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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.

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Thefts from rucksacks at foot of Black Crag Borrowdale634,96015-Jul-14
Huddersfield Area Guidebook1749715-Jul-14
DANGEROUS Block, Arcturus P1, Pavey Ark81,81015-Jul-14
Top Ascents this week-21515-Jul-14
Sponsored Climb in aid of CAC1276715-Jul-14
Good Guidebook News559214-Jul-14
Where to take a 5 yearold, lower wye valley1451314-Jul-14
Bram crag quarry851614-Jul-14
Minus One Direct490714-Jul-14
Addition of crag direction indicator to logbook map view426314-Jul-14
Guidebook Coverage Map329214-Jul-14
Le Big F***, Boffi. Could someone tell me the route length?122814-Jul-14
Hawks nest crack, Froggatt658313-Jul-14
climbing this monday at stanage328313-Jul-14
Were you DWSing at Lulworth on Saturday at 12.00?-24713-Jul-14
Grade given according to style of ascent1652,40913-Jul-14
Scotland Wet Weather Venues!1153613-Jul-14
Return to climbing after bunion surgery?1675813-Jul-14
Cryn las - the grooves, dry tomorrow?341412-Jul-14
Ratho chopped retro-bolted routes684,58912-Jul-14
Film of Ron Fawcett soloing Darius anyone?1097912-Jul-14
Harpur Hill558911-Jul-14
Death Anxiety, Impulsive Sensation Seeking and Self-Efficacy1013,58711-Jul-14
The best E1 in Borrowdale?271,09511-Jul-14
Beta spraying other climbers- edicate161,32511-Jul-14
Finally Flying buttress direct - Yes!!!!!!!833,41711-Jul-14
creag an dubh loch conditions-9511-Jul-14
The friendly woman that took photos at the Cromlech on 1st July81,26311-Jul-14
Midges this week1046811-Jul-14
new routes at Dancing Ledge next to Mr choochoo-9611-Jul-14
Whats' the weather like up in north wales at the mo?-12110-Jul-14
Sport climbing near Coventry533010-Jul-14
Lake district potential issues 912,57510-Jul-14
Bus from Hathersage to Stanage?421110-Jul-14
Atlantic Coast - Worth the trip?645510-Jul-14
Photos of climbers on West Flank Route 09/07-12010-Jul-14
climbing cornwall??619710-Jul-14
research for my msc1271410-Jul-14
SPA help!1779710-Jul-14
who is familiar with Eskdale crags?638210-Jul-14
The Grim Jim finish (Cromlech) + other recommendations1874110-Jul-14
Pregnant climbers133010-Jul-14
Symonds yat tonight???-7210-Jul-14
Climbing around Dartmoor area?1228809-Jul-14
Fish at Millstone?140809-Jul-14
Mid Wales New Route Frenzy!292,29109-Jul-14
bolts chopped at wilton242,34809-Jul-14
Anyone climbed at Oak Howe Crag , Langdale?2958209-Jul-14
El Chorro Gorge Aid Climb - las 3 cuevas?213809-Jul-14
Being too tense while climbing2284809-Jul-14
Favourite Trad routes in snowdonia - inspire me!1051209-Jul-14
Climbing Partner Lake District-9109-Jul-14
Crag approach details in guidebooks271,01009-Jul-14
BMC TV - what does it cost members? Is it worth it?803,35808-Jul-14
How quickly does Witches Quarry dry after rain?314808-Jul-14
Gibraltar dws YouTube 317008-Jul-14
Top Ascents this week-23508-Jul-14
Sport Climbing Ethics432,16208-Jul-14
6c training route at Horseshoe please2062608-Jul-14
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