/ TR ultra quaser failing seams

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CurlyStevo - on 30 Apr 2012
Given these tents retail for somewhere around 500 how long would you expect to get out of a tent that was well cared for and used around an average amount, I guess something like 30 days per year on average as one of my collection of tents.

Mine the seams have started comming away quite badly throughout the tent after 5.5 years, which seems a bit early to me, what do you think?


Dave B on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo:
In high UV areas? I wouldn't expect miracles.
CurlyStevo - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to Dave B:
nearly exclusively Scotland so mostly low UV, I imagine my estimate of 30 days per year will be a bit high if anything perhaps more like 20.
MG - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo: All my taping fell off and the poles repeatedly snapped on a Ultra Quasar very quickly. They didn't want to know. I have given up on TN.
CurlyStevo - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to MG:
Poles have been fine, some stiching failed which they repaired under warrenty.

I must admit I'm a bit miffed the seams are failing considering how well I looked after the tent. Actually I think one of my 30 quid eurohikes lasted better!
3 Names - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo:

Just for a comparison im still using my North Face West Wind. Ive had to replace one broken pole. The seems and stitching are fine.
I cant really believe this tent is still going strong after 22 years. Its had about the same amount of yearly use as yours.
tripehound - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo:
Try writing to them and quote the "sale of Goods act"
This states irrespective of any guarantee that goods must be of suitable quality and durability.
I would expect a 500 tent to be reasonably durable and should last more than 5 years.
I got a repair to a 5yr old dvd recorder using this approach as well as a 750 refund from a car manufacturer. If you know your rights and quote them they may well do something.
Good luck.
jasonpm - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo: Strange this thread should come up now, I've just sent my quasar fly sheet back to TN as all of the seam tape has become detached and it now leaks everywhere, mines a 5 year old normal quasar which is used about 6 weekends a year and only in the U.K. So far they say that it's not a defect and that the tape has gone hard and brittle and must have been subjected to an abnormal high heat!
Simon Caldwell - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo:
Same with mine, though the main failures were a snapped pole (eventually replaced on the basis that they couldn't prove I'd mistreated it), and badly leaking groundsheet (like a sponge).

I've now bought a Hilleberg.
Unknown Climber - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo:
I've had an ultra quasar approx 12 years, lots of use and never had a problem with it. All the seams are still good. I would expect much longer than 5 years from one. It would be worth contacting TN and see what they can do.
Sir Stefan - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo:

My ultra quasar is about 15 years and I haven't had any problems with seams or poles. Last year, however, the fabric had a 40 cm tear just over the opening, probably du to uv and occasional wet storage. I duct taped it with good result, but it's about time for a new ultra quasar.
CurlyStevo - on 01 May 2012
In reply to coldwill:
"Just wanted to say I had the tape redone on my Hyper Space last year after 9 years of moderate use. The fly is a bit faded from UV but is quite heavy weight and I figured still has lots of life in it. The seam tape started to go at about the five year point and as it adds so much to the strength of the joint I figured it was worth doing for that reason alone. "

See 5 years for the seam seals just doesn't strike me as long enough for a tent in this price range. Whilst 9-10 years for the fly as a whole I'd be happy enough with and anything over that is a bonus.
Lankyman - on 01 May 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo: we've had a Macpac 'Olympus' for about 17 years and it's still going strong (apart from a tiny bit of stitching come apart in one of the pole sleeves). As long as the seams are treated now and again it's as good as ever - which is excellent. It's been used around the world (and in Scotland!) in all sorts of weather. If it had been looked after properly (cleaning, drying and airing etc) I'd be very miffed if a 500 tent did as yours is and would be contacting the retailer and manufacturer for 'advice'. Good luck - I wonder if Macpacs are still as good as then?
Simon Caldwell - on 01 May 2012
In reply to Sir Stefan and Unknown Climber:

Quasers used to be much better quality than they are now. So the lasting qualities of a 12 or 15 year old tent are much greater than those of a 5 year old version. Sadly it's not just the quality that has declined, but the manufacturer's willingness to admit to faults.
ballsac - on 03 May 2012
In reply to Toreador: the first thing that went on my quasar was the seam tape on the groundsheet - first it went white, then it crumbled.

while the tent lasted a long time (12 years or so), i've not been impressed with TN's attitude to fixing bits - they were crap about the pole that snapped in my living room, the groudsheet that is now just completely useless, or the replacement zips that they won't sell me so i can do the job myself and save 120 and 3 weeks.

i went Alpkit instead - very happy with the Kangri, saved a bundle of cash and they've just got a much better attitude.
Sir Stefan - on 03 May 2012
In reply to Toreador:

Hmm. Maybe I'll just save up for a Hilleberg then. They seem brillant.

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