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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Log-books on external websites / adding 'clubs' to profile?Bertbee634519-Mar-14
If you had two days on the Isle of Man where would you climbSCrossley429619-Mar-14
'Alex Honnold', Bolton Style..ChrisJD466319-Mar-14
Lost Climbs - Top 10Greenbanks672,02019-Mar-14
Knot the dead end of the rope!JimboWizbo372,85919-Mar-14
Family Friendly Climbers/Club in North LakesMeMeMe1028519-Mar-14
Where to climb if I'm not from the U.K. ?johnnyclimbs324519-Mar-14
Wilton Conditioncrag_hopper_Jay416019-Mar-14
Deep water soloing comp in ExeterJohn Alcock443319-Mar-14
Rock Fall Fairy Cave QuarryThe Ivanator743018-Mar-14
Portland- Road Rage area post winter updateJohn Alcock887418-Mar-14
Practise (sic) bpmclimb291,10418-Mar-14
Northumberland Henhole and Bizzle Crags Beano923018-Mar-14
Yorkshire Gritstone Vol. 2Olli-C-17318-Mar-14
Minimising wear on bolted lower-offs.rockcat1069518-Mar-14
Rock Climbing South India?SUColdo211218-Mar-14
Top Ascents this weekUKC Logbooks-15818-Mar-14
When one of your routes gets demolished :-(Al Evans382,64618-Mar-14
Where is the crux of Vectorpasbury261,37518-Mar-14
john dunne footagehatman433,88917-Mar-14
Logging assisting/supervising hours for SPAAlex Croall526617-Mar-14
Huntsmans Leap Abseil Pointirish paul442917-Mar-14
Sharma/Glowacz teaser 2HakanT-13817-Mar-14
Old climbing magazinesarmus-14617-Mar-14
climbing trip, dyspraxia and my cold.Mountain Spirit332,92717-Mar-14
E2s that are harder than Left WallJon Stewart1435,23017-Mar-14
dads old expedition photosandork123670517-Mar-14
nest on roof route, rivelinandy.smythe323716-Mar-14
El Chorro partners March 28th to April 13?ScottyG-3016-Mar-14
Electrical plug in MoroccoPete Jones110016-Mar-14
stone farm. southern sandstonetimmyhobby648316-Mar-14
anyone at Ladye bay today?Choss-8916-Mar-14
logbooks randomly deleting partnersLakesWinter-11315-Mar-14
Loose blocks on Strapiombo Pant Ifanhighclimber-16415-Mar-14
Any recommendations for this weekendford23316214-Mar-14
Cyrn Las - Lubyanka - Rock CondtionsStuartCJones460514-Mar-14
Easter climbing spots in the UKc4tch952014-Mar-14
M12+ Onsighted.Steve (The Steve)-27214-Mar-14
The worst belaying photo on ukc...Maestro776,34214-Mar-14
GeyikbayırıGraham Booth645114-Mar-14
Crags for easy climbing near Newcastle this weekendMB421029914-Mar-14
El ChorroTree2464914-Mar-14
Well protected UK SlabsThe Ivanator1043,55514-Mar-14
ETA Climbing at Battleship/Blacknor, PortlandGraham Booth-16014-Mar-14
Science jobs in west highlands, ScotlandKeri-25414-Mar-14
Reccomendation Needed for a Video of Double Rope BelayingRobScotland214814-Mar-14
Free climbing, what is it?SCrossley2092114-Mar-14
Ashley's stopper knot - thoughts?needvert384513-Mar-14
The purest form of ascent or the ultimate unjustifiable riskalpinechris532,27713-Mar-14
women and Ramshaw Crackpaul mitchell352113-Mar-14
Crag near Bothwell Castle.pete123924613-Mar-14
accident at Catle Troughs, Swanage sunday 9th marchmdjb363,53513-Mar-14
Portland sport for groups?Danbow731146713-Mar-14
Bring back UK Aid ClimbsMark Collins391,99213-Mar-14
Couldn't find someone to belaycheek to the rock474113-Mar-14
Boom Boxes at crags r0x0r.wolfo532,38113-Mar-14
Kingussie SlabsSamuel Wainwright226112-Mar-14
Trad courses Slipknot_olly231812-Mar-14
Robin Proctors Scar - dodgy lower off - cautionchris heald-17012-Mar-14
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