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PubAs Requested by several UKC Forum users... 13 of 21517:33 Fri
Pub'Cowardly' criminals1 of 2608:48 Fri
GearReslinging old cams2 of 1008:40 Fri
OffWhy The 9/11 Conspiracies Are Wrong16 of 50416:38 Wed
OffKatie Hopkins and free speech6 of 11811:47 Wed
OffStill support the death penalty? 2 of 1210:04 Wed
PubBad driving/riding?3 of 2215:20 Tue
Offscratched car situation1 of 3111:23 Tue
PubAre you going to vote, abstain or spoil?1 of 9910:30 Tue
NewBshould i learn to lead?2 of 3320-Apr-15
OffCar rental advice for a 22 year old1 of 1417-Apr-15
RTSensible, calm advice needed about bolting/protection1 of 3117-Apr-15
OffWhy are the Greens so batty?2 of 15716-Apr-15
OffLabours non dom policy1 of 1316-Apr-15
Offcouriers for a roof box1 of 915-Apr-15
OffPlausible or implausible...?1 of 2615-Apr-15
WallIndoor grading - can it be too harsh?1 of 5014-Apr-15
GearBouldering 'could' spoils shoes real fast?1 of 1213-Apr-15
OffSmashed window1 of 2213-Apr-15
NewBCams: 4 CU vs 3 CU1 of 1513-Apr-15
RTLost - trad cojones 1 of 6413-Apr-15
OffAre you aware?1 of 4513-Apr-15
?Strict Liability - should it extend to train drivers?1 of 2813-Apr-15
RTGrumble alert - quadcopters!!!1 of 8609-Apr-15
Offnew significant oil find onshore 1 of 4509-Apr-15
OffDog attack portland blacknor, englands dreaming easter sunday1 of 5609-Apr-15
GearNew fixe Aliens - a question3 of 6608-Apr-15
OffGarden plumbing for hose1 of 308-Apr-15
Offre-using fence post holes1 of 1307-Apr-15
GearLight waterproof or robust one?1 of 1307-Apr-15
OffInduction or gas?1 of 2807-Apr-15
OffJust been car doored on bike.. Advice?1 of 5407-Apr-15
GearEvolv Defy shoes2 of 1302-Apr-15
OffVoting - why?1 of 12701-Apr-15
RTabseiling into a belay.1 of 1001-Apr-15
RTSelf Rescue1 of 5231-Mar-15
OffThe Election - square this circle!1 of 3130-Mar-15
OffPetrol vs. Diesel1 of 2630-Mar-15
RTTips for Blind Climber3 of 4526-Mar-15
OffGermanwings plane Blackbox4 of 4026-Mar-15
OffGetting A Refund From A Garage?1 of 1025-Mar-15
GearMicro Camming Devices1 of 1925-Mar-15
OffFuel Poverty kills. And quite a lot too1 of 2825-Mar-15
GearRope: signs of wear2 of 2023-Mar-15
OffSuggest a vehicle similar to the Berlingo / Roomster / Doblo1 of 4823-Mar-15
OffEclipse6 of 10420-Mar-15
OffAny occupational therapists on here?1 of 1520-Mar-15
?How long does it take you to ride 20 miles?1 of 3719-Mar-15
NewBTop/Bottom roping off bolted sport anchors: quickdraws or more?3 of 1117-Mar-15
OffUnderbed storage solutions1 of 617-Mar-15
OffHouse improvements - Steels 1 of 1417-Mar-15
OffNational bird?1 of 5516-Mar-15
RTSoloing ethics1 of 6716-Mar-15
OffCheap Pet Insurance2 of 2616-Mar-15
OffCar issue - any thoughts1 of 716-Mar-15
OffThe Naughty Corner2 of 3515-Mar-15
RTSafely setting up a large stunt jump2 of 2613-Mar-15
OffClarkson's replacement 2 of 8212-Mar-15
Wallweight distribution6 of 1612-Mar-15
OffInteresting Article on Artificial Intelligence3 of 8312-Mar-15
