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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

what's the antagonistic exercise to pull-ups?151,384
Back 3 stronger than front 3? 3506
UKC Fit Club Week 369541,158
UKC Fat Club Week 1521380
Indoor climbing rescue instructional book.311,342
Floor walkers - mythical or real271,665
The Cragg Stowmarket versus Highball Norwich6364
Best place to restart2302
Holdz customer service1376
setting a traning board2319
Bowline use at Climbing walls743,695
Stockport Awesome Walls partner wanted1348
Building a climbing wall3413
training to be confident and not scared of uk tech 5a553,558
UKC Fit Club Week 368601,198
Climbing partner in Margate-69
pronged T nuts in OSB sheets8692
things to do in Sussex with a dog?1153
braintree climbing wall-157
UKC Fat Club Week 1425361
Ingleton Wall 13653
New Wirral Bouldering Centre Survey11668
Building your own wall.... Would you recommend it?372,205
What do you think of my design for a climbing wall?15867
UKC Fitclub week 3371011,707
training for masters edge6917
Getting worse, getting better, getting worse...121,297
UKC Fat Club Week 1313262
Busy Arch/Biscuit Factory-214
4x4 Intensity2600
Arethusa Climbing Wall3314
You know what really grinds my gears...151,477
have you heard the rumor?7950
training with broken ACL7427
Is Westway open this week?1178
2 training sessions in one day4645
Training for dynamics of change-257
Foundation Coaching Scheme Trainee-166
Food Quality2380
UKC Fit Club Week 366721,307
Bring back climbing walls made from brick...13901
UKC Fat Club Week 1224401
ESM registration-115
Will this be any good?201,722
UKC Fat Club Week 1119420
Nearly ready1314
Crusher hang boards5741
UKC Fit Club Week 365521,060
Bristol walls10786
wall reincarnated2320
Smelly Hire Shoes5577
Sore elbows10613
Homemade free standing wall16686
Eden Rock-205
UKC Fat Club Week 109287
How to keep ticking over with a broken wrist?7365
Don't miss and Don't bother bouldering walls896,861
UKC Fit Club Week 364641,234
Good climbers, what injury prevention stuff do you do?171,678
partner for quay, exeter3197

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