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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Rock shoes resoled by llanberis resoles jon22201,88101-Apr-14
Best guide books for North WalesCwallace945501-Apr-14
Top Ascents this weekUKC Logbooks-14801-Apr-14
guide book for Birchen EdgeMountain Spirit431,52201-Apr-14
what do you ab off, 5mm or 6mm?ebdon311,75501-Apr-14
Southern Sandstone ConditionsMartin Hore1680131-Mar-14
cam pulled out going through the cave roof on blancocheek to the rock51,11431-Mar-14
Malham Bird RestrictionsDave Musgrove-11831-Mar-14
More on El Chorro workjohncook121,15931-Mar-14
Disabled rock climbingEmmaFitz21211,28431-Mar-14
Found gear at Pontesford RocksTHETWIG007216531-Mar-14
Pulled off the crux hold on Infernal Din, The Cuttings (BETA)lewiz302,61230-Mar-14
masters edgecoreybennett252,28330-Mar-14
The road from VS (Stanage only)Ciderslider1499629-Mar-14
Global warming? Pah!a lakeland climber240929-Mar-14
What percentage of climbers climb 7aDiggler2307,45029-Mar-14
campervan spot near avon gorgeMetalbear225329-Mar-14
Anywhere dry near Durham this Sunday (30/12/14)SomeClimbingGuy28028-Mar-14
Grade differential with age.Tom V231,09928-Mar-14
Wiregates on carabiner braker0x0r.wolfo-21228-Mar-14
watch wide boyz for freefranksnb101,23728-Mar-14
New routespneame457028-Mar-14
Mythical Gritstone discovered in the MendipsThe Pylon King1025,02728-Mar-14
Disabled Rock Climbing EmmaFitz21-11928-Mar-14
Llanberis Pass conditionsspidermonkey09548028-Mar-14
Where has Pterodactyl gone.Climbingspike1197028-Mar-14
How many climbers can "rescue" themselves?jezb1833,63627-Mar-14
Climbing QuizTRip963,66327-Mar-14
Climbing Quiz - Twenty Questions...The Ex-Engineer861,67227-Mar-14
Skin repair nutrientsAndy Moles223327-Mar-14
RIP Sean 'Stanley' LearyNWR193,53327-Mar-14
Do I need cams for derbyshire Gritsbattams702,29727-Mar-14
UK Lonely Leads Ticklistmike lawrence?876427-Mar-14
Loose/broken stuff at TrowbarrowMark Harding548527-Mar-14
Chest hardness from a sling iamaclimber1068026-Mar-14
Free online viewing of Wide BoyzJordangask337826-Mar-14
Don Whillans on Dovedale Groove video on YouTube.davedmc345826-Mar-14
Bransby Repeats Baron Greenbackjonathandavey149026-Mar-14
What percentage of climbers climb ...?john arran431,89726-Mar-14
Portland - Wallsend and CoastguardRadekNowak442326-Mar-14
Warning: Bolt loose on Septuegenerian - Bus Stop Quarrydionhughes455326-Mar-14
Physio in MargalefAlan Pierce-6326-Mar-14
Dissertation survey. Please help!NiccyMac835325-Mar-14
Coaching awardtimmyhobby431325-Mar-14
Uk climbing of international significance?Kemics913,02025-Mar-14
what percent of climbers climb at 8aribtech432,71525-Mar-14
Training board for saleg2736625-Mar-14
Sacrificed on the Alter at Rivelin last sundayJonathanJones472,42825-Mar-14
RIP sean learyhands solo436825-Mar-14
Beginners Crags in the Peak DistrictJoshT1665025-Mar-14
Climbing survey. Only 10 questions!!!DeanD1360925-Mar-14
Top Ascents this weekUKC Logbooks-12925-Mar-14
Trip ReoprtsNigel Thomson1037624-Mar-14
Dark Grey Very Abrasive Rock In Spain Near & In MountainsTimmd1372724-Mar-14
Angus Scotland, HELP climbing partner wantedsmgmoto314524-Mar-14
Dissertation Questionnaire on Climbing Training (2mins)Rich Tyler1571424-Mar-14
dunkeld cragmarzi226824-Mar-14
Top ten climbers!shepofthesheeps703,51123-Mar-14
One Show presenter to climb Moonlight ButtressMark Collins818,94123-Mar-14
Best Scottish Summer Mountain Routesmartinmckenna702,30623-Mar-14
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