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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Climbing Rules and things?281,15725-Jul-14
Pete Whittaker solos 150 grit extremes in a day81,64825-Jul-14
Dream of white horses/Cemetery Gates262,46625-Jul-14
Stob Coire nan Lochan - South Buttress536325-Jul-14
Roaches Today-10025-Jul-14
Roaches knowledge760825-Jul-14
Suggestion for improvement of UKC climbing ethics debates111,09025-Jul-14
Ondra ticks Biographie-32225-Jul-14
Any irata techs on here from Wales ?231524-Jul-14
Llanfairfechan Bouldering / Climbing223224-Jul-14
Northerners can't Climb:perpetrator's email71,42724-Jul-14
Dubai climbing747524-Jul-14
Shepherd's E3 up!121,04424-Jul-14
Mountain routes in Ogwen1051424-Jul-14
Terrible news224,28324-Jul-14
Angel bay (Conwy) approach/access214424-Jul-14
Wharncliffe graffiti687624-Jul-14
Pembroke Camping Options876823-Jul-14
Its Lliwedd time228023-Jul-14
Attitudes to differences of opinion on UKC.2260623-Jul-14
Rylstone route description210523-Jul-14
Silly question, but how do I check my UKC email?961423-Jul-14
20 Questions Comp/Quiz4995823-Jul-14
Bolt in Coniston Scramble 351323-Jul-14
Lorraine on Dinas Mot476823-Jul-14
Snowdonia good longish routes suggestions?828022-Jul-14
hard routes prepared gear201,31222-Jul-14
Best E1 in the world?652,77422-Jul-14
Burbage Plantation To Be Transformed?883822-Jul-14
Fatal accident on Kalymnos11,05922-Jul-14
Den lane.222822-Jul-14
First time on Seacliff (Baggy Point) - any advice?1561422-Jul-14
Top Ascents this week-18522-Jul-14
Getting confidence back for Trad.140021-Jul-14
Lionheart - Wadi Rum421721-Jul-14
Climber Arrested71,49721-Jul-14
cairngorms weather113621-Jul-14
Delays on A82 round Loch Lomond?2274921-Jul-14
Boysen Bio and partnerships140121-Jul-14
Very low pay or a good starter job?552,48221-Jul-14
That's what I need a robot hand!-11921-Jul-14
Damaged Mallion at the Top of Striptease, Tremadog191,46621-Jul-14
A55 today566921-Jul-14
Climbing allowed on national trust land1189821-Jul-14
Recommend a physio/osteopath in Manchester723320-Jul-14
Easter Island - Dovedale Lost gear-12020-Jul-14
Life (climbing) after back surgery1058820-Jul-14
beam in black @ chee dale -broken hold?321519-Jul-14
chee tor conditions tomorrow321619-Jul-14
DWS in the Verdon/ Calanques620819-Jul-14
The climbers in blue with the yellow rope on Talisman today165319-Jul-14
John Ellis Roberts has died on the Cromlech42,02718-Jul-14
A reliable second141,62818-Jul-14
Troy Quarry431118-Jul-14
Hoghton Quarry open, Mandarin cleaned1090418-Jul-14
A sense of decency593318-Jul-14
Bass Rock - Wharncliffe218118-Jul-14
The biggest access and participation issue the BMC faces753,95418-Jul-14
Climbing posters-17617-Jul-14
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