner wanted2409
what's the antagonistic exercise to pull-ups?151,383
Back 3 stronger than front 3? 3506
UKC Fit Club Week 369541,158

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