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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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Rolly Balls or Rock Rings?Steve nevers1084829-Oct-13
suggest a climbing wall please Manchester Eastow arm537827-Oct-13
Power-Endurance training: 4x4 vs Feet-On Campus Boardingcb_6862327-Oct-13
climbing wall virgincheek to the rock478326-Oct-13
route settingtimmyhobby246526-Oct-13
Wrist Supports / Strengthening Excersies Faerie426526-Oct-13
Banning belay plates indoorsJimboWizbo573,44126-Oct-13
indoor bouldering - slabsJIMBO1366825-Oct-13
Physio in Sheffield - any recommendations?FranC932624-Oct-13
Dorset Winter Trainingpauljackson1393022-Oct-13
Which wall in London for a day.puppythedog3068122-Oct-13
Traning board anglekev74123821-Oct-13
Please some training advice for a mid-grade climberStottiecake181,23621-Oct-13
Armaid - anyone used one?Kelcat345221-Oct-13
Exeter Climbing Wallsamparsons-22720-Oct-13
UKC Fit Club Week 343mbh901,76718-Oct-13
Mile Endandyr227818-Oct-13
Home made trainingTrad_Rocks111,19817-Oct-13
Physio for sprained Deltoids?Gordonbp321916-Oct-13
Yoga Classes Starting in LiverpoolSiobhan Miller-12915-Oct-13
Free indoor lead climbing tuition at Leeds Wall 16/10/13Dan Mckinlay135814-Oct-13
School climbing wall funding advicebaker1284513-Oct-13
beastmaker setup HELP pleasealexjz1776012-Oct-13
Other colours are availableBarrySW19572011-Oct-13
need help pushing the gradeCallumKX1286110-Oct-13
Climbing Works Sheffield Vs Awesome walls Stokephja101,08310-Oct-13
Recuperative TrainingRikGordon-17110-Oct-13
Climbing Partner Stockportjester69211810-Oct-13
Shoulder injury-just sharing my painDouble Knee Bar1261209-Oct-13
UKC Fit Club Week 342mbh691,40608-Oct-13
New climbing wall for schoolSeb Cooke340608-Oct-13
Weight vestIan Bell984508-Oct-13
BMC leading laddermhawk124008-Oct-13
BLCC results, anyone know who won?maybe_si524607-Oct-13
The day before a hard route/ redpoint?CharlieMack211,35006-Oct-13
UKC Fit Club Week 341mbh771,76205-Oct-13
has ROKT bouldering improved?pacman126104-Oct-13
inglesport climbing wall.marktrik327403-Oct-13
Beastmaker iphone appmikeski760403-Oct-13
The Edge Sheffield bike parking?James_D523301-Oct-13
IFSC Worldcup Perm 2013Žiga Janež-9330-Sep-13
Broken Finger Advice- after rockfall incident in Peruclarkie971728-Sep-13
UKC Fit Club Week 340mbh781,53828-Sep-13
how to build a campus board and how to train on it?Timothy Miller451728-Sep-13
Climbing partner wanted for Leeds Wall or gasp outside.Kid Spatula225227-Sep-13
Instructor Fast-track courses - worth it?John Newbiggin244927-Sep-13
Things I know and indoor gradesMountain Spirit1015,62427-Sep-13
own system board and crack machine as per former postFrench Erick227626-Sep-13
PYB Lead Climbing course this weekend - need partnerDrP-16726-Sep-13
Lead climbing competitions cjd91236726-Sep-13
Mobile climbing wallssamparsons553026-Sep-13
help me figure out some training for the winter!supafly652424-Sep-13
Free standing traning boardkev74237024-Sep-13
Injured elbow how to train.Jones_88745323-Sep-13
Signing in novices as a competent climber.RyanC796823-Sep-13
looking for more climbing partnersSteve2012882123-Sep-13
Stretching for flexibility - how often / how much?Ramblin dave291,84723-Sep-13
PIP joint swellingdavid morse1159220-Sep-13
Help us keep Broughtonjohn morrissey751120-Sep-13
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