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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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heart rate and climbing endurance training647116-Jan-14
Planing down campus rungs332516-Jan-14
bridging techniques362715-Jan-14
Leg/ Hip instability help?928214-Jan-14
Foot Injury suspect tendonitis? Help114614-Jan-14
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Inspiration, and Motivation217614-Jan-14
For those who started with weak fingers685814-Jan-14
What should I eat before a Wall session281,52413-Jan-14
Bizzare sudden loss of finger strength101,15612-Jan-14
Middle aged spread91,16212-Jan-14
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Indoor climbing Sheffield-32510-Jan-14
Awesome Walls to tackle "Millennium Bug"168410-Jan-14
Climbing Wall in Poole1188209-Jan-14
Tips for climbing daily1487409-Jan-14
rainbowing at the wall, better prep for outdoors680209-Jan-14
Rope Race Stockport - any good?1269608-Jan-14
How to 'measure' bouldering progress241,29208-Jan-14
UKC Fat Club2386006-Jan-14
Calculating your 'fighting weight'343,51106-Jan-14
Indoor climbing & outdoor climbing: similarities & differences1368306-Jan-14
UKC Fit Club week 3543996706-Jan-14
Resistance bands - any tips?120806-Jan-14
Finger pulley injury1276304-Jan-14
White Spider Climbing Wall241003-Jan-14
UKC Fit Club 2013 ROUNDUP421,35803-Jan-14
Bear Rock, Warwick640602-Jan-14
SPA and ML courses655602-Jan-14
T-nuts 460631-Dec-13
UKC Fit Club week 353691,42928-Dec-13
Training to improve my locking off when my shoulder's not used983328-Dec-13
Indoor wall Injury1004,36828-Dec-13
How high is high enough ??383,19025-Dec-13
Fingers & Forearms 101,79125-Dec-13
Anything better than nike trainers??201,25723-Dec-13
climbing wall posers223,25423-Dec-13
Climbing into the Olympics - well sort of!363822-Dec-13
UKC Fit Club Week 352691,34021-Dec-13
The gym and climbing254720-Dec-13
Improving grip strength881119-Dec-13
Speed climbing wall grade?241,88119-Dec-13
Youth Climbing Series215819-Dec-13
Alter Rock- Derby442718-Dec-13
recommend me a climbing coach191,37914-Dec-13
Hertfordshire indoor climbing walls?1889314-Dec-13
happy day broughton wall to stay open till march 2014126514-Dec-13
Cleaning holds546513-Dec-13
sad day, Broughton Wall to close141,38813-Dec-13
Guisborough Climbing Wall???-17413-Dec-13
UKC Fit Club week 351631,71213-Dec-13
Re-drilling Resin Climbing Walls237712-Dec-13
anyone selling any gym gear-17911-Dec-13
Getting back into it237911-Dec-13
Training for Rodellar - Strength vs Stamina439811-Dec-13
The Barn or Magicwood1152811-Dec-13
Indoor belay: how long before you trust someone?471510-Dec-13
Outdoor centre work229410-Dec-13
Anyone else find beastmakers too slippery?241,69510-Dec-13
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