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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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Confined space training / fitness options for shift workers?ksjs664604-Aug-13
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Swimming for fitnessBobling1263,50501-Aug-13
I'm writing a book about climbing techniques looking for ideasjimnick261,54401-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 332mattrm861,51801-Aug-13
is yoga any good?jackda211089631-Jul-13
Setting a Systems boardair123130-Jul-13
Protein shakes . . .rufus stone231,11329-Jul-13
So what happended to the new Todmorden Wall?Bulls Crack848128-Jul-13
myofacial release and rollers etc for recoveryandic1184528-Jul-13
This is what using indoor training walls has done to meAnnoying Twit304,83227-Jul-13
How would you keep fit-5 months away from rock.Roberttaylor874027-Jul-13
Protein shake recipesKingStapo530427-Jul-13
north wales active outdoor courseswill9118121126-Jul-13
building a system board questionFrench Erick356326-Jul-13
UKC Fit Club Week 331mattrm831,37124-Jul-13
Nathan Phillips, 3rd in European Youth BoulderingGraeme Alderson225723-Jul-13
Overtrained recently?Daniel Heath693322-Jul-13
Results for the First IFSC Lead World Cup 2013 BrianconMaranaF219022-Jul-13
Rubbish / Unsafe indoor wallclimbhardfan574,48821-Jul-13
why does stretching my hips make me feel light headedClimberEd579421-Jul-13
Finger training with dodgy shouldersDonnie550520-Jul-13
no sportclimbing at climbing wall - how come?Bluebird51,22319-Jul-13
Looking for indoor lead trainingBarrySW19530919-Jul-13
Physio recommendationBusyLizzie1050619-Jul-13
UKC Fit Club Week 330mattrm741,33919-Jul-13
Redpoint Bristolgrp798518-Jul-13
new project in essexVictorine2774018-Jul-13
Diet asistance: muscle buildingFlinticus231,08718-Jul-13
Good wall for kids (lessons) near Middlesborough?Carolyn616316-Jul-13
UKC fit club week 329biscuit951,66216-Jul-13
Injured fingers, sprained A2 pulleyBikeClimbWalk636614-Jul-13
Powders, potions and pills to aid trainingToby S1361709-Jul-13
Interesting climbing wall around LeicesterAnnoying Twit1677308-Jul-13
UKC Fit Club Week 328grubes821,35205-Jul-13
Five Ten Anasazi VCS velcro climbing shoe.size uk 8.5 eur 42.5vease115205-Jul-13
Anyone planning a trip to the Netherlands?Sonjita123905-Jul-13
Training help!niall_a_allen243304-Jul-13
The toilet routeBloodfire31,05004-Jul-13
New YorkBGG742104-Jul-13
London - BoulderingTom Beaumont1148301-Jul-13
Portable home training wall design – any ideas or improvements?The_flying_climber858801-Jul-13
power lifting parametersandic1651730-Jun-13
Will this help during layoff .....AndrewW123730-Jun-13
UKC Fit Club week 327Eagle River991,89029-Jun-13
pointers for my first lead training planGile5658029-Jun-13
Training of Slovenia Climbing TeamŽiga Janež148427-Jun-13
Redpoint Bristol opening todaySteve nevers126826-Jun-13
Climbing Training Videoclimbspray-26625-Jun-13
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