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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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Tried the Beastmaker app tonight with my new Beastmaker.puppythedog231,98613-Sep-13
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Arms and upper body training - gym-basedJames Jackson445612-Sep-13
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Pros and cons of an ICD.hotfeet-24511-Sep-13
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Highball Climbing Centre Summer Bouldering League Round 3PHATSAM-11307-Sep-13
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screw in t nuts.pork pie girl449206-Sep-13
any training equiptment?cbennett:)121006-Sep-13
short term to long term goalsFrench Erick863205-Sep-13
Edu Marin - Injury Rehab videoDaniel Heath-19005-Sep-13
Injury from doing pull-ups and fingerboardBrendan71,00404-Sep-13
Good arm exercises when sitting at a desk all dayBenPitt751904-Sep-13
Wrist InjuryCrag Pony432604-Sep-13
If you don't like needles...Morgan Woods-42504-Sep-13
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You know you're a route climber when...Daniel Heath71,21503-Sep-13
Harlow Climbing Wall - Midweekadam clarke628302-Sep-13
Mile Endcaver130731-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 336mbh651,34631-Aug-13
Skier's ThumbMr Fuller251,01829-Aug-13
climbing wall norfolkaerial.man735828-Aug-13
Just Starting Offblakejacob-16728-Aug-13
1 month til the Alps - what to train.highclimber649227-Aug-13
Stretching manboobs?The Lemming887926-Aug-13
Mods: issue uploading indoor wall shotsFraser246326-Aug-13
anti skid paint.French Erick450426-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 335mattrm641,21425-Aug-13
yoga for climberswill9118161,24924-Aug-13
World Youth ChampionshipsIan Dunn644623-Aug-13
female climbing partner wantedVikK164323-Aug-13
climbing walls in the grand massif?littleluke-7622-Aug-13
Climbing for the less able / people with disabilitiesBOOGA633522-Aug-13
Which beastmaker fingerboard?Scoobydoo1684322-Aug-13
New climbing wall near Chester?dannywg61,28221-Aug-13
Mountain Fitnessffati1175921-Aug-13
Anybody want some free mattresses for home wallGeoffRadcliffe230821-Aug-13
Lacking in sholder muscle?sip a cup221,25619-Aug-13
World Youth Championships, Canada.Ian W-10119-Aug-13
Partial rotator cuff tear words of wisdom pleaseericinbristol1378419-Aug-13
looking for partener at creatoon climbing wall Moseleyfrano81-9518-Aug-13
Fingerboards - Avoid Drillingrobbo99161,27517-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 334mattrm1252,16816-Aug-13
Teaching others to teach belayingRKernan652116-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 333mattrm701,48615-Aug-13
climbing partnersSteve2012-19114-Aug-13
Hand/forearm injury.Al Doig324213-Aug-13
10 Minute Belaying Induction??Flying Spaghetti Monster351812-Aug-13
Calshot partner with kids!Lefty123-11911-Aug-13
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