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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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Bristol walls10790
wall reincarnated2321
Smelly Hire Shoes5577
Sore elbows10614
Homemade free standing wall16686
Eden Rock-207
UKC Fat Club Week 109289
How to keep ticking over with a broken wrist?7365
Don't miss and Don't bother bouldering walls896,862
UKC Fit Club Week 364641,237
Good climbers, what injury prevention stuff do you do?171,681
partner for quay, exeter3197
Climbing Partner Wanted!4441
Anyone heading to Craggy Guildford tonight?-98
Big Toe Pain3300
Little to no improvement from endurance/sustain training7738
UKC Fit Club Week 363611,258
Pulled chest wall muscle8508
Upper body exercises with damaged wrists3149
soft grading?141,434
Bouldering Wall - Usage Signs Template1394
UKC Fat Club Week 920367
Self rescue training courses - Advice/suggestions ?13736
Climbing wall rules.. again664,545
calshot partner-104
Weight vest for climbing/running13867
Ice Climbing Glasgow5384
How good without training ?422,877
UKC Fit Club Week 362651,406
UKC Fat Club Week 834601
Powerballs verses traditional hand grips 7399
Climbing Games #4-205
Anyone used "Rock and Rapid" at South Molton, Devon1184
Icing Injuries2354
manchester climbing centre on thursday evening-189
Lead climbing Sweden-Red card81,028
Heart rate recovery charts2302
ITC Outdoor First Aid course - London, 8-9 March, Ł83-105
UKC Fat Club Week 732621
Relationship between sweating and physical fitness11916
Check out a new Wall that's opened up in South Birmingham-304
Why do people have slings and daisy chains at walls?252,018
UKC Fit Club Week 361541,432
Leading Ladder in Birmingham3421
Skin splitting/tearing down from the corner of your fingernail19571
Wall in Normanton1196
Body Builder meets Climber 35 Minute German Video-344
Building a wall211,348
I can drink again!!!61,044
job as a route setter101,574
Communinty outdoor climbing project-188
Newtown Powys Indoor Bouldering/Climbing Wall Update.-274
UKC Fat Club Week 623479
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Elbow Problems.....Help...13686
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