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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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Info: new wall in Trento, Italy (Dolomites)-15501-Feb-14
Lucky climbing isn't in the Olympics, Terje Haakonsen tells it241431-Jan-14
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Huddersfield wall - the future853429-Jan-14
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sardinia training in the UK221827-Jan-14
Random wrist pain...431527-Jan-14
using auto beley as training tool842626-Jan-14
Tonbridge Casual Climbing1255226-Jan-14
UKC Fit Club Week 357721,52625-Jan-14
Avoiding tennis elbow1078723-Jan-14
UKC Fat Club Week 31450122-Jan-14
Steep/overhanging climbs for a gangly bean758221-Jan-14
Tightening holds436521-Jan-14
Training for old gits171,46021-Jan-14
FS climbing holds and mat in edinburgh222321-Jan-14
Youth Climbing Series Volunteers120820-Jan-14
UKC Fat Club Week 22382820-Jan-14
rubbish at climbing steep indoor routes!181,46419-Jan-14
UKC Fat Club Week 1381,18418-Jan-14
Building home wall in my attic141,31118-Jan-14
Route setting. America sees sense at last.161,37718-Jan-14
Friends Required! Reading466518-Jan-14
Instructors wearing helmets512,36618-Jan-14
Para Climbing Comps220917-Jan-14
UKC Fit Club Week 356721,55317-Jan-14
SIJ inflammation527417-Jan-14
Urban climbing help :)774817-Jan-14
One exercise to rule them all?372,14516-Jan-14
heart rate and climbing endurance training646616-Jan-14
Planing down campus rungs332116-Jan-14
bridging techniques362415-Jan-14
Leg/ Hip instability help?927914-Jan-14
Foot Injury suspect tendonitis? Help114214-Jan-14
Insomnia after an evening wall session241,46514-Jan-14
Inspiration, and Motivation217114-Jan-14
For those who started with weak fingers685314-Jan-14
What should I eat before a Wall session281,51713-Jan-14
Bizzare sudden loss of finger strength101,15312-Jan-14
Middle aged spread91,16212-Jan-14
UKC Fit Club Week 355671,20911-Jan-14
Indoor climbing Sheffield-31910-Jan-14
Awesome Walls to tackle "Millennium Bug"167610-Jan-14
Climbing Wall in Poole1187509-Jan-14
Tips for climbing daily1487209-Jan-14
rainbowing at the wall, better prep for outdoors679809-Jan-14
Rope Race Stockport - any good?1269108-Jan-14
How to 'measure' bouldering progress241,28708-Jan-14
UKC Fat Club2385706-Jan-14
Calculating your 'fighting weight'343,50706-Jan-14
Indoor climbing & outdoor climbing: similarities & differences1367706-Jan-14
UKC Fit Club week 3543996206-Jan-14
Resistance bands - any tips?120506-Jan-14
Finger pulley injury1275904-Jan-14
White Spider Climbing Wall240803-Jan-14
UKC Fit Club 2013 ROUNDUP421,35303-Jan-14
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