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PubI find you extremely attractive!!4 of 3622:00 Mon
PubShoplifting. At what point have you broken the law.13 of 13218:54 Mon
OffRandom aches and twinges as you enter your mid/late 30's 7 of 4515:43 Mon
OffFreelance Forest Schools Leader 'Admissions Policy'1 of 214:05 Mon
PubStarting a neighbour feud.1 of 3811:25 Mon
OffDocumentary Narrators with strong Regional Accents 1 of 4711:20 Mon
PubStupid questions4 of 8519:25 Sat
RTUndercover policeman posed as "professional climber"1 of 3719:23 Sat
Off'Move-Terrorist' Blamless Yorkshire Woman Told8 of 2719:20 Sat
PubLet's spam Phillip Davis with first aid leaflets1 of 2712:17 Sat
PubDaily Mash gets it as usual1 of 1312:02 Sat
OffTerror vs Love , Friendship Etc3 of 1211:57 Sat
PubSix feet of snow coming through my radio1 of 700:21 Sat
OffBig Expedition Bills!1 of 820-Nov-15
OffFilibustering1 of 1320-Nov-15
OffSentenced to death for writing poetry3 of 12220-Nov-15
OffGod v Religion.2 of 2320-Nov-15
PubConcrete counter/work tops - kitchen1 of 2020-Nov-15
NewBIs climbing a middle class sport/activity?3 of 20520-Nov-15
OffMAC for the Daily Mail3 of 6020-Nov-15
OffIs it PC or propaganda?2 of 2819-Nov-15
PubNext door's fecking moggie has been at it again5 of 4919-Nov-15
OffDelightful Turks6 of 11919-Nov-15
PubDid you park a blue Golf GTI in Watford Station Car park today?2 of 3418-Nov-15
OffMy employer wants to store data on me in US, should I let them?1 of 1018-Nov-15
OffJonah Lomu has passed away1 of 3418-Nov-15
PubShould you have been born in a different era?8 of 5218-Nov-15
OffSo, you’ve changed your FB profile picture to a French flag3 of 17717-Nov-15
PubBrave or Foolhardy ?2 of 2217-Nov-15
OffBampots not religious fanatics...12 of 10217-Nov-15
PubThe good old days2 of 1617-Nov-15
PubHappiness is.....6 of 7416-Nov-15
PubStop the World...2 of 2516-Nov-15
OffOUTRAGE! Borris Johnson CHATTED IN 2 MINUTES SILENCE!4 of 1815-Nov-15
OffStewart Lee on Corbyn/The Sun1 of 415-Nov-15
OffAlternatives for "girlfriend"4 of 11015-Nov-15
PubIs it time for all our Police to be Armed?1 of 10815-Nov-15
GearRab repairs - issues1 of 2014-Nov-15
Offsprained/broken wrist advice please3 of 1214-Nov-15
BookPhilthy animal Taylor RIP1 of 713-Nov-15
OffWhat makes words go out of fashion?1 of 6612-Nov-15
OffIs Peaceful Protest Potentially Under Threat In The Uk? 8 of 12112-Nov-15
OffToday at a book event in my daughters school she was told.....2 of 28111-Nov-15
Off Is David Cameron the Most Stupidest Person in Britain??2 of 11511-Nov-15
OffWorkplace bullying3 of 1911-Nov-15
RTWill Gadd On Modern Sponsorship4 of 4010-Nov-15
OffSeb Coe vs Vladimir Putin3 of 7010-Nov-15
?Can anyone explain the psychology behind this manoeuvre? 3 of 5610-Nov-15
OffWill they ever leave him alone?1 of 18608-Nov-15
GearBest winter clothing layers3 of 9308-Nov-15
OffUsing cement + wire mesh to cover a pipe hole in a wall?5 of 1807-Nov-15
OffInteresting look at racism faced by young people in Britian.. 4 of 807-Nov-15
Off2 years 4 months prison for speeding!2 of 4606-Nov-15
?NEW ARTICLE: Climbing with Pride: An Insight into the LGBT Community10 of 28806-Nov-15
?NEW ARTICLE: 20 People You'll the Climbing Wall2 of 4806-Nov-15
Offgrim news on private parking fines1 of 14605-Nov-15
