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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Scafell Central Buttressarmus558027-Feb-14
What grade to give?6b-east134427-Feb-14
Charlie Porter R.I.PIain Peters465627-Feb-14
If this route was a food...Jon Stewart844826-Feb-14
Ian VincentAndrew Poland353,89626-Feb-14
Why do we climb? QuestionnaireConnolly86842566526-Feb-14
what drill for climbing?6b-east311,57126-Feb-14
Highway One, Portishead (again)bpmclimb944026-Feb-14
Harold RaeburnSUColdo-15926-Feb-14
Driest crag, within 60 mile of South Wales.Mostin3825125-Feb-14
RIP Ian McNaught-DavisCo1in H403,29125-Feb-14
My blogMountain Spirit1537,57425-Feb-14
Child friendly cragsGJohn1882925-Feb-14
Stay safe, climb hard and live long Gecko2k303,26525-Feb-14
Bowles is ... inhelix131,28425-Feb-14
Top Ascents this weekUKC Logbooks127225-Feb-14
Left Wall Dinas Cromlech 6aSCrossley1365,30125-Feb-14
Pembroke - Any rock fall?VPJB576524-Feb-14
Ultimate E1 ticklistOwen W-G1053,25224-Feb-14
Long John's Slabalooker612,44624-Feb-14
Arco single pitch in MayRich2002523024-Feb-14
climbing while hungoverrobate191,37024-Feb-14
Dissertation research!EmmaFitz21-17024-Feb-14
Core strength disappearing firstKevin Woods461623-Feb-14
good geology boooks fro MIA assessmentbigrob1040522-Feb-14
Access to Shepherds crag and The BowderstoneNathaniel Larsson356022-Feb-14
One Memory - One Route - Only One!Goucho442,69721-Feb-14
Rock Climbing for Disabled Participation EmmaFitz21219121-Feb-14
Radcliffe CameraSolaris271,17821-Feb-14
Hurricanes, floods and earthquake! Iain Peters3973020-Feb-14
Ultra Lightweight Trad Rack snapperdan131,07820-Feb-14
Rainy Day Rock on SkyeBnB1937220-Feb-14
Weekend away with camping & climbing tockey92627020-Feb-14
spiral fracture of fibula!shaslam00632239620-Feb-14
Avon Gorge conditionsjezb1737519-Feb-14
Head cams and helmet strength questionStewartBradshaw1590919-Feb-14
Portland Conditionsluke1986203,17119-Feb-14
Retiring my BD ATCandyman666999181,36719-Feb-14
Suggestions for long weekend sport climbing trip jasper11331919-Feb-14
PSA: Dissected - The Human Hand on BBC4James_D332618-Feb-14
Any multi pitch trad climbing in Malaga area?marzi417218-Feb-14
eatingpaul mitchell356218-Feb-14
Top Ascents this weekUKC Logbooks-17318-Feb-14
Equipment Found at Harrison's RocksSarah Cullen635818-Feb-14
Dufour knot / hitch?JohnV322418-Feb-14
Loose rock in Swanagejezb1742917-Feb-14
Are there any access issues at Morro Falqui (Costa Blanca)J&PW513617-Feb-14
Euro petition to help our Mountain Rescue become VAT exempt mattnuttall429917-Feb-14
We need your help!JonS551217-Feb-14
Top American Alpinist killed in PatagoniaDave Turnbull, BMC-58616-Feb-14
BMC doesn't know West From NorthA Nidderdale boulderer.1493116-Feb-14
Setting Personal TargetsDaveGoesClimbing1652,65515-Feb-14
Is this a picture of a British crag?Morgan Woods352,17815-Feb-14
Millstone seepage Sunday?toasted428315-Feb-14
Was Tom Patey a Royal Marine?TobyA481,88715-Feb-14
Ankle ligament repairandrea83324915-Feb-14
Climbing Peak Sunday, a fair bet.SCrossley417914-Feb-14
The pain of crack climbing - Do shoes make a difference?DBoothroyd638314-Feb-14
Top Lonely Leads in the UKmike lawrence?23410,03614-Feb-14
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