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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Does anyone know if Hot Rock expeditions are still going?Simon Preuss228423-Jan-14
Boom!! The Goblins of the Combe allow an E7The Pylon King171,22723-Jan-14
Lube for Camsallyrocke2596122-Jan-14
Why do you climb?Sam Maher431,59422-Jan-14
Violent New BreedSCrossley112,06822-Jan-14
Murder at the crag?Fraser-63722-Jan-14
What size pack for long day trad?Kemics301,18221-Jan-14
Jimmy Jewelboatgypsy373,68921-Jan-14
Southern Sandstone: Too Wet?neuromancer117821-Jan-14
Top Ascents this weekUKC Logbooks-21021-Jan-14
Developing anxiety over heights.Goucho989020-Jan-14
Who are the muppets then?Iain Peters797320-Jan-14
Climber "stranded" at Subliminal due to wet weather yesterdayquiffhanger102,34520-Jan-14
On TV, C4 NOW - Don't look downMartin1978232,08320-Jan-14
Climbing Dissertation Questionnaire the ant hill mob251,05520-Jan-14
Wild Country rock recall is a farce.stokienomad965,63020-Jan-14
What are the chances, climbing in the peak Saturday and Sundaypuppythedog331,43420-Jan-14
Dancing at the cragJonny2vests201,48720-Jan-14
portway lifestyle centreSupadeano86-7519-Jan-14
New North Wales Limestone - When's It Due?Frankie boy-16419-Jan-14
SPA Assessment venues South Lakeshedgehog77421919-Jan-14
Rockfax Lofoten guide latestMarcus99329119-Jan-14
anyone know if small dales suffers seepageadmackie631619-Jan-14
Nick Raynsfordjohncoxmysteriously1994518-Jan-14
What Are Your North York Moors Desires This Year?Franco Cookson321,39018-Jan-14
Pontesford rocksTHETWIG007535618-Jan-14
Journey to the giant frogbill briggs11051817-Jan-14
Advice for aid practice/ European big wallingjon_gill12483317-Jan-14
How many current members in the Climbers Club?kingholmesy1194,29617-Jan-14
Ligament and TFCC injuries (instability) of the wristHensha1974114917-Jan-14
The Humble Climbing Blogs....JossGuyer1395417-Jan-14
Will anywhere by dry this weekend?Kemics958016-Jan-14
knots in tapeow arm1278516-Jan-14
Getting into climbing 1949 stylefull stottie139416-Jan-14
Arthur Birtwistlerob sykes502,01016-Jan-14
suggestions for mountain routes/ long days N Wales this weekendwoodsy832816-Jan-14
Pass of Ballater TopoSamuel Wainwright326816-Jan-14
"Reversed" fig-8 knot strength?999thAndy2682915-Jan-14
Conditions this weekend for Dorset/Brean sport?Ali214915-Jan-14
Has anyone repeated Skye Wall?JonmapDL478215-Jan-14
Staffordshire nose speed recordAlexanderRyanBanks244315-Jan-14
Remergence - Grade discussionJimboWizbo441,67415-Jan-14
beeston tor -winter venue?jmills942788315-Jan-14
Llanberis Slate Quarry- Turned mountain bike courseSol Armer342,12415-Jan-14
Wild Country RecallMrTedwin1388715-Jan-14
SPA specificity Kyle87241,13814-Jan-14
BMC membership numberCurlyStevo739014-Jan-14
My friend has Grit-itis - help.ianlaw211,78614-Jan-14
Top Ascents this weekUKC Logbooks-21814-Jan-14
Just back from 2 days in hallowed lands201,18813-Jan-14
Pete Riley InquestWyeValleyClimber61,53013-Jan-14
Trad ethic in Monserrat?TobyA401,46313-Jan-14
Don't buy feather down jackets or sleeping bagsM. Edwards161,40013-Jan-14
Wanted: 7b Project in Northern England Preferably 'slabby'TheGeneralist181,15413-Jan-14
Lodger Wantedcliffrad-21113-Jan-14
boulderer john gill age 76 exercisingpaul mitchell233612-Jan-14
Equalizing two anchors without hardware. Cadairmanuk151,08412-Jan-14
Italian soloerpaul mitchell137612-Jan-14
wow! Looking forward to this.Choss670912-Jan-14
Conditions in the peak todayJimboWizbo538512-Jan-14
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