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mattc - on 27 Apr 2012
Hi looking for a new shell just wondering what peoples experience with this jacket are thanks
Got a job rob - on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to mattc: its not light, but you can live in it. great hood, loads of vents. My one is about 9 years old now and still going strong.
a lakeland climber on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to mattc:

I like mine but it's definitely cold weather only as I run quite hot and it's pretty warm.

David Hooper - on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to mattc: I have a Velez smock and it has failed dramitacally twice in wet and windy conditions. And yes I do wash and proof it correctly.

i would call them a super soft shell rather than a full on waterproof.
tripehound - on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to mattc:
Cracking kit I use a buffalo under mine for when it's proper cold and crap ideal for cold and wet.
Prof. Outdoors on 27 Apr 2012
Notice the OP is considering the Aspira which is possibly better designed than the Velez. I think the Velez is prone to water entry via the zips.

I would not consider relying on my Velez in the mountains without an Event jacket over the top! Has been sent back to Paramo who said that I'd overproofed it. They cleaned and re-proofed it and I promply got soaked walking along a canal towpath for 2 hours. Got wet on the back and shoulders (no rucsac) and not just through the zips.

Takes too long to dry out to be considered softshell in my opinion. On the other hand loads of my club members swear by them.

Now use Buffalo in winter and Rab Event in summer.
Doghouse - on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to mattc:

Think it's great BUT it leaks at pressure points ie rucsac shoulder strap and waist belt area.

I can literally see the water bubbling on my Aspira sallopetts when the area across the thigh is under tension. .. as in walking steeply uphill! Good job it drys quickly
stevesmith - on 27 Apr 2012
I've used my Aspira in winter in the Lakes and Scotland. I find it an ideal jacket for cold wet windy conditions, especially when used with Paramo Cascada trousers. This combo is snug enough to sleep in. I've used a similar but earlier Paramo jacket (Viento)in the Alps in summer, where it was excellent on the traverse of Mt Blanc and elsewhere.

m0unt41n on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to mattc: As everyone has said, very comfortable but heavy (twice the weight of a Goretex jacket) so warm, realistically can only use in Winter / Cold. It could be a lot lighter if they did without all the zips and flaps and wide crude seams. Because its soft it very comfortable but I find it still gets wet in pockets etc - dont know whether this is sweat or rain. I think the design of the Aspira trousers far too crude. They have lots of press studs which dont well very well when other manufacturers use simple velcro fold back straps. It all feels like something that has been made up in an evening sewing class, very good materials, dedicated workmanship but crude. But despite that I still prefer it to Goretex.
jonnie3430 - on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to m0unt41n:

What most others have said, for winter or cold weather, but it is excellent then. I've put it on over wet kit before to find the wet stuff dry when I took it of an hour later. I have a Quito for summer now, after my dad used one through winter golf for a few years and didn't get wet. It's a lot lighter and the cut is better (and I'm looking at it thinking it would be nice in winter too.)
Lenin on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to mattc:
Excellent, I use mine 7 days a week, 2 hours a day dog walking in all conditions and whatever the weekend throws at me. I would call it 3 season and you do need to keep on top of proofing. Mine is the Smock. Also quiet and repairable. I would buy again.
mikehike on 27 Apr 2012
In reply to Pete Ramshaw:
My Valez has kept me dry in all weathers.
The material has wetted out due to the DWR being neglected.
Other than that always bone dry. same with cascada pants.
I would have preferred a permanent hood for the valez as in a storm force megga gale wind does get in.
I tend to use it when its cold as it is warm and heavy if you need it to go into rucksack.
tripehound - on 28 Apr 2012
In reply to mattc:
The Aspira is heavy but it's also very warm, meaning you do not need to carry so much insulation, so it's swings and roundabouts really.
Got a job rob - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to mattc: like most poeple have said, i also mainly use it in the cold and use eVent in th summer.
mattc - on 01 May 2012
In reply to mattc: Thanks
Phill_ Thompson - on 01 May 2012
In reply to mattc:

I find it a very good jacket, warm but then you need less spare clothes, so I reckon its works out a similar weight as Event with an extra base layer.
(a base layer is what I estimate the extra warmth to be)

Never been wet in it yet but its always well proofed.

If its mostly for walking, I'd go for the lighter Paramo's.
I have a Quito for the summer and its light, great vents but the face fabric wouldn't take the winter climbing wear as well as the Aspira jacket.

The main advantage of Paramo is the continued breathability (>14yrs) and being able to repair damage by stitching it up and reproofing the garment.

Hope this helps


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