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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Harpur Hill Access and BMC access databasejohncook536909-Mar-14
Best forbidden crag?pasbury993,42909-Mar-14
Snake Dike- Half Dome VideoMolly841909-Mar-14
Elergy - How do you do it?TRip454009-Mar-14
Lost shoesj.townley-9309-Mar-14
Anyone need a 'second'?Skol-30808-Mar-14
Best Pembrokeshire multipitch VS climbsBradders1747708-Mar-14
swanage conditionstimmyhobby1051608-Mar-14
Best sunny trad crag near Bristol?Kemics419308-Mar-14
Good soft Peak HVSs Mr Fuller1514,34708-Mar-14
Nicotine staingeddicakes151,23308-Mar-14
advice for multiple hand injuriesashtond62265108-Mar-14
Full body harness for pregnant climbersjo99425907-Mar-14
Has there ever been a better time to be a climber?Andy Moles1084,04607-Mar-14
Peak sport conditions.Speed Reed-9407-Mar-14
Jules Lines on the TV, videoColin Moody355207-Mar-14
someone told me this was a site to meet other climbersRichie E672507-Mar-14
Lake District Shepherds Cragg . Everyones invited, we have carRichie E982107-Mar-14
Sealing cord on route?Kemics226207-Mar-14
Lower Wye Valley crag stabilityalexjz-18107-Mar-14
How much of a rockfall does it take to warrant a new FA?The Pylon King1987607-Mar-14
llanberis conditionsmarzi1070007-Mar-14
Buying CC Pembroke Guide Volume 1 Near St David'sRobin UK618307-Mar-14
Small Climbing BlogsJossGuyer538007-Mar-14
retail gone mad?Bluebird482,13706-Mar-14
Rockfall at Avon?Deary65459606-Mar-14
lizard point climbszigzag112506-Mar-14
CWIF Sheffield, accommodation offeredMartinPL642406-Mar-14
UK Top HVSsOwen W-G943,35406-Mar-14
How do your nuts hang?ow arm351,68306-Mar-14
Calluses on fingersHakanT1163005-Mar-14
Best climbs in Avonmike lawrence?1136705-Mar-14
Southern Sandstone conditionsclimbwhenready957405-Mar-14
England's Dreaming - Blacknor Northandyman666999-25105-Mar-14
Semletind (Sondre Trolltind) East Pillar?Red Rover115705-Mar-14
accomodation in Stanage to rent 15th MarchMountain Spirit411,53805-Mar-14
Coronation street cheddar condition/drying timeKemics447704-Mar-14
Multipitch recommendationSlipknot_olly226604-Mar-14
Top Ascents this weekUKC Logbooks-24304-Mar-14
Langdale Canyons?Red Rover1455704-Mar-14
Gear left in Last Tango In ParisMark Reeves41,05003-Mar-14
Conditions - South West cragsOwen W-G526703-Mar-14
Tealasdail Slabs, LewisJayPee630327603-Mar-14
Major Portland Landslidesteve taylor898,55703-Mar-14
Yosemite climbingdan tipper232203-Mar-14
Limestone in nick in the PeakTheeni663702-Mar-14
Why does climbing make your fingers fat?!EmSB262,00302-Mar-14
Plateau Slabspidermonkey09427402-Mar-14
Atlantic coast storm damage?oakapple111,10502-Mar-14
Please 'eliminate' my confusionOtis161,36502-Mar-14
Access round the bottom of Marmolata Buttress, SwanageDerby Grit231502-Mar-14
Cheddar conditionstom_moat-14101-Mar-14
WARNING: Unstable Rock at Too Funky Beach, Cave Hole, PortlandBen Stokes131601-Mar-14
More Hoy advicesparkass759901-Mar-14
drytooling at dumby!6b-east755601-Mar-14
Cord for absiel retreats moroccoKemics839001-Mar-14
Bolting highlines on UK trad cragsslackloaf1884,98201-Mar-14
Parker's Eliminate - Hobson MoorJimboWizbo643501-Mar-14
Hard E1s to tryCake1243,00001-Mar-14
Captain Invincible repeatedGrinshill145828-Feb-14
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