OffMarch to Stop Tree Felling in Sheffield2 of 4604-Nov-15
OffRat saga turns interesting! 2 of 5203-Nov-15
OffThis will dissolve your illusions. Not for the weak minded.1 of 40803-Nov-15
PartFemale Polish climber at Millstone (01/11/15)1 of 1902-Nov-15
OffAny truth in what Snowden says?1 of 2201-Nov-15
OffIf only British builders were German.5 of 3331-Oct-15
OffThe Moon1 of 6631-Oct-15
GearBelay goggles for winter climbing1 of 2030-Oct-15
GearFire Piston2 of 1230-Oct-15
RTRaindogs repeated by 10 year old!4 of 2030-Oct-15
OffBuilding a Steam Locomotive3 of 1130-Oct-15
OffWhat is Nottingham like to live in?1 of 4330-Oct-15
OffAll that glisters is not gold1 of 2529-Oct-15
OffWoodburner3 of 2328-Oct-15
OffHaka1 of 1328-Oct-15
OffGovernment Attempts To Sneak Fracking Legislation Through?1 of 127-Oct-15
?NEW ARTICLE: FALLING – The Law of Gravity we all Obey1 of 3627-Oct-15
OffCrows & Death - The Consciousness Of2 of 827-Oct-15
OffThe House of Lords...3 of 12427-Oct-15
OffDrone at the Roaches today1 of 3226-Oct-15
IceNorrie Muir On The Cobbler In Winter-Scratchy Balaclava Content9 of 3226-Oct-15
OffBritish Gas - Ctredit Where It's Due1 of 725-Oct-15
BookThe Holmfirth Anthem - By The Watersons2 of 1125-Oct-15
OffChristmas family traditions 1 of 2524-Oct-15
GearDMM whats it mean4 of 4723-Oct-15
Gearnew crampon time2 of 3123-Oct-15
WallTopless climbing and its effect on friendliness of a wall...1 of 25622-Oct-15
OffTiles2 of 1522-Oct-15
OffAntarctic themed food2 of 4320-Oct-15
OffHouse selling woes, any useful,advice2 of 4920-Oct-15
PartPublic Transport in Sheffield3 of 1920-Oct-15
GearSlingdraws - why not a full rack of them?1 of 2620-Oct-15
OffBarking...5 of 1719-Oct-15
Icecold winter predicted2 of 1719-Oct-15
BookNever Went To Church - The Streets1 of 119-Oct-15
OffSheffield Chimney Sweep2 of 719-Oct-15
OffAre dislikes acheiving anything for UKC?14 of 22518-Oct-15
OffLight Pollution2 of 1018-Oct-15
GearCheap down jackets - any thoughts on the Popena?1 of 2118-Oct-15
OffNo Corbyn and the IRA thread?1 of 18818-Oct-15
Offthe daily mail, at it again...5 of 3417-Oct-15
OffAnother bloody politics thread5 of 17617-Oct-15
OffJournal article access request3 of 1516-Oct-15
OffHow much should a judge earn1 of 3616-Oct-15
OffNuisance Phone Calls2 of 2015-Oct-15
BookTree Of Grief Beslan Memorial Statue2 of 613-Oct-15
OffLovelace Day1 of 613-Oct-15
OffDuty of Care - Saudi style1 of 4911-Oct-15
OffCan sheep see in the dark6 of 2509-Oct-15
OffRubbish Survey2 of 3609-Oct-15
RTIs it the tick, or the style that matters?1 of 8209-Oct-15
RTIgnorance of 'pros'2 of 8308-Oct-15
Offacclimatising to cold - advice please1 of 1407-Oct-15
OffNeighbour Courting Danger3 of 2607-Oct-15
GearJamming Gloves!1 of 5306-Oct-15
GearExperiences shopping from Coobean for sneakers1 of 1605-Oct-15
OffIs McAfee arguing with Windows on my PC?1 of 405-Oct-15
OffDennis Healey RIP1 of 2205-Oct-15
RTProblems related to Climbing2 of 5003-Oct-15
?Settle an argument - crib goch. - ML terrain or not 2 of 16703-Oct-15
GearNew hydrophobic down as belay jacket?1 of 1003-Oct-15
?Aggressive mountain bikers9 of 14002-Oct-15
OffCorbyn wouldn't press the button2 of 17602-Oct-15
GearAmphetamines1 of 602-Oct-15
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