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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Best single pitch routes on Skye632109-Jun-14
Solid VS Leader ticklist201,44209-Jun-14
Fredas buttress, dry in the rain?211409-Jun-14
Bolts at New Mills Torr, who was asked?379009-Jun-14
Baggy point bird bans this year-12309-Jun-14
Quick drying crags in North Wales528809-Jun-14
Recommend me super classic HVS/E1's in Snowdonia1389209-Jun-14
wilton fest 2014??331808-Jun-14
New sport climbing venue in lancashie-26708-Jun-14
Midges on Isle Skye - end of May?1269308-Jun-14
Top 5 routes for learning Hand Jamming !!812,21008-Jun-14
Multi pitch trad climbing Brecon434408-Jun-14
Mentoring noobs.666808-Jun-14
Get That Man- Cheddar146408-Jun-14
Vertical Mind-17207-Jun-14
Hand jamming for Sissies1582107-Jun-14
Yorkshire grit 122407-Jun-14
Peak Limestone tomorrow, what will be in good nick?534707-Jun-14
Who has the best climbing venues?2775407-Jun-14
Route Name? Dringo Magazine 1967 (UCW Aberystwyth)-12007-Jun-14
Dangerous routes with a light belayer1088207-Jun-14
Portsmouth (and area) Climbing People?725306-Jun-14
Shibboleth Team - Friday 30th May685006-Jun-14
would dynamic rope be ok for rigging?850306-Jun-14
Dont know what we've got until its gone...370305-Jun-14
Cornish Climbing Festival-12005-Jun-14
What would you like to see in a climbing article?942605-Jun-14
Mr Dawes - Legend !!!413,82205-Jun-14
Tat - what thickness can you get away with / knot?471,62305-Jun-14
Forest of Dean quarries for kids?624104-Jun-14
Rack for Old Man of Stoer/Hoy1048404-Jun-14
What constitutes an onsight?653,22604-Jun-14
Loose abseil bolt removed on Snakes and Ladders253204-Jun-14
SPA-type crags in the Peak2588304-Jun-14
5 vs Leads to be sure im a competent vs leader ?603,35804-Jun-14
Easy climbs for kids nr Exeter626404-Jun-14
Lakes Slate1487303-Jun-14
A historical question about grades421,71403-Jun-14
Photos at Stanage over Bank Holiday - were you there?231203-Jun-14
Pick me a route/routes (Scotland)1245503-Jun-14
Is Farrletter Crag Bolted?551703-Jun-14
Do you improve faster by pushing it till you fall ???411,85203-Jun-14
Birds nesting on Chair Ladder?217503-Jun-14
dirty dirty climber, poo under armirican152,04303-Jun-14
Top Ascents this week-20003-Jun-14
Cheating on Everest332,61403-Jun-14
Cheddar conditions and ban222202-Jun-14
Classic Rock, But Peak Only?1471102-Jun-14
Were you on Lost Horizon at Baggy Point on Saturday 31 May?-13702-Jun-14
slanting slab entry/aid?141,36702-Jun-14
Good E1's for breaking through the E barrier!1474,60702-Jun-14
How far can you drop a cam?381,90802-Jun-14
Naranjo de Bulnes948502-Jun-14
Suicide Wall, Cratcliffe- broken hold (and body). Sorry71,04402-Jun-14
Climbing in Frejus623302-Jun-14
Stiff Camalot ?432601-Jun-14
Mayfair Wall225901-Jun-14
Napes needle routes-20101-Jun-14
Clogwyn y Person Arete1675601-Jun-14
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