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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Dick Isherwood RIPjohncoxmysteriously134712-Feb-14
Intercostal Rehabilitationgcoiley1046411-Feb-14
climbing with babies near LeedsMeMeMe1482611-Feb-14
Avon local expertise wantedjohncoxmysteriously1381611-Feb-14
Top Ascents this weekUKC Logbooks-19111-Feb-14
Dislocated shoulderStuartCJones2274110-Feb-14
Peak this weekend- optimistic?!spidermonkey09231,32110-Feb-14
Longest English sea cliff route.Tom V311,15110-Feb-14
Asia or New Zealand tripSammy travel-6009-Feb-14
Best way of marking routes on photo topos?Dave Flanagan224809-Feb-14
Rope twistsspeedymushmouse641309-Feb-14
coastal stormsDave Potter451509-Feb-14
Multi-pitch anchors when climbing as a threeDanbow73722,62709-Feb-14
Joe healey, zero ogwenEd Booth482708-Feb-14
Vari focus while climbingAlan Pierce2872908-Feb-14
spa - mia gapkfv1224,37908-Feb-14
Cleaning routesJ.A.Thomson442,38108-Feb-14
Rock fall at New Cuttingstheellis147508-Feb-14
Steep Learning Curve: Honnold on Free SoloingBobling111,06408-Feb-14
Bridge of Death, California vs Bridge of Death, DawlisGraeme Hammond571307-Feb-14
name mountains quiztlm838907-Feb-14
Tower Ridge guideclimbingrev91,41007-Feb-14
Portland - East Weare climbs lost to the stormsjohnl761807-Feb-14
This chap was luckyicnoble81,26507-Feb-14
Thinking of planning a canadian climbing
How do I go about volunteering as an instructor?Mountain Spirit713,93806-Feb-14
Crag swag lost & found storieswilkie14c1074,18306-Feb-14
Back to back screwgates?esoteric482,43706-Feb-14
Dream tick for 2014Ciderslider1204,02006-Feb-14
Climbing InsuranceAmeedy228906-Feb-14
Self Rescue Problemmmmhumous151,06005-Feb-14
Burrington Combejohncoxmysteriously471,24705-Feb-14
Next Peak Rock (ish) questionjohncoxmysteriously141,07205-Feb-14
Lundy guidebookkevin stephens118605-Feb-14
Climbing grades and GCSEsesoteric301,43605-Feb-14
Lower Sharpnose - Lunakhod abseil.Mark Kemball1023,44004-Feb-14
Photos of people climbing Back Bowden Sunday.Russell Lovett-16404-Feb-14
What is the definition of psychological strength?Mountain Spirit241,40404-Feb-14
Parbat Tigersheffieldchris-13204-Feb-14
Where to buy discontinued TNF stock?ah876904-Feb-14
Top Ascents this weekUKC Logbooks-20704-Feb-14
Costa Blanca Climbing - where is everyone?paul__in_sheffield883803-Feb-14
What makes a 3 star climb? Karabiner Karen311,34303-Feb-14
9 yr old Aussie girl climbs 8bMorgan Woods388003-Feb-14
Where are the Welsh HVD's?Otis201,09402-Feb-14
5.10 - v10 shoe history?dmacmorris129501-Feb-14
Possibly the most hardcore DWS route going?Toerag81,01101-Feb-14
First Aid course provider PeakSCrossley1647801-Feb-14
Deep Water Soloing InsuranceMr Chris J453101-Feb-14
Welsh Slate Climbing on BBC 1 Now!Doghouse101,31101-Feb-14
Visitors opinions on Dalkey Quarry, DublinDave Flanagan1746131-Jan-14
Is this you on Outward Bound, Haytor? Sean Kelly121,66731-Jan-14
Madagascar, guide books, topo's, general advice etc?maybe_si423131-Jan-14
Portland- Climbing safe right now?EmSB358131-Jan-14
Swanage this SundayColinVern215631-Jan-14
Dry rock when it's raining heavily Wizzy221,13331-Jan-14
Dolomites workLukem6-14031-Jan-14
Tatra is now E1Bob M413,26030-Jan-14
How many mats for bouldering ? SethChili754330-Jan-14
Ruptured Biceplostcat758029-Jan-14
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