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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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Edu Marin - Injury Rehab video-21605-Sep-13
Injury from doing pull-ups and fingerboard71,02504-Sep-13
Good arm exercises when sitting at a desk all day753204-Sep-13
Wrist Injury435304-Sep-13
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Harlow Climbing Wall - Midweek630002-Sep-13
Mile End131831-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 336651,37531-Aug-13
Skier's Thumb251,02829-Aug-13
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Just Starting Off-17628-Aug-13
1 month til the Alps - what to train.650427-Aug-13
Stretching manboobs?889226-Aug-13
Mods: issue uploading indoor wall shots247926-Aug-13
anti skid paint.451526-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 335641,23925-Aug-13
yoga for climbers161,27724-Aug-13
World Youth Championships646123-Aug-13
female climbing partner wanted165023-Aug-13
climbing walls in the grand massif?-9022-Aug-13
Climbing for the less able / people with disabilities634422-Aug-13
Which beastmaker fingerboard?687822-Aug-13
New climbing wall near Chester?61,32121-Aug-13
Mountain Fitness1177521-Aug-13
Anybody want some free mattresses for home wall231921-Aug-13
Lacking in sholder muscle?221,27019-Aug-13
World Youth Championships, Canada.-11419-Aug-13
Partial rotator cuff tear words of wisdom please1380419-Aug-13
looking for partener at creatoon climbing wall Moseley-10718-Aug-13
Fingerboards - Avoid Drilling161,29017-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 3341252,19316-Aug-13
Teaching others to teach belaying653516-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 333701,52115-Aug-13
climbing partners-19914-Aug-13
Hand/forearm injury.325313-Aug-13
10 Minute Belaying Induction??352712-Aug-13
Calshot partner with kids!-12911-Aug-13
Responsible business? - dissertation research survey1158311-Aug-13
Sheffield Walls-25209-Aug-13
British Youth Opens222408-Aug-13
Shrewsbury Sports VIllage Climbing Wall331007-Aug-13
What is the bordering like at reading climbing centre?557307-Aug-13
Outdoor Training Wall1163107-Aug-13
Confined space training / fitness options for shift workers?666104-Aug-13
any walls near scunthorpe?313601-Aug-13
Swimming for fitness1263,52401-Aug-13
I'm writing a book about climbing techniques looking for ideas261,55601-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 332861,55901-Aug-13
is yoga any good?1090531-Jul-13
Setting a Systems board124630-Jul-13
Protein shakes . . .231,12429-Jul-13
So what happended to the new Todmorden Wall?848728-Jul-13
myofacial release and rollers etc for recovery1185828-Jul-13
This is what using indoor training walls has done to me304,86127-Jul-13
How would you keep fit-5 months away from rock.875327-Jul-13
Protein shake recipes531527-Jul-13
north wales active outdoor courses122226-Jul-13
building a system board question357526-Jul-13
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