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Topic - Bike mechanics - as many good as bad?

Escher - on 04 Apr 2012
Are there as many good mechanics as bad?

I started this thread a while ago to ask if my BB was unscrewing. Turns out the BB was installed the wrong way around. The tech also repositioned the front mech as it was too low. It's 10 years old but due to a back injury I've only just started riding it again and it's only done a couple of 100 miles. So the bb was done wrong when first sold as new, and I complained about the front mech rubbing and they said they all do that, there was nothing they can do. I trusted them as i didn't know better and This was from a fairly big shop who stock and sell a lot of expensive bikes. You'd think they'd build them a bit better!

My back wheel on my road bike was popping spokes from new as the tension was all wrong. I took it to a different LBS and they said a spoke was broken (it wasn't it had just unscrewed) and charged me 20 quid to true it and replace a spoke. Started shedding spokes again after a few miles so I trued it myself and it's been fine ever since, if a little bit out of true, at least it doesn't shed spokes anymore.

I think the latest mechanic I've taken it to is a good one. He didn't charge much and did a couple of extra things he noticed free of charge.

So are LBS mechanics as hit and miss as I've found so far? Seems as bad as with cars!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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