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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Cloggy cons update-23715-Jun-14
How many UK routes in world top hundred?1093,69015-Jun-14
Name that route129914-Jun-14
Is crack climbing bad for injured pully tendon? 115614-Jun-14
Gardening at the Dewerstone? 115414-Jun-14
Southern Sandstone conditions110614-Jun-14
Are bolted abseils a bad thing ??1064,21414-Jun-14
''Call Me Wemage'' - New route at Craig y Merched, 5.6.14-17414-Jun-14
Can you name this route on the Douglas Boulder? 751014-Jun-14
What's the weather gonna do ???2067414-Jun-14
Chavs Throwing Rocks Towards Climbers: Sea Walls, Avon Gorge.121,69714-Jun-14
Rockfall on Twilight Gully Walls746014-Jun-14
French crag grades342413-Jun-14
new belay point keyhole cave 3099,40813-Jun-14
HVS Yorkshire Limestone Bottom end of range1730513-Jun-14
Dislocated Shoulder - What To Do633013-Jun-14
New New Quarry Traverse 332413-Jun-14
South West Climbs Vol 21438013-Jun-14
How do you stash your equipment?623,01013-Jun-14
Next superstar climber240413-Jun-14
lester mill bolts761413-Jun-14
fear and climbing - recommendations441,66913-Jun-14
Reptile Smile, Blacknor North, 23m 568212-Jun-14
Curved ridge start537712-Jun-14
Staden - It's time to comment on the planning application333812-Jun-14
Which guidebook for Arolla?18312-Jun-14
Top roping using the lower off anchors (rant!) 1193,98012-Jun-14
research for my msc528312-Jun-14
Assembling Black Diamond Double Cliff Cabana Portaledge-8112-Jun-14
Blame the Climbing Walls!!184,29612-Jun-14
Creag Ghlas climbing despite bird ban-13712-Jun-14
Best Peak Grit Guidebook?430712-Jun-14
Cornish Crag Advice1868312-Jun-14
Malham - Right Wing123512-Jun-14
Mountain Training Digital Log (DLOG)1043211-Jun-14
plexus and nexus353111-Jun-14
Pulley injury on top of finger?18711-Jun-14
Ravens nesting on a route261,60911-Jun-14
Best Multipitch Severe and Hard Severe Routes UK572,25011-Jun-14
C-Route - stances for rope of 3?323511-Jun-14
The Cracks/Lorraine on Dinas Mot1981411-Jun-14
Lesser known Pembroke gems E2-41263410-Jun-14
Bridging the gap from HS to VS, routes in Lochaber381,12210-Jun-14
Comes the Dervish - Broken Hold61,31710-Jun-14
Top rope abuse on Merseyside/Cheshire sandstone111,61710-Jun-14
Kilnsey Main Overhang342,12810-Jun-14
Top Ascents this week-22110-Jun-14
Lymes at Moy557010-Jun-14
Crunchy Frog Shepherd's Last Sunday 15th?-13610-Jun-14
Launching Pad - Dali's Hole545709-Jun-14
The worst302,32609-Jun-14
Best single pitch routes on Skye632109-Jun-14
Solid VS Leader ticklist201,44209-Jun-14
Fredas buttress, dry in the rain?211409-Jun-14
Bolts at New Mills Torr, who was asked?379009-Jun-14
Baggy point bird bans this year-12309-Jun-14
Quick drying crags in North Wales528709-Jun-14
Recommend me super classic HVS/E1's in Snowdonia1389209-Jun-14
wilton fest 2014??331708-Jun-14
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