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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Strengthening holds that are about to go1088706-Jul-14
Froggatt pinnacle.Trad bastion?211,18906-Jul-14
Backrope for the second1171606-Jul-14
Karate trousers for climbing in191,67806-Jul-14
Armchair landings for dws983305-Jul-14
Best deep water soloing film?218305-Jul-14
Cleaning unclimbed rock.351,37505-Jul-14
Crag Lough527304-Jul-14
Grid Ref for Glyder Fach Main Cliff314804-Jul-14
Good on Ron walker687704-Jul-14
Avis Car - Swiss Side Beware-29404-Jul-14
Swimming as the 'best' cardio for staying lean?432,06504-Jul-14
Trad climbing ethics291,63804-Jul-14
Mountaineering work in Kurdistan, my experience so far658704-Jul-14
Female Nose speed record139104-Jul-14
Pettifers Wall on bolts again?233104-Jul-14
A Case For Bolted Belays in the Lancashire Quarries723,07403-Jul-14
Loose rock on Raven Crag Thirlmere-19803-Jul-14
Finding Twll Mawr??!!??!!684303-Jul-14
sport climbing in Sardinia, advice please?632703-Jul-14
Aiguille Dibona "Berthet/Boell" Route!114103-Jul-14
Osiris (Cobbler)211,38902-Jul-14
Good E2's and E3's at Reiff1032902-Jul-14
Bastille - High Tor1176502-Jul-14
MWIS - anyone having problems?847502-Jul-14
Foot Injury528902-Jul-14
Holly tree wall - diagram request please1175002-Jul-14
central buttress photo chockstone570002-Jul-14
Central Grooves, Stob Coire nan Lochan855402-Jul-14
Broken Wrist Advice1042902-Jul-14
Bunched up ring finger tendon injury-7802-Jul-14
Pillar Rock descent181,06402-Jul-14
decking it on rope stretch593,60702-Jul-14
Self belay and lifespan?885402-Jul-14
Back Wall Traverse - Hobson Moor Quarry - at even lower level533301-Jul-14
Recommend an Instructor or course981801-Jul-14
Less Trad climbers, why should I care?974,06801-Jul-14
Top Ascents this week-19301-Jul-14
Climbing in 200 years time551,88601-Jul-14
climbing and ulcerative colitis1874501-Jul-14
Shakemantle Quarry (Ruspidge Slab Quarry) topo215401-Jul-14
cenotaph corner262,48630-Jun-14
Bridging the Converging Walls - The Chasm641330-Jun-14
The Fall and decline at Craig Arthur ***Loose rock***942030-Jun-14
Heavenly Laybacks611,99830-Jun-14
Peak routes where good footwork is essential191,35630-Jun-14
Conditions on Cloggy219730-Jun-14
Llanberis Trad Festival161,25630-Jun-14
Scafell and Esk butress - are they dry?854330-Jun-14
"A nice crag but the routes could do with a good clean up"463,21630-Jun-14
5h1t at Gimmer564729-Jun-14
lost walking pole, Ben Nevis316829-Jun-14
Routes on Rannoch Wall860129-Jun-14
Rain Prediction - Weather Websites729129-Jun-14
Top 10 E3s in North Wales301,65029-Jun-14
Travel insurance319228-Jun-14
Bolts in Wilton: A response201,21528-Jun-14
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