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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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2 training sessions in one day464231-Mar-14
Training for dynamics of change-25231-Mar-14
Foundation Coaching Scheme Trainee-16131-Mar-14
Food Quality237729-Mar-14
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Bring back climbing walls made from brick...1389327-Mar-14
UKC Fat Club Week 122439626-Mar-14
ESM registration-11024-Mar-14
Will this be any good?201,71723-Mar-14
UKC Fat Club Week 111941721-Mar-14
Nearly ready131121-Mar-14
Crusher hang boards573421-Mar-14
UKC Fit Club Week 365521,05620-Mar-14
Bristol walls1077919-Mar-14
wall reincarnated231719-Mar-14
Smelly Hire Shoes557418-Mar-14
Sore elbows1061017-Mar-14
Homemade free standing wall1668117-Mar-14
Eden Rock-19415-Mar-14
UKC Fat Club Week 10928214-Mar-14
How to keep ticking over with a broken wrist?735814-Mar-14
Don't miss and Don't bother bouldering walls896,85014-Mar-14
UKC Fit Club Week 364641,22714-Mar-14
Good climbers, what injury prevention stuff do you do?171,67113-Mar-14
partner for quay, exeter319412-Mar-14
Climbing Partner Wanted!443611-Mar-14
Anyone heading to Craggy Guildford tonight?-9511-Mar-14
Big Toe Pain329610-Mar-14
Little to no improvement from endurance/sustain training772607-Mar-14
UKC Fit Club Week 363611,25107-Mar-14
Pulled chest wall muscle850307-Mar-14
Upper body exercises with damaged wrists314606-Mar-14
soft grading?141,42705-Mar-14
Bouldering Wall - Usage Signs Template138505-Mar-14
UKC Fat Club Week 92036005-Mar-14
Self rescue training courses - Advice/suggestions ?1372305-Mar-14
Climbing wall rules.. again664,53504-Mar-14
calshot partner-9903-Mar-14
Weight vest for climbing/running1385503-Mar-14
Ice Climbing Glasgow537702-Mar-14
How good without training ?422,87002-Mar-14
UKC Fit Club Week 362651,39901-Mar-14
UKC Fat Club Week 83459728-Feb-14
Powerballs verses traditional hand grips 739028-Feb-14
Climbing Games #4-20028-Feb-14
Anyone used "Rock and Rapid" at South Molton, Devon117927-Feb-14
Icing Injuries235026-Feb-14
manchester climbing centre on thursday evening-17725-Feb-14
Lead climbing Sweden-Red card81,02424-Feb-14
Heart rate recovery charts229524-Feb-14
ITC Outdoor First Aid course - London, 8-9 March, £83-9624-Feb-14
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