GearUsing gear that has been stored1 of 611-Mar-15
OffCar bore: 6 second cars for 4k?1 of 1910-Mar-15
OffPlumbing: small rads in big rooms, why?1 of 910-Mar-15
NewBExtending belay device for abseiling3 of 12010-Mar-15
OffApple Watch2 of 11910-Mar-15
OffSolar Eclipse1 of 2410-Mar-15
OffIs Cameron a coward?3 of 15009-Mar-15
OffRare Sight1 of 1108-Mar-15
OffHomework time! What is the most common manmade object?1 of 5708-Mar-15
?Trail marathon - what time to aim for?1 of 2405-Mar-15
OffBreakdown service for old bangers?1 of 1005-Mar-15
OffDIY question1 of 2004-Mar-15
WallClimbing walls and abseiling1 of 2704-Mar-15
OffWhat would you do if.............1 of 3003-Mar-15
WallTrying hard1 of 3903-Mar-15
OffPheasant a la mondeo4 of 1402-Mar-15
GearWhat to do with retired gear?3 of 2002-Mar-15
GearTying in using a karabiner ? (Indoor climbing)3 of 10302-Mar-15
RTWhat grade do you aspire to/and what style1 of 11302-Mar-15
OffDog Lavatory1 of 2902-Mar-15
OffGreens interview from hell1 of 1726-Feb-15
L+Flost standard schnauzer named alfie1 of 326-Feb-15
OffAstrology for NHS unless you're a racist non-believer1 of 4026-Feb-15
OffGeneral Election Predictions1 of 9125-Feb-15
Geardyneema slings - 8mm vs 11mm?1 of 525-Feb-15
RTBreak from climbing/training1 of 1024-Feb-15
?Strange goings on2 of 5324-Feb-15
OffSnouts in the trough again2 of 15724-Feb-15
OffBest Place To Sell a Cheap Car?2 of 1023-Feb-15
OffCanal boat holiday1 of 1323-Feb-15
Gear'Rigging' carabiners3 of 4020-Feb-15
OffLiving on minimum wage?1 of 5719-Feb-15
OffDriverless Cars - What will the government do?3 of 14019-Feb-15
RTclimbing: 50% headgame?2 of 4519-Feb-15
OffDaesh in Libya5 of 8418-Feb-15
BookTop Gear dam stunt2 of 5518-Feb-15
OffExtrovert or Introvert, what are you? 1 of 3617-Feb-15
OffBiggest Boulder1 of 2413-Feb-15
RTwhat knot for abseiling?1 of 7611-Feb-15
GearDyneema or Nylon in Winter1 of 610-Feb-15
OffHome CCTV: External cameras1 of 709-Feb-15
RTHow to prevent recurrring finger tip splits?1 of 2909-Feb-15
NewBBelaying with Yates Screamer2 of 1305-Feb-15
OffBlackCircles.com1 of 1605-Feb-15
WallFinger board on concrete lintel? Tips1 of 604-Feb-15
RTTexas Prusik loops1 of 304-Feb-15
?Horrendous Fall1 of 2103-Feb-15
OffWhat van you got, what MPG do you get?1 of 2503-Feb-15
Offyou can abseil on 5 mill rope.......3 of 4929-Jan-15
NewBWhat do I wear, full day multi pitch1 of 3527-Jan-15
RTThe best long runouts you've done1 of 9226-Jan-15
OffHouse not selling, any advice?1 of 3426-Jan-15
NewBOld Climbing Gear1 of 824-Jan-15
WallLearning how to smear.1 of 2823-Jan-15
GearScreamer question3 of 2923-Jan-15
Offcanbus question (car lights)1 of 723-Jan-15
RTRoutes you have done that have fallen down1 of 10420-Jan-15
?Cyclist knocked of his bike5 of 16218-Jan-15
GearAbseiling-is it possible2 of 2417-Jan-15
GearFire starting - Potassium permanganate + Glycerol2 of 1316-Jan-15
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