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Topic - Almost came off due to inconciderate prat.

Dax H - on 24 Apr 2012
I was riding down a hill on a back road in Scotland and went to overtake a cyclist on a righthand bend with very good visability all the way round the corner and beyond.
As my front wheel came level with his back wheel he decided to cut the corner and without so much as a shoulder check he swung over to the right side of the road and had I not slammed on the brakes we would have ended up in a heap on the road no doubt with 1/4 ton of motorbike on the top.
Fortunatly I paid the extra for ABS and managed to stay upright.
The cyclist was totally oblivious to me and only realised I was there when I hit my horn, at that point he realised what he had done and took off over a field before I could have a quiet chat with him.
I know no one will care about this but I thought it might make a good counter point to the bike v milk truck thread.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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