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GearLooking for a knot1010-Aug-15
RTRecommend me a knot3819-Jun-15
RTTop Roping with a Slip Knot1701-Jun-15
RTThe flat overhand knot, constructive pointers welcome! 721-Apr-15
RTwhat knot for abseiling?7610-Mar-15
GearRuffwear 'Knot-a-Collar' dog collar fisherman knots?1611-Oct-14
RTStopper knot position4306-Oct-14
RTWould you tie off abseil tat with a reef knot?3826-Jul-14
RTTat - what thickness can you get away with / knot?4805-Jun-14
RT Bowline a safe knot?15929-May-14
RTWhat is the sexiest knot?2725-May-14
RTWhich knot for a stopper knot when abseiling / rapelling?5523-May-14
RTTie-in-Knot Top Trumps5028-Apr-14
GearFishermans Knot627-Apr-14
RTKnot the dead end of the rope!3819-Mar-14
RTAshley's stopper knot - thoughts?413-Mar-14
RTDufour knot / hitch?418-Feb-14
RT"Reversed" fig-8 knot strength?2715-Jan-14
NewBKnot in end of abseil rope, not joining2924-Oct-13
OffKnot People1204-Oct-13
RTStopper knot with fig eight5901-Aug-13
GearSling knot strength (for a reef? knot)418-Jun-13
RTFunky knot410-Jun-13
RTStitching the tails of the water knot2207-Jun-13
GearWhich knot for abseiling? 4620-May-13
WallOther person's knot observation etiquette 2303-Feb-13
Gearlanyard clip for new nomic/ergo what size cord and knot601-Feb-13
RTstopper knot or rethread?4421-Dec-12
RTANOTHER figure 8/knot thread1219-Dec-12
RTJohn Long injured...knot not tied properly.19214-Dec-12
IceWhat knot?1010-Dec-12
GearCam resling knot question1605-Nov-12
NewBAbseil Knot3826-Oct-12
NewBThat knot's important729-Sep-12
GearObscure Knot1306-Aug-12
RTCheck Your Knot and Your Partners5501-May-12
GearRe-threading a hex - knot inside hex..?2308-Apr-12
RTKnot name905-Jan-12
RTrhymes for teaching children to tie a figure of 8 knot3005-Nov-11
Gearself equalising fig 8 knot419-Oct-11
RTUsing two ropes to abseil... what knot?6909-Oct-11
RTBest knot for tying in?8827-Sep-11
NewBoverhand knot1804-Sep-11
NewBFigure 8 on a bite knot326-Aug-11
GearElbsandstein / Sachsische Schweiz - knot advice needed!904-Aug-11
RTWhat is the coolest knot you can tie?8907-Jul-11
?NEW ARTICLE: How to pass a knot on an abseil804-Jul-11
NewBwhich knot???????803-Jun-11
OffGood knot to tie off after an atcmilford cubicle1113-May-11
?NEW ARTICLE: Self Rescue for Climbers 3 - Lowering Past a Knot304-Mar-11
RTBest knot to join ropes of different diameters?1407-Feb-11
GearHow do you check your knot?2918-Jan-11
?NEWS: Check Your Knot 1030-Dec-10
RTEuropean Death Knot5306-Oct-10
NewBKnot for fall practice3321-Sep-10
RTWhat prussik knot?iamthegodoflochnagar3025-Aug-10
RTTape knot failure1925-Jul-10
NewBpassing a knot1019-Jul-10
RTKnot uses - help 1130-Jun-10
RTPrussic knot on twin / double ropes1125-Apr-10
RTWhich prussik knot?1525-Apr-10
NewBabseil knot - double overhand2822-Apr-10
NewBForgotten a Knot to use when roped together711-Mar-10
RTSheepshank knot 1618-Jan-10
GearEqualizing Figure-8 Knot1313-Jan-10
NewBfigure of eight knot3724-Dec-09
GearUntie knot1018-Dec-09
RTTo hot or knot3115-Dec-09
NewBSafest knot for tying my Tilley hat on with1824-Nov-09
NewBAbseiling below double fishermans knot5122-Nov-09
RTUsing overhand knot for tying ab tat9322-Nov-09
RTStopper Knot4621-Nov-09
RToverhand knot ????6027-Oct-09
RTbunny knot paranoiaclimberfranksie6012-Oct-09
RTOne Handed Knot Tyingtabasco2614-Sep-09
RTAbseil and jumar past a knot on a rope923-Jul-09
RTFigure of 8 Knot, Abseil and Belay3023-Jul-09
RTfigure 8 knot and belaying303-Jul-09
RTMore efficient knot tying - e.g. one-handed or not letting go1419-Jun-09
RTAbseiling - Overhand knot !8618-Jun-09
RTDangers of not checking your Knot3401-Jun-09
GearLower and release knotdangler4714-Apr-09
Gearhow to tie a knot to make an adjustable footloop?809-Apr-09
RTTarbuck Knot3425-Mar-09
GearLength of tape, loops. What knot?403-Mar-09
GearMultiple abs: tie both ends together or knot in each end?923-Feb-09
RTOne Handed Knot Tyiing - Easier Than What You Thinktabasco1868924-Nov-08
NewB‘auto block’ type knotalo1232031-Aug-08
RTThis knot2102-Aug-08
RTUntying tight knot after several consecutive falls2526-Jul-08
GearTape knot - how to?1625-Jul-08
Exp"Soft knot" for Glacier travel2321-Jul-08
GearWhich knot for tying two ropes together?7109-Jan-08
RTWhat knot?scrubmunched3121-Nov-07
RTStopper Knot or Not?5919-Oct-07
RTab tat joining knot ...629-Aug-07
RTthree quater fishermans / swiss knot????dylant511-Jul-07
RTSwiss Knot?2228-Jun-07
RTDouble Over Hand Knot confusion1323-Jun-07
GearWhats the best knot for...fra59111004-Jun-07
NewBAbsailing past a knot2630-May-07
RTKnot quiery!Marts1527-May-07
PhtoSlip Knot on sunday?321-May-07
GearBest prusik knot for 8.9mm rope503-May-07
Gearcan you use klemheist knot for ascending a ropeerika420-Feb-07
RTClipping in via a Karabiner/Fig 8 Knot3430-Jan-07
RTBest knot for tying in?4029-Jan-07
RTabseil knotborriss1115-Jan-07
RTWhat Knot ?El Cap1630-Nov-06
GearWhich Knot1825-Sep-06
RTHow do you call this knot in english?promotore3707-Sep-06
OffAbseiling past a knot1829-Aug-06
RTULtimate abseil knot extra1621-Jul-06
RTpostmans knot611-Jul-06
RTfigure of eight knotvaughany4006-Jul-06
RTBest knot?2521-Jun-06
RTInstant Death Knot15409-Jun-06
RTPassing the knot with a munter hitch523-May-06
RTTying an overhand knot on a bight one-handed1623-Mar-06
Offphyscs/maths knot theory9622-Feb-06
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